Car Lust The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE SAWC Touring An Odd Duck

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Mitsubishi Outlander Electric Cars

The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE S-AWC Touring: An Odd Duck

Mitsubishi, what happened? We all loved the family face of the last generation of Mitsu stablemates: remember when every vehicle in their line, even the most mundane of crossovers, was given the aggressive squint and gaping predatorial maw an Evo? So you d get to feel like a bit of a badass even if you were just driving the kids to piano lessons?

That family resemblance would affect your entire mood, and your demeanor toward the world as a driver: yeah, I m driving something that bears a subtle resemblance to a rally legend. What about it?

Alas, the high drama of Mitsubishi s signature look has been sacrificed, according to the company, upon the altar of aerodynamics and fuel efficiency: the 2014 Mitsubishi enjoys a 7% reduction in drag coefficient, yay. That being said, they didn t do a terrible job on exterior styling, at least not from from the A-pillars forward. While the aft three-quarters of the vehicle just looks like a big potato, the Outlander has a face you can t not love. Is it too soon to be crushing for a retro-styled 90s Eclipse, in SUV form?

Are we nostalgic for those already? Because that s kind of what the front clip reminds me of. Although distinctive, there s nothing about it that screams, Oh! That must be the 2014 Mitsubishi!

Huh! They really shook things up, didn t they? I guess? It s throwback styling, vaguely reminiscent of 80s video games as well as not-too-distant Mitsus, but to what end? It s hard to understand what Mitsubishi is trying to reference or evoke, and the look just comes off as a bit of a non-sequitur, yet vaguely familiar all at once.

Like an aquaintance you only ever run into when you re drunk. Cute in a beer-goggles kind of way, but not necessarily a good idea.

Speaking of things that aren t necessarily a good idea: not everyone has to have a third-row seat, okay? The Outlander s rearmost row is afterthought-like, vestigal even, and it comes across as a slightly cynical effort to be eligible for the coveted seven-seater SUV designation on a technicality. The seating arrangement carries over from the previous Outlander amidst much criticism, though Mitsubishi doggedly maintains that these miniature, footwell-less picnic chairs are solely for occasional use, and intended only for children. Well we re not even going to play that game. The Outlander is a five-seater SUV, period.

Vestigal seats notwithstanding. As a still relatively athletic and small-ish woman in my thrities, I can tell you that there is no comfortable way to get into our out of these alleged third-row seats, even with the actual rear seats folded down. Your best bet is to climb over them after entering through the rear hatch, which is absurd.

And once you re in there, you d better hope that you have no legs.

(Normal, civilized, and actually quite comfortable second-row seats):

I really didn t want this to turn into a roast. Mitsubishi is something of an underdog, with quirky cars, and I always want to want them. But the Outlander has passed the decade mark on the North American market, and I just feel that the company has had more than enough time to get their act together on a bread-and-butter vehicle that is crucial to the success of their brand. What excuse is there really, for it still feeling so unrefined?

Mitsubishi Outlander Electric Cars

It s noisy, clattery, cheap-feeling, and it s got technological wing-dings that what should be a $25K SUV has no business having, like a lane-departure warning that squawks incomprehensibly every time you have to dip even close to the line to accommodate a commercial truck, or someone in the next lane who doesn t know what they re doing on a double-wide left-turn channel. When the cooling fan clicks on you could swear from the noise that you ve spun a bearing, and the motor sounds at all times like a non-turbo four-banger diesel from the 80s. Really the only great thing you can say about the Outlander on the surface is that it s amazing on gas for a medium-sized SUV (27 mpg combined, for the asthmatic four-cylinder).

It is a genuine shame that it doesn t shine, because it s actually surpisingly capable as an SUV, borrowing its AWD technology from the Evo: I once took a last-gen Outlander for for some logging-trail snow-wheeling and found it astonighingly surefooted and nearly impossible to get stuck. But the sad thing is, you d never guess from driving it around town that it s so compenent. I strongly feel that if Mitsubishi wants the Outlander to be seen as a credible competitor to analogous offerings from the likes of Kia, Hyundai, and Honda, they re going to need to step up their game in all departments.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander ES

What s New: A completely redesigned, smoothed-over exterior and interior. A lot else, including both 4-cylinder and V6 engines, carry over from the previous Outlander, though both powerplants have been tuned for the new more impressive fuel economy (27 and 23 mpg combined, respectively).

What s Hot: The fuel mileage, if you get excited about that sort of thing.

What s Not: The feeble attempt at tech wing-dings and bleepers. Our Outlander in top Touring trim stickered at $32,720! Just leave all that crap out and save yourself about $7000 bucks.

Get this vehicle if: You want to pretend that your SUV has a third row. Or, you want the cheapest possible AWD that s actually capable of some light wheeling.

Mitsubishi Outlander Electric Cars
Mitsubishi Outlander Electric Cars
Mitsubishi Outlander Electric Cars
Mitsubishi Outlander Electric Cars
Mitsubishi Outlander Electric Cars
Mitsubishi Outlander Electric Cars
Mitsubishi Outlander Electric Cars

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