Mitsubishi IMiEV NJ Electric Car Adventure How To Save Money …

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toyotaprius79: 14:18 Just after revisiting this, I ask, how the hell did those second set of chargers get there? Firstly, I never heard of an EV infrastructure built anywhere outside of California during the 90s to early 00s. The only car I remember that used them was the Honda EV Plus. The only others I recall using the Maréchal connector were the Peugeot 106 Electrique and Citroen Berlingo Electrique.

David Hatchel: does anybody care about the solar canopies? i thought it was about the mitsubshi!

snowbird29803: Very well done video w/o a lot of hype. I like the idea of a pure electric as a second vehicle, but not as a sole vehicle. My compromise would be a hybrid. So, why should I spend

$30k for a pure electric when I can buy a Hybrid such as a Prius c for the same money? 80% of my driving is within the electric range of a hybrid and another 18% is within 25 miles. After an investment in this much money, I’d prefer to not have ‘range anxiety’.

Daniel Gray: I spent a weekend with a 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car last week. New Jersey is a hotbed of solar energy installations right now. Folks in other parts of the country might be amazed by the huge solar arrays. which Chris Christie wholeheartedly supports.

He may be obnoxious, er outspoken, but he’s not stupid when it comes to creating jobs with clean energy. Now if we could just get more public charging stations. 

lawnmowerdude: Solar panels over parking lots is one of the best ideas ever.

SwPiotrek: Interesting review. But this video is more about charging stations than i-MiEV.

Alvord1430: The iMiev is not that expensive compared to other cars in the U.S. You Brits take it up the arse from oil companies worse than we American’s do. I’m putting as much distance between myself and the crazy-… oil companies and their Middle East friends as I can.

MPGomatic: Good stuff, Alvord. I don’t think an electrician would get out of his truck for $160 here in Jersey.

MPGomatic: I’m not sure about the possibility of an adapter. Hopefully this video will stir up the issue with the Parking Authority. I just heard that Princeton University purchased an electric bus.

I’ll see if I can dig up more info. I personally would lean towards a lease on this first generation of EVs. There are lots of variables with regard to range, no doubt about that. They’re not practical in places with severe winters. but neither are Corvettes. 😉

MPGomatic: Yep!

Maglia Rosa: It costs $3 to charge regardless of car or how much juice is left?

adamY2K: Electric cars are the dumbest thing ever to grace planet earth.

Alvord1430: I’m a fanatic, but I’m no environmentalist. I could care less how much my electric car pollutes. I’m want cheap and convenient fuel. Electricity is far, far cheaper than gasoline and it can’t get more convenient than fueling at home.

My EV sits all night charging right next to my gasoline car waiting for me to take it to the gas station.

mikldude: no worries, thanks Dan you are a gentleman. cheers mik.

MPGomatic: We would not have to spend the tax dollars that we do if it were not for the importance of keeping those shipping lanes open. Your commanders know this. We have allowed the forces that control petroleum to control the world’s economy for far too long.

I’ve dropped a link into the video description with a keynote from James Woolsey, former director of the CIA that will help to shed light on things.

Eric Beaudoin: If I recall correctly, the B gearshift location is for Braking, just like in the Prius, Camry Hybrid, and Highlander Hybrid from Toyota. You’re supposed to use B when driving down a hill, for some reason. Never quite understood it, but I know that it’s for use when driving down hills.

MPGomatic: Old habits … hard. =)

HonestJohn60. Got that right! — The amount of oil it takes to make a acid battery will never change! — they would have to take it as a loss just to look at it as a loss in while they’ll never let happen if they make it so hard for this new tech to happen! OK PUI!

I will fix later..

MPGomatic: The Volt is a remarkable car. Statistics show that Volt owners are overwhelmingly happy with their purchase. The 2013 Ford Focus Electric and Honda Fit EV show that electric-powered cars needn’t look any different than conventional cars.

jmc6000: So the answer is to use more COAL from our OWN resoruces. That what happens when we use electric cars and we charge them at home or at charging stations that are not solar powered. Burning more nasty coal because that is more than half the fuel soruce of America’s electric!

I rather stick with my gas powered car!

MPGomatic: EVs will be huge worldwide, over time. The charging station situation is a localized problem that can (and will) be remedied. Nothing happens overnight. ) Folks questioned the Leaf’s battery pack technology when it was first announced. The reports from Arizona are not a surprise to many. Florida ranks 18th on the list of photo voltaic installs, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

It’s up to your politicians whether or not they want to challenge the status quo create jobs.

pedrof830: With the difficulties of locating a charging station, the report from yesterday that the Leaf’s battery is very much affected by hot weather and their costs, I see no future for EV’s unless both govt and private industry really stop BSing and put a plan in place, Incredibly the Sunshine State has almost no solar panel charging areas

94AccordAW: Actually they’re probably the best and will solve the ongoing fuel crisis that’s been going on the last 10 years, not sure if you heard about it.

Lakario Davis: This is a great video. and i think it shows the real stresses of charging up and finding a charging station. and one of the best lessons of all even if you have plenty charging stations will they have the correct charging port for your application! This is how things work in the real world!

323alex11: This is not a bad car, but I will never understand why they insist in making electric cars look like a baby’s toy car? Mitsubishi is already almost … in the U.S. market and this is their idea of making a comeback? Sorry but no.

I like Mitsus, but I like their older cars. When they put effort into making cars. Nowdays they only have 2 good cars. Sorry but their chances are very slim

MPGomatic: Thanks! I have an ILX hybrid scheduled for next week, as luck would have it. I’m going to inquire about the Fit EV tomorrow. Stay tuned.

aleon1018: So, they can’t upgrade a complete plug in harness adapter for the older style charging stations? What about pug in hybrids for the buses at the schools? Of course, a bus might also have a large enough roof for solar panels.

But again, I foresee a time when these EVs are leased rather than purchased. I’d also like to know the range at higher speeds and different climates, such as colder, regardless of heat/accessories.

Dirk Diggler: Very good demonstration Dan.

David G: I live in California, and all the schools in my city got the same solar shade parking things, i wish i knew how much they actually saved for my high school. Did you hear about the new coda, its an electric car company here in the u.s.

lawnmowerdude: Apparently you haven’t been out much.

Alvord1430: The average price paid for all cars in the U.S. is $30K. This car is only $23K after the federal tax credit. It is 5 times cheaper to fuel than a gasoline car. I’m a fool for paying 80 cents per gallon?

At 80 cents per gallon, I don’t care what it looks like. I’m sure Exxon and the Saudi Royal Family appreciate your loyalty.

0722Ralph: I like that car. Perfect for going around town. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

Thomas Telling: in our country you can buy these with goverment founding wich means that they pay half the price of the car but these cars are crappy.the stats say it will do 150 km on a single charge but it wont it will to only 84 km and in the winter it only will do 60 km and you cant turn on the heater because it wont let you do it

pvtjamesryan3: I would never drive that piece of crap car even if the Automaker paid me to drive it. That’s the sorriest excuse for an automobile. If Henry Ford were still alive he would laugh himself to … if he saw this thing.

Mitsubishi Electric Cars

MPGomatic: I can’t speak for other reviewers, Alvord. I’ve had this exact road trip in mind for quite a while. just had to wait to get a full electric in for review. You are extremely fortunate to have a charger available at your place of employment.

Thank you for being a pioneer. ) I planned this trip out to show folks the current situation here in New Jersey, where we are a national leader in renewable solar energy installations, yet lagging badly when it comes to public charger installations.

justhes: The electric car is a great way to go for small distances, but I would rather just have my little 2.0l 4 banger mazda3. That gets me 300 miles on 30 bucks worth of gas.

James Schmitz: Glad to see this video in true HD! I know it takes longer to edit and upload, but it’s completely worth it!

Alvord1430: Those solar installations were impressive. Charging availability is not a big deal. Please take a look at EvseUpgrade(dot)com. They can modify your iMiev or Leaf 110V portable charger for $300 to work on 110-220V eliminating the need for charging stations at work and at home.

All you need is a 220V outlet and you are good to go. I paid $160 at work to install a 220V outlet. About 3x faster chg on 220V. Europe and Japan versions of the portable charger are already 220V.

Papangel81: Its funny how he says he steps on the gas.

MPGomatic: How do you feel about the Tesla Model S? Edmunds nailed 0-60 MPH in 4.3 seconds (and 4.0 seconds with 1 foot of rollout), in the Model S with a quarter-mile time of 12.6 seconds at 108.3 MPH.

Joe Wilder: I appreciate the car shade too.

vipermoon64: Dan, the B selection for the transmission means brake for engine brake

Dwayne Perry: People still don’t understand that this is a baby step for future of cars. Sure it is weird looking, and a tad spartan but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Batteries technology will improve, vehicle design has already vastly improved.

Tesla cars for example. You have to look back on the real history of gasoline powered vehicles. They were not well received when first introduced. long haul driving is what cemented the gasoline car world wide.

City cars don’t need 300 mile range. Its a waste

MPGomatic: Wouldn’t it be cool if clean coal was a reality, rather than a marketing slogan? It might exist, but it’ll surely take time before it’s implemented at scale. Electricity sources vary depending on geographic location. Some states may predominantly use coal, while others rarely use it. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has a bunch of data on their website.

WV, for example, is 96% coal (as one might expect), while WA is largely powered by hydroelectric.

pvtjamesryan3: The electric car makes itself look bad because it’s essentially an over-priced golf cart. Only a fool would invest in one.

Ryan Cosby: i would get a volt b4 this since i wont b stranded or wait hours before i drive anywhere

Vulgora: b for extra re-gen braking?

Alvord1430: What is dumb about paying 5x less for fuel? I save at least $150 per month driving an electric car.

jmc6000: I respect Tesla and what they are trying to do, but 80k for an electric car that about as fast as a Mustang GT is just STUPID!

MPGomatic: I only charged the i-MiEV for about an hour and half — I can’t recall the exact amount of range added. maybe 10 or 12 miles? It’s designed to full charge at 7 hours on a dedicated charger. There’s also a quick charge port, but I’ve never seen one of those bad boys. Only had this car for a weekend, so I didn’t have the opportunity to test as exhaustively as I normally do.

Apologies for not being able answer all the questions!


Mitsubishi i-MiEV. NJ Electric Car Adventure 4.7 out of 5

Mitsubishi Electric Cars
Mitsubishi Electric Cars

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