New Fixed Equalizer IC from Mitsubishi Electric Optimizes Sound …

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New Fixed Equalizer IC from Electric Optimizes Sound in Car Audio Systems.

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SUNNYVALE, WIRE)—March 3, 2003

The Electronic Group of Mitsubishi Electric Electric Corporation ( #19977;#33777;#38651;#27231;#26666;#24335;#20250;#31038;. USA, Inc. today two highly integrated audio processors that use switched Switched Capacitor is a circuit technique for discrete time processing. It works by moving between different capacitors switches are opened (off) and (on). filter (SCF SCF Canadien des Forêts (Canadian Service)

SCF Stem Cell

SCF Scientific Committee on Food Commission)

SCF Service Canadien de la ) technology to improve sound in car audio systems. The M61528FP Equalizer IC enables developers to the audio system’s sound to a car passenger compartment’s unique characteristics, and the M61523FP Electronic and Tone Control IC gives the ability to manipulate bass and treble, highest part in music, thus corresponding in to soprano, but associated with the of a boy or a girl. The term appeared in English polyphony, probably as an of the Latin triplum, tones in car audio systems.

In addition to improved sound the number of external components is dramatically reduced, thereby system cost.

For a variety of every different car interior a unique acoustic challenge for the car system designer, said Riehm, senior marketing for consumer products at Mitsubishi Electronics USA, Inc. To the challenge, saving time and our Fixed Equalizer IC enables to adjust the equalizer one time to the acoustical setting, then go to production. Because SCF technology the user to vary the ‘Q’ and the frequency of the audio signal in our Volume and Tone Control IC, environmental effects can be created using a more expensive signal processor A digital processor ( DSP ) is a specialized microprocessor specifically for digital signal generally in real-time computing. of typical Digital Signal

Designed for real-time processing


Fixed Equalizer IC

A car passenger size and shape, as well as the used to construct it, create sonic characteristics that how a car audio system’s sound is distributed throughout the compartment. shapes inside the compartment and the used to construct the dashboard (1) See Mac

(2) A software-based control panel for one or applications, network devices or machines. Dashboards display gauges and dials that somewhat like an automobile car seats, windows, carpets, and components can cause standing that eclipse certain frequencies and cause certain frequencies to be reflected and absorbed. The Fixed Equalizer IC enables to eliminate the standing waves, underemphasized and subdue sub·due

sub·dued . sub·du·ing . sub·dues

1. To and subjugate; vanquish. See Synonyms at

2. To quiet or bring under by physical force or persuasion; tractable.

3. overemphasized frequencies, and the sound envelope Sound are sound packages extracted video files. Video tools, such as the freeware Zwei-Stein, isolate the audio of the avi, mpeg (whatever and envelope it for podcast or other so the audio system’s entire range is evenly distributed the compartment.

The M61528FP is a three-band that features a wide range throughout bass, midrange Epidemiology The halfway or midpoint in a set of observations; for most MR is calculated as the sum of the smallest observation and the observation, divided by 2; for age data, one is to the numerator; a midrange is usually. and frequency ranges. It also independent volume controls in of four channels (left left rear, right and right rear), a fader Fa der

n. 1. Father. volume control a built-in noise suppression and a microcontroller A single chip contains the processor (the non-volatile memory for the program or flash), volatile memory for and output (RAM), a clock and an I/O unit. interface. SCF technology the device to eliminate the need for resistor-capacitor (RC) networks in the circuit, since this is handled internally, which system cost.

M61523FP Volume and Tone Control IC

The Electronic Volume and Tone IC provides a wide dynamic of volume control in six-speaker car systems. Like the M61528FP, it SCF technology to save system by eliminating RC network components in the control circuit. It features a soft-switching noise-suppression circuit to the noise in the master and fader controls.

A dual input selector selector — 1. In Smalltalk or C, the syntax of a message which a particular method in the target

2. An operation that returns the of an object but does not alter state. function enables to use three single inputs and one input for design flexibility. The also contains a microcontroller that connects the system to the volume controller’s main and sub selector, independent gain soft mute (Phonetics) See

See also: Soft. base/treble controls, and loudness, volume, and controls.

Packaging, Availability, and

The M61528FP and M61523FP are each in a 24-pin SSOP SSOP Small Outline Package

Sanitation Standard Operating (USDA)

SSOP Sanitary Operating Procedures

SSOP Platform (Ecopy)

SSOP Security Operational Procedures that occupies a 7.8-mm x footprint.

Samples of both are available now. The M61523FP is in production now, with volume production scheduled for 2003. Sample-quantity pricing is each for the M61528FP and $4.00 for the M61523FP.

About Mitsubishi Electric USA, Inc.

Ranked the top-tier worldwide semiconductor Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a manufacturer of application-specific standard (ASSPs) for motor driver, TV, VCR see videocassette recorder. VCR

in full recorder

Electromechanical device records, stores on a videotape and plays back on a TV set recorded and sound. fax, disk telephone, communications, and audio/video applications, as well as standard and digital/analog interface ICs. Electric’s ASSPs are manufactured extensive feature sets meet specific application and use a standard-cell design approach to chip size, costs, and development time. The company its ASSPs as standard ICs for multiple and maps them to singular or applications.

Mitsubishi Electric an extensive range of semiconductor-based and markets them to the North North American

named North America.

North blastomycosis

see North American

North American cattle

see boophilus annulatus . marketplace the Electronic Device Group of Electric Electronics USA,

Additional information on the Mitsubishi Semiconductor Group is available at

Trademark Information

Mitsubishi and the logo are registered trademarks of Electric Corporation in the USA, and other countries. All other and products referenced herein are or registered trademarks of their holders.


Mitsubishi, equalizer, volume control, volume control, tone audio signal processor, controller, sound processor, car system, automotive, audio, ( A pplication S pecific S tandard P An ASIC chip that is as a generic device for a particular Whereas an ASIC is typically only by its creator, ASSPs are by many different companies in the of their products. See ASIC. specific standard product.

2003 Business Wire


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