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Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV


What is the future of today’s internal combustion engine?

I don’t personally believe today’s ‘plug-in’ electric vehicles are the transport of the future, but rather hydrogen powered vehicles. So, I was just wondering if it could happen that people may be able to convert their regular cars to run on hydrogen, instead of regular unleaded petrol, similar to how today cars can be converted to run on LPG. I know it is still a long way off, but I would like to know if it is possible, and if it is likely to happen.


Do block heater poles work for electric plug-in vehicles?

In cold weather climates, electric poles are commonly found in parking lots so that people can plug in their block heaters. When electric plug-in vehicles become more popular, can you plug into the same outlets to charge your vehicle? So in essence, you could recharge your vehicle every day at work rather than using your own electricity at home.


What’s the difference between an electric plug-in car, electric car, and hybrid car?

I find it all very confusing, I mean, an electric car obviously runs on batteries, but how do you charge it? So aren’t there only two types? Hybrid (batteries and gas) and Electric plug-in (speaks for itself) because how else would you charge an electric only car?

It must be either a hybrid or plug-in. So why still the term electric cars? Thanks!

What’s the cheapest plug in electric vehicle, and where can I find one?

Im in washington state and am looking for the cheapest electric vehicle I can find.

Why doesn’t anyone make an electric lawn tractor or heavy duty mower?

I know there are some light duty battery and plug in electric mowers but nothing suitable for large lawns. I would like to see a battery powered 48 walk behind mower deck or a zero turn mower. It seems like a good way to promote electric vehicles.

Equipment like this could give people enough confidence in batteries to consider electric cars. So there are some choices for light duty mowers. None of those mentioned work very fast or have much battery life.

The best is rated for one acre and needs 12 hours of charging time.That’s fine for an urban lawn on a 3/4acre lot but not fo ra more rural estate. Most homeowners want to mow their whole lawn in one session, not spread over 2-3 days.

When do you think truly clean automobiles will be available and prevalent?

This includes plug-in electric cars, hybrids which use a turbine to generate electricity only, ethanol cars running on fermented ethanol (current ethanol requires more energy to produce than it provides when burned), or any other vehicles with zero or near zero emissions. When do you think we will break the 100MPG barrier with a consumer vehicle under real-world conditions? What do you think the first high-efficiency technique to hit the market will be? When I say clean I mean near-zero emissions. Internal combustion engines are inefficient, so even running your electric car on a fossil-fuel generated electricity is cleaner than using an IC engine.

Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV

By truly clean I mean in contrast to current hybrids which do not increase mileage by a significant ammount in most cases. Partly at fault is the lack of time the IC engine is shut off. So when will our vehicles become as clean as we can realistically get them?

When do we reach the point where reducing a car’s carbon footprint requires changes in America’s infrastructure, distribution methods, and power generation?

Obama has specifically targeted pickup trucks for regulation. Is he discriminating against whites?

Consider that our maritime fleet produces more pollution than our cars. BONUS: why dont we have plug in electric cars, considering they now have just as good range as gas powered vehicles?

Why are plug in hybrid vehicles considered better than regular hybrids?

Wouldn’t plugging in a hybrid to the electrical grid just shift the carbon emissions from cars to power plants?

Are pure electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric cars easier and cost less to maintain? Do they still have?

radiators, spark plugs, motor oil? When the battery in a plug-in hybrid electric car runs low, does the car automatically start the onboard generator without the driver doing anything? How long does it take to recharge a electric car to travel 15 miles roundtrip to work?

How come toyota in US doesnt offer the solar or plug in charging accesories on their hybrid here.?

how come toyota in US doesnt offer the solar or plug in charging accessories on their hybrid here like the ones they sell in Japan? it sure does give you more time to just use your electric motor to drive your vehicle out of parking lot before your engine kicks in.

Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV
Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV
Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV
Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV
Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV

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