Preparing for the coming of the hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander …

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MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV – 2.0 Plug-in Petrol Hybrid


Preparing for the coming of the hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


December 3rd, 2013 admin

Boris Ульзибат. 2 hours ago. Photo Drive and Mitsubishi Motors

In Europe thanks to government subsidies rates on a hybrid Outlander chocolate in some countries crossover can be purchased for EUR 15 000. We also expected reduction of vehicle tax on hybrids, see how profitable purchase will be  in Russia.

P Oka in the pavilions of the exhibition complex Tokyo Big Sight went final preparations for the opening of the Tokyo motor show, a small group of Russian journalists visited the factory landfill Mitsubishi with a novelty for our market crossover Outlander PHEV. In General, the car is not very new in many countries sales are in full swing. In this and the reason for such a late appearance in the domestic show-rooms. Now all of the power plant work in Western Europe.

But wait a little crossover already certified, and sales will start next year. So what do we get?

The cornerstone of when creating a hybrid was the idea is that a car must minimally be different from the usual, primarily in terms of practicality. In the result of real differences decrease by 15 mm ground clearance (was 190 mm) and the grown to 170 kg of weight. All that is amply justified still a spacious salon, a roomy trunk, and a tiny fuel consumption of 5.4 litres per 100 km in the combined cycle.

Theoretically, being filled to the brim with gasoline and electricity, Outlander PHEV can pass without recharge almost 900 km Pity that we had not so many time only a few laps on the test track.

From the standard hybrid cars are different in other lamps here they led, with a fully transparent diffusers in such.

Off-road skills hybrid were beyond the scope of the test, however, almost serial PHEV only with the established rewarding experiences and harder shock absorbers recently participated in the Asian Crosscountry Rally. Car intact overcame route length of 2000 km

For starters, let s examine how arranged hybrid transmission . Its basis and the main motive force is a pair of electric motors, one for axis. Each of them produces 60 kW. Mechanical connection between the axes no, accordingly, there is no center differential.

But permanent four-wheel drive is available in the entire range of velocities due to the absence of coupling, which may overheat. The engine from time silent two-liter «four», designed primarily to recharge the battery, placed in the floor under the seats. If necessary, a sharp acceleration or at high speeds, it connects to the front axle via infinitely variable gearbox and helps motors.

A reasonable question: why crossover Outlander PHEV under wheel petals, since he has no gearbox? The answer is surprising: the driver can on the go switch the intensity of the engine brake and, respectively, energy recovery. And if mode B1 machine supplied with gas pedal continues to go coasting, very hard B6 immediately bite the nose.

And economically, and feeling спорткаровские.

The scheme is simple, but effective and has its advantages. Thanks to high returns electric motors and capacious battery (12 kW/h) Outlander PHEV can accelerate at the only all-electric mode for up to 120 km/h and overcome in this mode for up to 60 km. Thus, the Japanese promise average citizen movement around the city during the day without the consumption of hydrocarbon fuel.

At that, the dynamics of hybrid (total maximum output of the power unit is 220 PS) approximately corresponds to the version with the engine 2.4 11 with the acceleration to 100 km/h and 170 km/h maximum speed.

Trunk volume, despite the emergence of additional electrical equipment is quite spacious 463 l (the petrol car 541 l). Partly space saved thanks to the fact that the battery is placed under the floor in damage clearance, partly due to the lower volume of the tank on 10 HP

Not as much as could be, but Out a trump card up his sleeve responsiveness of the electric car. If usually after clicking on gas, unfortunately, will have to wait for eternity until strangled electronics machine digest command of the right leg, until the engine will be released on the turnover of maximum moment and the machine will lock-up torque Converter, in the case of initially «green» electric car acceleration starts immediately. Just like it was before, before the invention of numerous «Euro-X».

And it all happens practically silently a little gasoline engine almost always asleep, the noise insulation of PHEV significantly more advanced than the source text.

The PHEV has a pair of buttons, pressing on which you can make it work in the mode of the hybrid or to save battery, or to forced recruitment. Key instead of a lock center force connection both electric motors. Instead tachometer index mode of operation of the power plant.

In the rest of the beauty completely familiar. The same chair, the same amount of living space in the cabin and cargo in the trunk.

MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV – 2.0 Plug-in Petrol Hybrid

Design allows him to work both as a pure electric car, and be either parallel or serial hybrid, depending on traffic conditions. Moving uniformly, battery gradually decreases, and the engine starts humming a petrol motor now it is not associated with wheels, and only charges the battery. Leaving on a high-speed oval, the gas pedal to the floor engine stops supply battery electricity and is connected to the process of acceleration.

The same thing happens at a speed of more than 120 km/H.

A hybrid two refuelling service outlet left for gasoline tank, with a capacity 45 l, compared with 55 of petrol cars), and the right to charge the battery. It has two connectors: one for fast charging at a special station, the other for normal domestic network. Charger hides in the subfield of the trunk. Control charging, you can use a corporate application for smartphones.

It also allows you to remotely set the microclimate in the cabin heater electric, so the engine start is not necessary.

There is some criticism to the steering high speed falls in search of the path, and in position handlebar significantly depleted. Acceleration pedal into the floor approximately at 100 km/h is interrupted by a slight pause meanwhile, as the electric motors скисают, and inclusion in the work of the petrol engine has a small, but noticeable delay.

Suspension of hybrid configured little tougher because of increased supply, but this should not affect the smoothness of a course. As pretty heavy batteries are located under the floor, the center of mass of the hybrid 30 mm lower than petrol cars.

Of course, a few minutes driving is not enough to make a full impression of the machine. Asphalt at the landfill Mitsubishi, for example, virtually no significant flaws, so that the work migrated suspension remained under a veil of secrecy. But it s for the best. Shortly before the start of the Russian specifications PHEV we are waiting for a full test drive the machine, made specially for Russia, and it is much more demonstrative event.

But the main thing about the car, now it is already clear.

It is unknown how will the Russian winter performance batteries, thus, the stock of progress of the machine test measurements were in stable ambient temperature +20oC C.

Hybrid Outlander from the combination of qualities is not better and not worse than their gasoline «relatives». This is a completely normal car with their advantages and disadvantages. And this main thing. Usually hybrids are non-standard and небанальными many buyers from established stereotypes about what should be a car, it scares. And PHEV simple, intuitive and is thoroughly familiar.

Just a quiet, economical, and can plug into a socket. Absolutely correct approach, if there is a desire to make the machine mass.

MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV – 2.0 Plug-in Petrol Hybrid
MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV – 2.0 Plug-in Petrol Hybrid
MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV – 2.0 Plug-in Petrol Hybrid
MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV – 2.0 Plug-in Petrol Hybrid

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