The Mitsubishi I Electric Car At The 2011 MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR DIY Reviews!

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Mitsubishi Electric Cars

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tinder: less shifting its not the same as a gasser and drives like a thats beacuse it has more 2 times the amount of welds a gaser due to the sounds would be without a gas engine to hide

Rawrzellers: Can there just be a looking electric vehicle? really all of these are uglier sin :/ They all fetch a hefty for a crap looking car.

they stoped makeing the evo for its the uglyest thing ive ever

haguilar84: Meanwhile, they kill off the Lancer Evo. you hippies, damn you all to hell.

Why is it that every hybrid or all car gets some weird Just make them normal!

aanathan0: I can charge my gas in bout 2 minutes. 1up ya motha but honestly im dissapointed. first stops producing the eclipse. they make ugly ass DAMNIT!

sam jonson: @character654 challenges facing the use of hydrogen in include production, storage, and distribution. Because of all these the well-to-wheel efficiency for hydrogen is than 25%

richieujo: @MercC23k YES I agree. American showed that were actually better on the than plug-ins, because the draws elec from in most cases. Hybrids can be ANYWHERE, even where is the power of choice.


FourDollaRacing: @xmodrock If I had 35K I’d buy preferred stock in a blue co. and joke about all the money I off of you and the other powerless freak

jean santos: swag.

@PiT0nZo the ford fusion is ok too but ill never go for a hybrid or electric they are all powerless freak if i had 35K id rather buy a stang or STi lol this is a joke

飛馬座 X: so lets im gonna sit on the electric station for 20 min to my car only %80. wth

Twisted86: issue with these is the price and the HIDDEN costs. of these have 8+ batteries are $200+ a piece and need every few years. Also electric comes from which is dirtier energy gas is.

So unless you have a large array your not saving any

foxy1819: @PiT0nZo nooo the CRZ is the

MrZeroCide: The only Mitsubishi ever get is a Lancer/Evo and a 3000GT!

Music: Wow

Cody Horn: wtf 80 85 fords ev is gana have 500 miles thats coming out in

Stephen Gakuya: i pluged my car into my house and blew my

EasternBlocCars: the 2006-present Mitsubishi I is in Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan

Lawson: why do all the electric cars to look like crap? I one that looks as good as the mustang or camaro not a stupid car :

wheely132: @TeggyHD I know Some cars look but for the most part, they are really funky lookin

I would expect a better vehicle from Mitsubishi, looks like an insect.

Meadows: I thought it was funny how he referred to the accelerator as the gas pedal.

0:23 The front of the car looks a hamster with it’s full of food.

wittmannger: like its designed for women. Id drive some classic even if its gonna cause warm up.

Brian Corder: nice. Hopefully we start in the right direction now with

XxAtomic646xX: @TeggyHD uglier and

MechanoRealist: @tothefreakinmax The initial would come from of heavy-water.

character654: @jszipsp100 I they are a lot closer to that we think, but.

MechanoRealist: US (and hopefully the rest of the too) needs to work on some heavy-water-fusion nuclear plants. the sea based oil drilling can be retrofitted to become heavy-water facilities and could even use of the energy to make hydrogen for cars. NO OTHER SYSTEM IS and the waste is Helium from the plants and water (100% H2O) from the fuel-cells.

The Channel: Could you have utilized a worse video

TeggyHD: @Daffy711 shut up i can care less of the environment and the limit lmaoo!

NinjaRider777R: Another solution, electric air Cover the roof in solar store that energy in a car battery, use it to run the compressor. You could the solar panels with energy tech that’s in use on passenger cars today.

No of fuels, thousands of times to any combustion engine technology in of emissions.

TrumpetChops2011: A bowl of a long time ago and we light the on fire

Mitsubishi Electric Cars

Caleb Thompson: Wouldn’t it be an electric peddle?

Raptor @TeggyHD I understand. It’s like you that are ending life in this planet. living in a dream.

John Welcome to the future. Electric are what we’re going to be in 20 years

MechanoRealist: @NinjaRider777R Now is a possible but improbable situation. The links there are in the chain, the energy is lost to heat. a compressor on electricity is unsmart, you could use an electric motor.

3:01 it’s not even a gas is it?

Htimez2: So now instead of buying you’ll have a ridiculously electric bill !

6987jasonakin: I to add to the comments above that the is taking over power so when they make the from gas to electric and the gas stations will charge you like 30 to 40 just to charge up your If you want a car that is green it yourself. I have plans on a truck that runs off of

Just keep it simple and you can anything!

Raptor Jesus: they are better than gas.

AmazingTrollHero: /watch?v=4sEORWmB2rA best car

ELHITMAN606: @Cloudstrife1188 o honestly care your just a mitshbishi fanboy who dont crap go read your car facts you dumbass moron and a poser go work back to for whatever they pay in sushi the reason theres mitsubishi than feari and porsches is of the price which is expensive which 1you get .

prowled: i get the nissan leaf instead. of the size and the look. that car mitsubishi) just looks a toyota yaris.

PiT0nZo: decent looking hybrid seen is the honda CRZ

Aashish @D4RKWO1F ummm dude. the of oil used is waaaayyyyyy lesser! its just a steppin stone. u to agree taking economy consideration dis is a way better alternative petroleum cars! em not saying its da bt its better!

Leonardo Alonso: LMFAO ferrari is an actual car and an evo Quick fact. there are mitsubishi cars on the road ferraris, lambos, and porsches put And just because its a rally car it mean its specifically made for

The 35K evo sold in the U.S has unmatched technology by twice as much. Twin transmission, S-AWC system, 300BPH, and its rally bred. Top praises evos.

They an video of an Evo FQ making a lambo like a go kart.

character654: Electrolysis can use an on-board alternator/generator. The wouldn’t need to be any larger the standard gas tank for the water. The HHO gasses would be directly in the engine — regulated at the process. This would the mobile bomb issue.

we see is FAR from the technology out there.

The Mitsubishi i Electric Car at the 2011 EARTH NEWS FAIR 4.1 out of 5

Mitsubishi Electric Cars
Mitsubishi Electric Cars
Mitsubishi Electric Cars


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