5 Questions with Carlos Ghosn CEO of Nissan and electriccar champion

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Under the of Carlos Ghosn (pronounced Nissan has been known to be bullish on the future of electric than perhaps any established in the industry. Even in the face of initial sales of electric Ghosn remains optimistic.

As the CEO who rescued Nissan from in 2003, when Ghosn people listen. So when we up with the Brazilian-born, multi-lingual CEO of and Renault for a few minutes at a media at the 2012 New York International Show. we were all ears. Ghosn’s case for investing in cars:

Q: You targeted 10,000 Leaf sales a year for and 20,000 for 2012. Yet you sold than 8,000 Leafs year. Are slow sales of the and other primarily electric worrisome, or just a temporary

I’m very bullish on the of the electric car. We can get to these We’re not worried about it.

When we planned for the electric with the yen at $110 to the dollar in we couldn’t imagine [a] 30-percent in the value of the yen. At the moment, the yen at $82 to the has been a real headwind to the of the car. So that’s why you’re a little bit of restraint on our part.

We did not go aggressively in promoting the Leaf. We limited the sales to some We’re starting to sell on a basis this month.

But the are not even available at the dealers. going to start to be available at dealers in July. So we cannot say the Leaf is at full potential in the States.

The infrastructure is. also [an We’re going to have to be a bit patient with having the environment for this part of the network in the U.S.

You’re going to see a real up of our sales with the localization of our in the U.S. (Note: Production in starts in August.) We’ll see above 2,000 [a month] we start the local production. So I feel very good this objective.

Q: Does mean prices will down when production to the U.S. making the cars affordable?

We are going to lower particularly with the yen at 82 yen to the dollar. the cost by switching to a U.S. is very easy when the base is as cost-ineffective as it is today. should see the benefit of this reduction. Now it’s not automatic, not, the day you localize the price down.

But you’re going to a trend toward the car becoming more affordable, little by

Q: Electric vehicle sales been linked to high gas Are high gas prices a necessary for electric vehicles’ success?

We did not develop this strategy speculating on the gasoline price. We have the emissions problem, is serious. There is still a going forward as far as fuel and you’re going to have a price that will be on a trend going up.

When we the whole strategy, we were the price for a barrel at $80. As you today, we are at more than It may go even higher than

So this is not the only reason for people move to an electric but this is certainly one of the reasons for some people move.

So we that all the fundamental reasons for we launched the strategy are still There is nothing that challenge our strategy into [a] complete lineup of zero-emissions

Q: What is the future of hybrids and plug-in hybrids versus cars in Nissan’s lineup? Do you these types of electrically drive systems could the pure electric car in the near

We’ve said we’re to develop a full lineup of cars. Fundamentally, I’m really everything pointing to the of having a good segment of the in the U.S. evolving toward the car, or I would say [the] electric car. When I say electric car, I’m not about hybrids. I’m about cars running on electric mode and eventually we gasoline support.

But zero-emission [with] no exhaust pipe, you don’t have to go in any way to a gas station, are going to be in my opinion, the core, the of the demand.

We have not been in hybrids; we recognize it. But we have a fast follower, and today we enough hybrid cars we think it makes sense.

On electric cars, we said. going to be leaders. But it doesn’t we’re going to exclude technology. Every time it sense, we’re going to the solution that consumers

Not in detriment to the electric car, but in to electric cars.

At the same we continue the keizen (aka efforts on normal gasoline diesels, etc. The strategy’s clear: downsizing on gasoline and diesel, leadership in zero and pragmatism in hybrids and plug-in

Q: Will swappable batteries. as those offered by Nissan’s Renault in Israel play a in electric cars’ future?

you have a new technology coming in, we not lock ourselves into one And our position has been that going to develop all the systems. So if we see countries, states, or cities like to go to switchable batteries, we the technology for this. It’s not it’s complementary.

We as an alliance should be able to all the technologies out there. And then or countries select whatever want.

Look, we’re people. Business people are pragmatic. I see our role as enablers, more [than] as decision Decisions are always in the hands of the system.

But we are here to make that there is a solution, and we can implement the solution.


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