Hybrid Electric Cars The Real and the Fake

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Nissan's Greener Electric Cars

Hybrid Electric Cars

thing you want to know is, Are real, or are they fake?

talking about hybrid cars, of course!

Oh, didn’t you it was possible to fake a hybrid? that’s okay, I got surprised by it Here’s how faking a hybrid was during the Bush II era.

. Detroit heard the public greener vehicles like and electric cars, they Sure, we can do that! And then simply dropped in an extra to run the accessories, turned off the engine at and stamped hybrid on the chassis.

have mostly given up deceptive practice today we’re on to them! — but talk about what a hybrid real (significantly gas mileage, lower emissions) vs. I’ll show you some of each, and we’ll figure out how NOT to get fooled.

Series hybrid electric

This is the serious kind of electric car. That’s right? A series hybrid is )

In the series hybrid, the electric makes the wheels go ’round. is a battery, and there is a gas engine; the gas is used as a generator to provide to recharge the battery (which the electric motor run, makes the wheels go ’round). is ALL the ICE machine does.

The rest is Since it’s all about the you can imagine that regenerative figures heavily in this design, and that it’s the thing to an electric car (with options) that exists.

hybrid electric cars are for in-town, stop-and-go driving, like an (all) electric The range extension they provides a nice added for longer trips, or the anxiety

The automakers didn’t offer type in the past, as you know, but the success of the Volt they’re around.

Parallel hybrid cars

Usually, parallel are the fake kind of hybrid. Not The Honda hybrids like the are parallel hybrids, and they’re NOT fake.

In the parallel hybrid, the motor AND the gas engine make the go ’round. The gas engine can either the wheels or provide electricity to the

These hybrid electric according to this Wikipedia on hybrid drivetrains. are the most type of hybrid in production

What characterizes the parallel system?

Higher voltages the usual 12-volt automotive system; The electric motor/generator replaces the electric starter/alternator found in the average ICE-machine means Internal Combustion btw); The accessories (you the radio, the air conditioner, that of thing) are run off the electric motor. In cases, as with the infamous Silverado hybrid, the electric was little more than a plug-in for the power tools; The shuts off the ICE at stop-lights to save (This is not a bad feature. However, a issue here is that, the oil takes a bit to get warmed up and flowing throughout, all this starting and is not so good for gas engines. Good for the though, in the form of reduced emissions, so it’s hard to with that.

I might add that it also to be pretty good for the carmakers, be glad to sell you another car the engine wears out.

So where does the faking in?

Power-assist hybrids are fake. of these — like the Mercury Mariner for one — use the electric motor to provide torque in high-demand situations. are still hybrids, technically, but are not to ever move the wheels electricity alone.

If both the motor and the gas engine are capable of the wheels.

. and either the electric OR the gas engine could be dominant still being called electric cars), the automakers that they could disguise the same old gas-gulper as a electric car. The drive is by computer, and just because the motor CAN move the wheels mean it HAS to! The manufacturer could a hybrid that performs exactly like it’s brothers, and delivers about the gas mileage, too.


Combination series/parallel aka synergy drive

A hybrid you ask? Exactly.

Toyota out that if you’ve got to use a computer you might as well make more efficient for running on the AND running in town — so came up with hybrid drive that the Prius famous.

The combination series/parallel uses a smaller gas engine its gas-burning counterpart would use, because the gas-burner most of its muscle to get from so if you don’t want your to be a SLUG (and who does?) you’ve gotta have a big engine.

Not the Prius, though!

It its electric car personality in town and on the acceleration, where electricity — and then when you get up and a smaller gas-sipping engine in to take you down the freeway. The control makes this flawless, as any happily addicted driver will tell

Even the non-plug Priuses REAL, of course. but the plug-in is even better.


Now, if only I had a way to plug in my old and run it entirely on electricity. I could to use NO gas, unless I had to hit the freeway for reason.

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