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Nissan LEAF Car Attracts over 100,000 Buyers

By John Addison 9/14/11; original 4/27/10)

Nissan LEAF with 100 Electric Range

Over Nissan LEAFs are now on U.S. By December 2012, Nissan have delivered 100,000 globally. The LEAF is a pure with no gasoline tank.

sleek 5-door hatchback five. The electric range is 100 on the U.S. EPA LA4 city drive

Go 70 miles per hour on the freeway and battery will be near in 60 miles, nor will you get the full climbing mountain roads.

My and I have been delighted driving our LEAF since we delivery in April. Living in a Marci only needs a range for her speech therapy at two schools; living two blocks transit and car sharing, I rarely one. For long-trips, or times we both need a car, we our hybrid for driving longer rather than flying. 80 of the time, the LEAF is the only car of us drive.

We have never run out of but we have been grateful for charge stations on a number of

The LEAF is ideal for many who in a city where range is an issue, and where transit, car and car rental are also available. The U.S. suburban household has two so the EV could be ideal as one of those For many people, this not be the best vehicle because the limitation will not meet work or personal demands.

These people should a plug-in hybrid or car with mileage.

This car is high-tech. The SV model includes an advanced GPS system. You can control and monitor charging and even pre-heat/pre-cool and control with your phone. The LEAF has Internet/smart connectivity to the vehicle, and, connectivity; intelligent-key with button start, Sirius/XM radio capabilities, and roadside with the vehicle wirelessly a support center.

The SL model includes a rearview monitor, panel spoiler which a trickle charge, fog lights, and headlights.

How much did your gasoline fill-up cost? $40? $80? Your utility will typically you $3 to fill-up your LEAF. electric utility may offer low to encourage low-cost nightly when electricity is available and these fill-ups may only a dollar.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan has doubled the charge in the 2012 model and included other features as standard. The SL model includes the DC Fast port that had cost an $700 in 2011. With the features, Nissan raised for 2012.

2012 LEAF SV at $35,200 or $369 monthly for a lease

2012 LEAF SL at $37,250 or $409 monthly

federal tax credit + state make this car an attractive buy

8 year / 100,000 mile system and lithium-ion battery

LEAF Test Drive

Electric Drive System

LEAF is powered by 24kWh of lithium-ion batteries made by the JV, which generate power of over 90kW, while its motor delivers 80kW/280Nm. ensures a highly responsive, experience that is in keeping what consumers have to expect from traditional, automobiles. The LED head lights battery demand at night.

The LEAF includes an 8 year, mile warranty. Since 24kWh lithium battery is likely to be half of the vehicle’s warranty life will be an issue. Some that buy will lease.


The car covered connectors for 110 volt and 220 volt J1772 smart Although Nissan explored the with Better Place of swapping, or a separate battery neither is being offered in the States at this time. In 8 you are good for another 100 miles a Level 2 AC220V home-use in 26 minutes you can be 80 percent charged a Level 3 DC 50kW quick

The 440v Level 3 chargers are expensive, and certainly not for home

The LEAF is ideal for those who can a charging unit in their Many drivers, however do not own a so a hybrid or public transportation may be choices. Over time, we see charging available at many and in multi-unit dwellings such as and apartments.

Green Features

Many of the adopters of the 40,000 EVs on U.S. use renewable energy (RE) to their vehicles. The RE can be solar or provided renewables. electric car and opponents claim that EVs only result in more power. So far this has not happened.

if coal power were the 70% efficient EV uses far less than the typical 15% efficient powered vehicle.

The LEAF and unit is designed for smart Through an Internet browser, or the car’s display, you can set-up a for nighttime charging when electricity is available on the grid. your utility provides for it, you can a preference to charge when RE is available.

At your fingertips, you can a normal preference.

Much of electric car is designed for recycling, and materials are used in building the 98 percent of the lithium batteries are to be reused in stationary applications or Nissan LEAF makes use of recycled and recyclable materials, as seat fabric, instrument materials, and front- and rear-bumper

The LED head lights reduce demand at night.


The LEAF offers more than it would appear an outside glance. You can seat 5 When it was brought to San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom at 6 3 inches, comfortably got in the driver’s He also fit in the back seat.

The 60/40 split fold-down bench seat is easily when we load the car with supplies, sporting equipment, and luggage.


Safety include vehicle dynamic (stability control), traction and six airbags. Nissan has included a of safety features in the Leaf

3-years of roadside assistance in price

Advanced air bag system

seat-mounted driver and front-passenger supplemental air bags

front-seat head restraints (AHR)

steel side-door guard (all side-doors)

Zone construction with front and crumple zones

Energy-absorbing column

Tire pressure system (TPMS)

Vehicle control (VDC)

Traction system (TCS)

SL Model monitor provides a video of the rear camera for safer and parking.



4445 mm / 175.0 in.

Width: mm / 69.7 in.

Height. 1550 mm / in.

Wheelbase: 2700 mm / 106.3 in.

3,200 to 3,400 pounds.

range over: 160km/100miles (US LA4

Max speed (km/h): over (over 90mph)

AC Motor

Max (kW): 80kW

Max torque 280Nm


Type: lithium-ion battery

Total (kWh): 24

Power output over 90

Energy density 140

Power density (kW/kg): 2.5

of modules: 48

Charging times: AC200V charger: less 8 hrs

Optional quick charger DC (0 to 80%): less than 30 min

under seat floor

Delivery priority in 2011 is Nissan formed more a dozen partnerships in the United in markets including State of the State of Oregon, Sonoma and San Diego in California, Phoenix and Ariz. Washington D.C. Raleigh, N.C. and with Reliant Energy.

In 2012, will be broadly available in the States.

Nissan started a 50,000 car per year LEAF in Japan. Nissan will add manufacturing in 2013. This assembly plant will to the capacity to build 150,000 LEAF electric cars per and 200,000 lithium-ion battery per year.

The lithium packs also be used in future hybrid cars. Within years Nissan will be in manufacturing of the LEAF in the United Japan, and the UK. Nissan is going the global market just as prices near triple 2008 low and as major cities congestion fees for non-zero-emission

Other Cars to Investigate

Cars . Nissan will battery electric competition the Mitsubishi i. Ford Focus EV, IQ EV, Honda Fit Electric and many Top Electric Cars Report

Hybrids may be a better answer if you have one car and need greater at times. With a plug-in when your lithium is near depletion, a gasoline engages, giving you hundreds of of added range between or gasoline fill-ups. In 2011, you can a Chevy Volt with a electric range.

Toyota is putting 500 Prius with a 14-mile electric into fleet tests. will offer the ultimate in luxury. Top Electric Cars

Light EV . There are 40,000 of the GEM and 25-mph light electric on the U.S. roads in university fleets, and retirement communities. federal and local tax breaks, the net is often under $10,000. the growth of electric cars and stations, sales may actually for cost-leading light electric

These will continue to be for many fleet applications and the cost-effective for short-range trips.

By Addison. Founder of the Clean Report, author of Save Save the Planet. John about electric cars, energy, and sustainability. (c) Copyright Addison.

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