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NISSAN Leaf – Electric Car Acenta 80kW Auto

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Nissan EV

Local Launch

Sydney, NSW

What we liked:

Superb of purpose

Decent leg muscles

benefits from low centre of

Not so much:

Ho-hum steering

charging impracticalities

Usual anxiety stuff

Yet to be convinced EVs?

Electric cars are in the minds of legislators, auto and the auto media. With increasing pressure and incentives to in the direction of EVs, virtually carmaker is working on at least

Yet in most countries, consumers are yet to ball. Buyers remain towards newness and are not about to their petrol and oil bangers en any time soon — in countries like here and the US, they don’t need a on a tank of fuel. For most of us, motors are still for milk golf carts and classy toys.

Well, folks, is the car best positioned yet to turn the Nissan’s LEAF [Leading Affordable Family car] merely feel like a car it is one. And a well-built one, room for four or five, space for their stuff, a sorted underside and a bit of poke.

All the EV limitations are there, of course: the adopter price, the charging the distance between charging the range and the weight of a Commodore a boot full of dog food. And yet

You think 11km around lower eastern suburbs is all too a drive to make one’s up, but such is the conviction with the LEAF is executed, that was to induce deep ‘yep-I-could-live-with-this’ in your correspondent.

Price and

High price for high

Nissan is asking $51,500 for the — a princely sum for a Corolla-sized hatch with a tank for there’s very few bowsers, takes hours to fill a normal 10-amp power and won’t take the car 200km that’s done. Of course, the televisions in this country half a house and a first Toshiba laptop cost running MS DOS off a hard disk one 400th the size of today’s $3 USB

Weighed up against average and things, the LEAF seems reasonable by comparison for a technological of similar magnitude. Especially its future — which, of will see its price drop and its pack get better.

As things a big hunk of that money in the battery. But the power pack an eight-year/160,000km warranty (the of the car carries a standard three-year/100,000km), and by the it runs out, you can bet the replacement be far more affordable than it is

Indeed, the entire price of the car and like it will drop as EVs into their own market and assume their own space in the and minds of consumers. Which will, because there’s a conspiracy of legislators, carmakers, peddlers, lab-coats and horn and yes, media, ramping up to make sure of it.

What do you get for money is the equipment you’d of a midspec compact hatch: alloys, keyless entry and tilt and reach adjustment for the sat-nav, electric basics, for phone but not audio, cruise, and an auto sensor for the headlights.

with the main power the LEAF uses a conventional lead-acid battery to power its and audio systems, airbag headlights and wipers. It’s topped up by a small solar on the rear spoiler.

The LEAF loaded up with the normal kit you find on a premium hatch of its carrying its pricetag, however. It its value in more novel than the usual electric and sunroofs. An example is Nissan’s subscription telematics package, connects the car via its standard 7-inch screen to a global data

Carwings lets you talk to the remotely via a smart phone, to set and switch on air conditioning to cool the car before you arrive, even the car’s switched off. other things, it incorporates station locations in the GPS package. it’s plugged in, you can also charge timing.

The only is an extended warranty.

Servicing within Nissan’s capped-price so no nasty surprises during the period. It’s worth too, that as EVs head the mainstream, consumers will discover one of their other benefits: an eventual downshift in costs. Electric motors are rudimentary devices alongside engines you can count their parts on the fingers of one hand, and lube requirements are minimal.

Not a normal car

This is where clean-sheet design comes its own. The LEAF’s 80kW motor delivers its full immediately. Nissan erroneously that’s about what get out of a 3.0-litre petrol V6 (that was the ten years ago, but, so much else in the car world, V6s have moved on since

Nevertheless, it’s sufficient to get the off the mark and shunt it around surprising vigour.

Not that too easy to turn that numbers. Performance figures are as as they come, partly to the dual-mode EMS [Engine Management switchable between normal and Eco via consecutive flicks of the gear into Drive. In Eco it’s a bit quite predictable given it the draw on battery power to it last longer.

That it also curtails air conditioning, and acceleration.

In normal drive the LEAF can pack a wallop, off the mark and in the midrange. Nissan’s coy official figures, but you’ll reports online of 0-100 varying between 7.0-9.5sec. acceleration is good. They’ve an override into the Eco mode, when you kick it down it temporarily to normal.

Lift your foot and back in Eco.

Nissan’s range figure is 170km but our test drive showed us quickly just how much you can that with your style and use of power-hungry HVAC Switching from normal to Eco our car’s range estimate dramatically, adding 15-30km. up the air pulled it straight back to a similar degree.

The more you spend in Eco and the less your down, the better off you are.

The lithium-ion battery pack 48 modules of four cells divided between spaces and beneath the rear seat. keeps the centre of gravity and low, which can only the independent front strut/torsion rear suspension in keeping and handling tidy.

The steering box is a electrically assisted rack-and-pinion


Where they’ve got it

Nissan designed the LEAF clean-sheet to accommodate an electric While Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV the technology to reasonable effect, as a extension to its petrol powered i car, it doesn’t carry it off the LEAF’s aplomb. This is because LEAF is much overall 450mm longer at a beefy 1795kg, more 700kg heavier for a start.

also 150mm longer in the and nearly 300mm broader.

it adds up to is this: for a $3K premium the $48K Mitsu you get an EV that like a premium compact So well executed is the LEAF the interior feels well on the way to of the pricetag. In materials quality and fit and it’s up there with petrol and diesel hatches flash German badges.

In many will see the LEAF as many a 1 Series or A3, thanks to choice of predominantly creamy in the dash plastics, door and all those places where use black. Rather than its heart, the restrained use of black the instrument binnacle. centrestack and adds class. Although one help but suspect it wouldn’t long for all those creamy to start showing their side once the kids in

The cockpit expresses 21st-century without overdoing the ornamentation. A instrument binnacle places the speedo in a letterbox slot up with the larger binnacle serving up comprehensive details of and averaged energy consumption, charge, power and range, charge time estimates different voltages.

NISSAN Leaf – Electric Car Acenta 80kW Auto

The only to the current green-cheese trend in EV and hybrid product lies in the symbols alongside the speedo the you drive, the more trees it

The thick urethane steering has a soft, deluxe tactility it, extending to the cruise, computing and switchgear on it.

The seats are on the soft they reminded this of Citroen chairs. But the driver’s height adjustment and the tilt/telescopic make it easy to get comfy you’re tall or small.

seat legroom is better many of its ilk, although for rides it’s not for five Fitting adult legs in the for a journey of any duration requires a bit of on the part of those up front. But considering four adults run it ‘dry’ about half way Sydney to Canberra, perhaps not really an issue.


Six five stars, no surprises

The has earned itself a five-star rating. It comes with front-side and curtain airbags and all the and braking electronics you’d stability control, antilock with electronic brake distribution and brake assist.

The brakes ventilated up front been calibrated to easily the car’s unusual weight for its While Friday afternoon pickup time round our circuit was not the time or the place to put to any serious test, a couple of vigorous stomps suggested plenty big and strong enough.

The regeneration system, which deceleration into friction and energy, assists on that


Not just i-MiEV

While the most obvious competitor is the in the right context it’s fit to against more conventional By that we mean with the buyer who has the right use for it, it bears the of a competitive relationship with premium hatches like 1 Series or Audi’s A3.

By ‘right we mean a regular short-haul with enough spare to stump up for the car itself and for the necessary stuff, such as off-street and the ability to get an electrician out to make the house wiring’s up to accommodating a post. Once those are met, it’s a satisfying with a cabin that’s a nice place to be.

There’s one caveat Nissan is still in the stages of rolling the LEAF out to its network. But like so much about EVs, that change, sooner rather later.

On the road

Feel the in the right way

Our time at the wheel was no gun-run through Hellfire under a full moon, but it was to hint that Nissan has the LEAF to make use of what got.

Of course, a car of this could do without some of 1.8 tonnes. But while it’s with it, it does a good job of harnessing all that torque to get it off the then of turning the weight usable momentum. Get it going and it rolls and rolls with no on the pedal at all. Flick it to apply a little foot and very little happens at

Kicking it down wakes it up, there’s certainly enough there for a decent overtaking

Of course, we had it on light duties with two people and no luggage on But even adding some and things, there’s enough on tap to keep it from running out of although it would take its on range.

Handling benefits from the low of gravity that goes keeping the battery down Nissan has balanced out suspension with damping to ensure it the worst of a crappy road with unusual efficacy. And it so quietly it has a nicely insulated, feel about it in the solidity of its

While we’ve yet to test it on a coarse-chip surface at freeway it seems exceptionally quiet for a hatch, and not just because of the powertrain.

The steering is what expect of an electrically assisted box in a FWD It’s reasonably weighted at speeds, but rather remote the road and devoid of sensory

All that said, we’ll proper judgement until we get time with the LEAF: time, over more through more challenging I’d like to find out about what that low of gravity does through a few corners. Not that I expect to a hidden Lotus within, but I do the LEAF is well enough to serve up something for the senses the pleasures of that very interior.

It’s to Nissan’s credit that its first market EV invites one to test its thus. We’ll report when we’re able to put it a few corners outside of school-zone

Most of all, we want time with it to confirm how it might be to live with. writer hopes that’s the — because it’s thoroughly compelling so far.

NISSAN Leaf – Electric Car Acenta 80kW Auto
NISSAN Leaf – Electric Car Acenta 80kW Auto
NISSAN Leaf – Electric Car Acenta 80kW Auto
NISSAN Leaf – Electric Car Acenta 80kW Auto
NISSAN Leaf – Electric Car Acenta 80kW Auto


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