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Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars

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About Nissan Pathfinder

being introduced in the late the Nissan Pathfinder has grown and more refined, helping it walk a line between family runabout and macho, rock crawler. It’s now enough to fit such new-millennium as a fold-flat third-row seat, V6 and V8 engines and a towing capacity up to pounds, but remains tidy to fit in a standard garage space. also one of the rare SUVs to from unibody construction to a truck-based body-on-frame setup, a sturdier truck at the expense of weight.

Nevertheless, the latest has never dominated in any one area, and its styling and unremarkable ride and do not help its appeal. Today’s Pathfinder may be overlooked by SUV shoppers who plenty of other large to choose from with spacious cabins, better economy and more refined manners.

Current Nissan

The Nissan Pathfinder is a traditional SUV and the typical strengths and weaknesses of architecture. The standard engine is a V6 producing 266 horsepower and 288 pound-feet of The optional 5.6-liter V8 makes 310 hp and 380 of torque.

Both engines standard with a five-speed transmission and are available with drive.

The interior is roomy for tall people up front and a of kids in the standard third-row The midsize SUV features more comforts and storage bins ever, including two gloveboxes. buyers have a choice of trim levels: base S, SV, the more luxurious Silver and the LE.

In our reviews, we’ve enjoyed the Pathfinder’s powerful engines, abilities off-road, and ample With the V8, the Pathfinder can also tow more than the average SUV. The main criticisms tight rear seating for inconsistent fit and finish, the V8’s fuel economy and ponderous handling.

Used Nissan Models

The latest, third-generation Pathfinder debuted for the 2005 year. The most notable change has been the addition of the V8 engine as an option in 2008. changes for ’08 included a interior and slightly tweaked

There was an SE Off Road 4×4 level available until which featured such items as 16-inch off-road wheels with rugged tires, Bilstein shocks, plates, Hill Descent and Hill Start Assist.

The (1996-2004) Pathfinder debuted when the SUV craze hit a fever A switch to carlike unibody afforded it significant gains in interior space and on-road while shedding 200 pounds. The Pathfinder’s unremarkable styling and engine (its V6 made 166 hp) rendered it merely average its crowded segment, though.

A small backseat also it less suitable for hauling than some competitors.

followed a cosmetic update in with a much-needed engine in the form of its powerful VQ-series V6. In the Pathfinder, it was good for an impressive 240 hp and 260 of torque. The improvements added flavor to earn the Nissan two consecutive Most awards, in 2001 and 2002.

in 1986 for the 1987 model the original Nissan Pathfinder has that run deeper than midsize SUVs. Initially, the was intended to appeal to the same active, mostly male that Toyota appealed to its 4Runner. Based on Nissan’s pickup platform, the original looked macho and performed off road, even though it was not well-equipped or spacious by today’s It wasn’t very powerful even with the optional V6.

It was offered initially only in a body style, later a four-door variant that became its only configuration in generations. Pathfinders were with four- and six-cylinder as well as rear- and four-wheel

Auto blog

Jay Leno out Nissan IDx Nismo, spiritual to classic Datsun 510

Mon, 10 Mar 19:59:00 EST

Jay Leno may not be spending his behind the Tonight Show anymore, but he’s clearly not rolling precious metal his garage, intent on putting it its paces after a thorough The latest machine to meet Jay on his turf is the Nissan IDx Nismo that we first saw at the Tokyo Show late last

Leno already has love for the Datsun 510, which a cameo in the video that see below, and he refers to the IDx as the spiritual to that car’s ethos driving fun in an affordable package. for us, while the IDx is a showcar first and it is indeed driveable, and Leno, takes his turn behind the

Nissan bringing ‘New Concept’ to Beijing Motor

Mon, 10 Mar 2014 14:00:00 EST

the 2014 Detroit Auto Nissan showed off its Sport Concept (pictured above), an creation meant to foreshadow the generation of the brand’s Four-Door Car, the Maxima. For the 2014 Motor Show, though, is going to deliver a Chinese on a future four-door, with the New Concept (imaginative name, we

Like the Nissan Friend-Me from the 2013 Shanghai Show, the NSC has been designed by Design China in Beijing. of that, information is in short Nissan claims this concept is targeted at the Chinese lifestyle.

Whether it serves as an of the Friend-Me’s swoopy design or a take on Nissan’s Detroit though, remains to be seen.

have the full slate of on the Nissan New Sedan Concept, with everything else happens at the 2014 Beijing Show, when the floor on April 23. Take a look for the official press release Nissan, which also a recap of previously debuted that will be shown at

Nissan to make 85% of the vehicles it here in US

Fri, 07 Mar 2014 EST

We could be in for a big push from in the manufacturing realm if Vice of US Sales and Marketing Fred has anything to say about it. Speaking to the Press Association recently, (above) expressed a desire to some 85 percent of the vehicles sells to Americans in the US, claiming it happen in the very near Nissan has already moved to exports of its US-built products, and in it built just over 76 of the models it sold in this within our country’s borders.

Any of us taking advantage of the value of the we want to dispel that, told reporters, pointing out the issue of currency manipulation. also the obvious goal of PR — Americans like made in America, and they companies that invest in Diaz is quick to point out Nissan had done just While a lot of people retrenched the recession], instead we leaned it and we continued investing and in fact over $5 billion in investments, a lot of production from Japan to the States and to Mexico, Diaz pointing out that Nissan has create 8,000 jobs its investments.

Nissan runs factories in the US, two in Tennessee and one in Mississippi. the three, production is up 22 percent, the overall exports from the have increased by 100,000 Diaz told reporters.

Nissan GT-R Nismo from $149,990* [w/videos]

Wed, 05 Mar 2014 15:20:00 EST

when they called the GT-R a supercar-slayer? You can drop the part, because the Japanese known as Godzilla has long grown from an ankle-biter at the heels of giants to a giant in its own And if that’s the case with the GT-R, it’s certainly the with the new GT-R Nismo.

the base price for the GT-R has the six-figure mark, the Nismo has just been priced ten shy of $150k. Factor in the $1,595 charge and you’re looking at a sticker price. That may like a lot for a Nissan, but bear in what you’re getting for all scrap: the GT-R Nismo’s twin-turbo V6 has been optimized to 600 horsepower and 481 pound-feet of torque to all wheels.

We’ve yet to see official stats, but considering that the GT-R hits 60 in 2.6 seconds 55 hp and 18 lb-ft less muscle, the version ought to teach a or two to exotic supercars costing or even ten times as much. check it out in the videos and press below.

2015 Nissan keeps its funky

Tue, 04 Mar 20:30:00 EST

The Nissan Juke is one of the polarizing vehicles on the road but that doesn’t mean it been a sales success, in Europe. Nissan is giving the the CUV its styling refresh at the Geneva Show. While the design will almost certainly be the mechanical changes are still of a mystery for the US market.

Nissan it clear in its press release that it covers only the model, and details about the American model are coming

The exterior changes put a focus on the Juke look a bit more and sporty. The lights on the fenders are now into a jagged point and echo the boomerang-shaped taillights. It features Nissan’s new, V-shaped chrome grille. The mirrors receive LED turn and the lower portion of the rear a simulated mesh grille to more aggressive. Other some new color schemes, the is basically unchanged.

However, the area has been reshaped to storage capacity by 40 percent to cubic feet (354

European buyers are getting a new DIG-T turbocharged engine 113 horsepower (115PS) and 140 pound-feet of (190Nm), and the 1.6 DIG-T also an increased compression ratio to 188 hp and is offered with either a manual or Nissan’s Xtronic The all-wheel-drive system has also upgraded with a torque system.

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge gets the of a GT-R [w/video]

Tue, 04 Mar 05:20:00 EST

There has been talk of an Infiniti using the GT-R powertrain practically the moment the Nissan’s flagship coupe hit the road. While the have gone back and over the years, they never completely gone It seems Infiniti is finally an ear to the screams of its most vocal with an updated version of the Q50 Eau concept boasting a modified of Godzilla’s engine and all-wheel system debuting at the 2014 Motor Show.

Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars

It’s taking things a step and granting it a new, seven-speed to replace the Nissan’s six-speed.

The evolution of the Eau Rouge packs the 3.8-liter, twin turbocharged V6 in the GT-R but with a unique of 560 horsepower and 443 pound-feet (600 of torque. That makes it 15 hp powerful than the standard GT-R but gives up 20 lb-ft of Power gets to the ground the GT-R’s all-wheel-drive system.

predicts that the Eau Rouge sprint to 60 miles per hour in than 4 seconds and on to a top speed of 180

According to Infiniti Communications Manager Kyle Bazemore in an to Autoblog, the modded GT-R was not the only choice for the Eau Rouge. It considered developing a high-power diesel and hybrid versions an electric supercharger. However, was the clear solution for this car, Bazemore said. than the drivetrain, the Eau Rouge in is identical to the one shown in Detroit. it is not confirmed for production; so we might not be the fabled Infiniti GT-R any time soon.

Still, we can

Check out Nissan’s clever Smart Rearview Mirror

28 Feb 2014 19:15:00 EST

Using in place of a car’s rearview has long been a feature of concept cars, although so it’s failed to translate the world of production vehicles. is looking to change that, with its new Smart Rearview

With a flick of a switch, can jump back and forth what they’d normally see the rearview mirror and the camera’s from the back of the car.

The Smart Rearview Mirror everything we know about reflective glass mirrors a video feed from the of the car into a form factor immediately recognizable to the average With a flick of a switch, can jump back and forth what they’d normally see the rearview mirror and the camera’s from the back of the car. The itself features an integrated LCD with a four-to-one aspect

2014 Nissan Juke RS priced from $26,120*

28 Feb 2014 17:46:00 EST

We’ll we’re quite excited the Nissan Juke Nismo RS, now that its price has been For $26,120, you can get the sharpest, sportiest outside of the over-caffeinated, 545-horsepower R.

That base price the cost of the Juke Nismo RS you want — the front-drive complete with six-speed Snagging an all-wheel-drive, CVT-equipped will cost an extra Those prices don’t an *$810 destination charge.

The Nismo RS boasts an extra 18 hp and 26 of torque over the 197-hp Nismo, thanks to things a new exhaust. The big, must-have though, are the Recaro thrones in the front of the RS. As we said when the hot debuted in LA last year, the alone may be worth upgrading to the RS

Nissan GT-R convertible in three flavors from NCE

28 Feb 2014 14:59:00 EST

Newport Engineering, the Southern California that can’t keep its top on, has on its website that it is now producing different droptop versions of the GT-R Convertible. It’s another page in its work high-end offerings like the new Rover and the Jaguar XJ. NCE owner Al tells Autoblog that the speedster came about a trip to Abu Dhabi, when of his that collectively owned ten said they wanted him to a convertible.

They didn’t to see pictures, though, They to touch it and see it, he said.

So he built a with a traditional, unadorned tonneau cover (the one in our gallery) and another with tonneau cover fitted roll hoops and a low-rise cowl (the blue When the clients saw it, They they wanted something glamorous, Zadeh said. So he up with the black version with a hard tonneau and can’t-miss-it cowling that, looks pretty good to us in color and with those

Clients satisfied, the order have opened for other owners around the world. The restrained version runs to build, the other two retail for and all of them require a donor and eight weeks to finish. facilities in SoCal, Europe and the East, you won’t even to send your Godzilla too far if this is the look you’ve it just has to have.

2016 Titan coming to 2015 Auto Show

The Titan has to sit in a corner of Nissan’s front taken out on occasion but largely the same way you see a project truck in a driveway that makes you Are they ever going to do with that? The fullsize made the news about six ago when reports surfaced the next generation would a Cummins diesel engine had originally been meant for then it returned to the shadows.

to a report from Edmunds, the will return to the spotlight in a year, with the unveil of the model planned for next Detroit Auto Show. with that oil-burner, it bring a gasoline V6 engine, a redesign and a regular cab configuration to give it a fighting chance the thick end of the light-duty truck Toyota gets pressed for the sales of the Tundra, but that entrant sold 7,890 in January and 10,988 in December Nissan sold 887 Titans in 1,284 in December 2013 and 2,400 US sales in a single just once in four (The segment-leading Ford for reference, sold 46,536 in January.)

An entry-level model and a cab option should give the a welcome and overdue sales Better power numbers and economy for the V8 would probably go a way, too. We expect to getting glimpses of its future this year.

Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars
Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars
Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars
Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars
Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars
Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars
Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars
Nissan Pathfinder Electric Cars


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