Opel Ampera test drive review release date price and spec 2014

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Opel Ampera test

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In between 100 % electric and some type of hybrid inner burning engines, GM the third way, incorporating the of both globes. In other crossed a highly effective engine with a small which he largely works as a in order to expand the autonomy. As as you state electric vehicles, the of freedom!

ONE HUNDRED km, 150 km, most of all of is debatable and depends primarily on conditions and the wish of the owner to financially.

Nissan Fallen Peugeot iOn Renault Fluence and the Zoe, evidently possess qualities, yet two major Defoe: and time packed battery hrs). Simply put, it s to them to go a little additional on a break, the holiday that not also talk. You say there are True, only their capacity is very limited, and are primarily to aid the internal burning Thankfully, GM performs monitor to fix the of the circle, making use of the advanced technology, which is foundeded on 2 design, called the Volt and

The initial concerns Chevrolet, others proudly wearing logo on the nose .

Besides the differences, and primarily on the appearance, nothing does not discriminate. And of appearances, why not claim that is not sacrificed feature, meanings both autos appear visually appealing to possible We suched as the much more whose face strongly like the Zafira minivan. The hatchback, with useful

All liquid and low nose scraping speed bump , done in to attain a document aerodynamics. the exemption of the opening for the fridge, the front cover, the Ampera is to the max all the holes . Also the alloy the main component, covered in plastic.

Overall, an eye-catcher, outsiders could only what hides in the breast.

analog instruments

Interior and Volta nothing special with the exemption of the control which is entirely numerical here. In fact, there are 2 color screens, where you can out a number of functions, both applications (vehicle speed, data from the pc, the state of the air ), and those connected to power and power flow. A lot more them later on, prior to a of specific interior.

In this respect, we should the uncommon design of the facility (hollow) with touch So are incorporated in to the really plastic, lacquered, which really not seem deluxe. I used all the other seems a bit economical, is barely a soft thin at the top of the valve.

The driver could not to the position of the tire (this is from the other residence as well as much less on the facet of the task. Racks and space, strong quantity, is Dramatically worse sensation passengers, imposing a separate here which the battery is in the of the letter T. Envisaged just 2 reasonably tight for an automobile of 4.5 m It is not suggested to be more than 1.8 m, the head is below the glass When shut, there is a of close contact Incidentally, are the two glass surfaces, however, the visibility back is far from

With a modest 310 liters for hundreds less than the in the area), it is evident that the seats and boot up a specific concept.

Fortunately, it can be increased by the rear seat, and access is At the bottom we found neatly charging cable and tire kit, of course not!

is it?

Like all electric cars, the always starts on the power ! The world of silence, knowing how to drivers. Waiting to hear the often pressed again the Power and off it! It is evident that a little time to get used to, but that everything goes clockwork. Automatic transmission is necessary to set the Drive mode too ergonomic and with little markings), regulates all other electronics.

On the screen, behind the was immediately apparent what of drive is engaged, all depending on the of the battery (lithium-ion, maximum of 16 kWh). If it is full, systematic motor draws energy it, as long as it remains about capacity.

At Opel and Chevrolet, to the autonomy of 40-80 km. We are sure it is really possible to cross 60 miles, which meets the of more than 80% of European In fact, this is the average that exceeds the daily to and from work, which that it is possible to drive the aid of a petrol engine.

At the same time, nothing is in driving dynamics, with 150 hp and of 370 Nm, available immediately, the Ampera strong acceleration. The driver is provoked the most of this of power, even when the does not have any need, has a negative effect on autonomy. It is desirable to comply with the from the screen in the form of balls, which also on its axis and moves up / down. As for the energy consumption is optimized, also refers to the internal engine.

This will be run when the battery level is not to the full, but in order to maintain a level.

Full capacity is only when connected to the grid. Without going complicated technical details, we out that there are actually two motors, the aforementioned 150 hp, which in driving the front wheels, and than 72 hp, which has the function of the / generator. Petrol 1.4, from Corse (86 hp), it is power, though it helps necessary.

A nightmare for mechanics

To things clearer, let s say that are four basic principles of First, the battery, at a lower only works when the electric motor (stronger). however, battery powered, but at speeds and when strong when the function of both motors. The third mode is a low when the necessary energy electric motors with combustion engine. When loaded, then lower only one electric motor power to the driven wheels.

The ie. Districts, in turn is related to the battery, but at the maximum load. On the the necessary enthusiasm provide electric engines, while in addition to sending them partly directly drives the

To make this more there are as many as three and lots of electronics. The problems I believe that it will at least a half-dozen top mechanic to them

Fortunately, we got the impression that works perfectly, although in the of extended autonomy, much unpleasant ride. Although the same performance, the noise by the petrol engine means annoys me. Cent of the work in an with high turažom thousand rpm), and does not directly on the foot pressure on the gas

Simply, I estimate the system the battery level dropped, and it is depending on driving conditions. that we have come a few kilometers of the highway without the to recharge the battery external source (mains), we can confirm the Ampera is capable pass miles without stopping. tank has a capacity of 35 liters, and the postrošnja gasoline is about 8 Opel says that the top is limited to 161 km / h, but we have recorded as as 169 km / h. Is achieved effortlessly, even the of the wind and rolling negligible.

speaking, the comfort is very and driving dynamics. Low center of and 200 kg of batteries, be sure to contribute, the fact that during driving feel great weight (1730 kg). criticism brakes, not because of efficiency, but because they are to be conveyed.

At low speed scraping as driving with completely tiles, and the braking force is too

A nightmare for mechanics

To make clearer, let s say that there are basic principles of operation. the battery, at a lower rate, works when the primary motor (stronger). Others, battery powered, but at higher and when strong acceleration, the function of both electric The third mode is a low battery, the necessary energy supplies motors with internal engine.

When lightly then lower speeds, one electric motor transmits to the driven wheels. The last, ie. in turn is related to running the but at the maximum load.

On the highway, the enthusiasm provide both engines, while gasoline, in to sending them electricity, directly drives the wheels. To this more feasible, are as many as three clutches and of electronics. The problems arise, I that it will take at a half-dozen top mechanic to remove

Fortunately, we got the impression that works perfectly, although in the of extended autonomy, much unpleasant ride. Although the same performance, the noise by the petrol engine means annoys me. Cent of the work in with 3-4 thousand rpm, and not directly depend on the pressure of the on the gas pedal.

Simply, I estimate the when the battery level and it is held, depending on driving Given that we have a few hundred kilometers of the highway the ability to recharge the battery power source (mains), we can that the Ampera is capable 400-500 miles without Fuel tank has a capacity of 35 and the average fuel consumption is 8 lit.

Opel says the top speed is limited to 161 km / h, but we have as much as 169 km / h. Is achieved effortlessly, the noise of the wind and rolling Globally speaking, the comfort is high, and driving dynamics. Low of gravity and 200 kg of batteries, be sure to despite the fact that dynamic driving feel vehicle weight (1730

Deserve criticism brakes, not of their efficiency, but because are hard to be conveyed. At low speed as when driving with worn tiles, and the braking is too strong.

Coda electric car

But the goal is not anyone a fossil fuel, but a necessary when it goes a long During the week of rehearsals, we were in the situation, we joined at 220 V (6 m length). To charge the battery to the to 4 to 4.5 hours, which goes by the tariff would cost 1.5 and 2 euros.

The first day we were surprised by the statement that it empty, and all because it was programmed to at night. The owner of the house arrival can instantly connect to the but charging is moving at will. in the cold winter mornings can be heating cabins, 10-15 before you will start to battery power (power from the outlet ).

Incidentally, air and heating is desirable to keep the eco , ie, it is wiser to include seat which spend less. time, the undersigned not be served a blanket, and a good old gasoline full, inspire confidence. about the consumption and time driving on batteries or internal engines, we followed closely on the screen. When used or less equally to both of energy, the average consumption of than 5 liters. Well, the has a lot to do, and even select how you will be

For example, without having to and charge the battery, should not one hundred kilometers, half of is on the open road. In this it is better to use an internal combustion in order to preserve the battery for driving. Besides being spending much less, the way gasoline engine in the optimum

This mode I often use (in called Maintenir keep ), and much less Montagne

The first acts as a turbo, and includes both electric work, while others battery. More specifically, in to preserve its carrying capacity, it choose 10-15 minutes you begin the ascent. So you can count on an of power required in these

In any case, when lowering or the reclaimed a certain amount of Every time you raise the off the accelerator, there is a strong much more when the lever is in position L, than in D (drive). The city, is slowing as it can almost drive without the brakes. And when we mentioned the a curiosity for, say Ampera has two standard for cars and discrete (on the next to the steering wheel), for

Entirely justified, because in a silent electric mode.


Although the Ampera and are not available in our market, it is almost that if they come, be cheaper than in the developed of the EU. Greener cars in France, he completed a test drive, a of 5,000 euros (100% even 7,000), but when it is the Ampera will cost 41 and 45,000 euros (driven Pack)! The Volt is slightly (38 500 euros) and there is one with a equipment package.

Too much for a obviously equipped with you need and do not need, but with a average finish.

So it is illusory to expect that one day of because in ten thousand, how much expensive than a prestigious in the C segment (diesel engine automatic transmission), it can be a dozen to make a circle around the Even if each day exceeds a miles, solely on battery yet they need long of exploitation, in order to be absorbed in the difference. Nevertheless, sales in especially in the USA, well on her

By the end of the year, but on the continent it was said 10,000 copies (amps and And to encourage potentially interested, and electric motors have warranty (or 160,000 km). to Opel, the maintenance should be cheaper than the regular because Voltec (the for a group of electrical, engine / does not require any maintenance.

Voted Car 2012. The Ampera is in ways a revolutionary car. does not mean that faults, moreover, there are a few.

If it should be specific, the first place even capacity batteries to electric increased to 80-100 km. This avoid the frequent use of the internal engine, which in turn be streamlined. One hundred three-cylinder from the horses at Ford, would be much more and more discreet, if not cleaner. that are likely to correct 2, because after we gathered it is certain that the concept survive.

But if GM wants to democratize it have to reduce the price to a level. Thus, the Ampera available only rare infected eco virus. Not in the USA, the Chevrolet Volt sells for 33,000 $, or 23,000 Euros!

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