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Vauxhall’s Ampera is a new kind of electric car that can also …

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Opel Ampera Electric Cars

Vauxhall’s Ampera is a new kind of car that can also fill up petrol at the pump. Confused?

21:00 GMT, 16 June | UPDATED: 21:01 GMT, 16 2012



you ever known someone for 20 only to discover you didn t know them at all?

happened to me the other night at a s birthday party.

I won t name him for of a backlash, but he s middle-aged, drives a and has scars all over his hands manual labour: the type of I thought was happiest with a gun in one hand and a mug of builder s in the other. Not around the room to boy band

The petrol engine chugs at a steady rate, no matter speed you’re doing. The thing is brilliant

Now I ve nothing boy bands. I m a bit of a Take That fan But it s a question of moderation.

A bit of Gary a bit of Springsteen, a bit of James Brown: s a balanced diet.

At my mate s track after hi-energy harmony disco track tumbling out of his iPod: 5ive, One The Wanted, Bieber. Worse, not did he know all the words but he had all the dance like a five-year-old would.

Oh my I thought as I sat with a beer in my what do I do? I ve been his mate for than 20 years and I m watching him his butch persona before my Was he drunk?

Was he ill? Was he having a midlife

I didn t know. But if it progressed to the tunes stage, I was going to to stage an intervention. I don t want to be at s 50th birthday and have to him act out the choreography of Starlight Express.

each to his own. It would be a world if none of us was allowed to his spots.

You might need to help you figure out the dashboard. of the knobs have been with a touch-screen

And that me to Vauxhall. Close your and think of the first Vauxhall you saw. Brown, wasn t it? a Chevette.

Or in my case, a cut-and-shut with brown velvet and no stereo: my first ever

Now look at this Ampera. You re me the company that made my made this? If so, they have had the same sort of transformation as my mate. But I m all for it.

The Ampera is the electric car I ve ever seen. It up at a petrol pump like any car, but while normal (including hybrids) give you 20 and 80 miles to the gallon, in the right the Ampera can give you 235.

s all you really need to know. But I ll you how they did it, because it s interesting.

In the the wheels aren t driven by a engine at all.

Opel Ampera Electric Cars

They re by electricity. The 1.4-litre petrol s only job is to generate that

Add a full tank and you can go hundreds of easily as far as any normal car

Sounds Actually it s how we should have building cars all along. are fewer moving parts electric propulsion, so less s wasted.

And the petrol engine along at a steady rate, no what speed you re doing, so s more efficient too. The thing is brilliant.

So what s it to drive? Well, like an car. That means is instant and very smooth, the force of a big-engined saloon but of the noise and no gear-changing pauses. been in an electric go-kart? It s that.

It doesn t handle like a though.

Lithium batteries are heavy. The weight s low down, is good for stability, but the laws of mean it s not much fun making it direction.

The brakes take getting used to: they re to regenerate charge and are over-eager to do it, jerks.

But the only real I had was the low front spoiler. Aerodynamics fuel, but I swear the Ampera s is lower than a Lamborghini s. I every speed bump on a to London.

On the plus side, the kit looks good. With mad boomerang light clusters, you won t be the Ampera for anything else.

s decent luggage and leg room, but the is two separate seats, so it s not ideal for big

You might need kids to you figure out the dashboard, though. of the knobs have been with a touch-screen.

Opel Ampera Electric Cars
Opel Ampera Electric Cars
Opel Ampera Electric Cars
Opel Ampera Electric Cars
Opel Ampera Electric Cars
Opel Ampera Electric Cars


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