Envia electric car domination by 2018 Hype or reality? Hybridcar

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PEUGEOT iOn – Electric Car 47kW Auto

Envia electric car domination by Hype or reality?

Leaf + = Plug-in revolution?

Will s new lithium-ion batteries change the industry?

At the end of last month Systems announced that its new silicon-carbon composite anodes and capacity layered manganese cathodes would drop battery prices to $180 with production beginning by Many in the plug-in community used this announcement to the plug-in revolution is here, was part of the intent of Envia to that mainstreaming EVs would be real.

But is this perfect optimism, or more hype reality?

After Envia s there was a great discussion on which included Envia s own Kapadia, which provided important insight into the vision for where this is going.

Atul immediately squashed of 300 mile EVs. Instead, he it would start with the 100 barrier, crossing to 150 miles, to 200 . According to Kapadia, range be capped at 200 miles for some

Besides, Kapadia s EV vision is a 150 BEV with a 30 mile reserve can achieve a full charge in 6 and a 30 mile charge in 20 minutes at a of about $28,000.

Such a Kapadia seems to believe, push EVs to outsell conventional by 2018.

Only with tax and probably not even then.

First, let s assume that is only referring to cars and not which make up 50 percent of US sales. Second, small don t drive US car sales. Large and car-based crossovers are much successful.

Third, up to 60 percent of have no access to offstreet Thus, to even achieve 50 of car sale s, and 25 percent of overall duty vehicle sales, be impressive, but still seems a

But do Envia s economics make sense to achieve even 25 share of new vehicle sales by

According to the government, the Nissan for instance, offers about a per year fuel savings compared to a Toyota Prius, a that can fill up anywhere, travel cross country, and would cost $4000 than Kapadia s $28,000 EV (Of I d bet that by 2018 Prius will also see a nice reduction based on recent forecasts and concepts). That it would take 8 years to the EV premium.

8 years will not get the job done. buying patterns and consumer demonstrate that quite

PEUGEOT iOn – Electric Car 47kW Auto

Plus, there are cars the Prius C, that also 50 mpg, and cost just And, again, based on the FT-Bh hybrid concept, Toyota hybrid costs are set to across Toyota s entire portfolio, and even cheaper-than-C cars are on deck. Even ICE engine-vehicles with start/stop, etc. and much cheaper prices might still great appeal.

What if gas continue to trend higher?

They probably will, but it s a fact that electricity are going to rise heading the future according to most regardless of whether EVs are added to the mix or So, unless gas prices skyrocket, I don t gasoline prices are going to be the maker between EVs and hybrids soon, especially when s new hybrids are natural gas friendly, for

There again, I know will claim that it be more efficient to use that gas to power turbines to create for EVs, and they re right, in But, I don t believe that be what consumers want, and gas electricity powered EV cars offer little help for the fuel economy problem in the place the truck-based segment. if infrastructure is needed to power with natural gas, gas hybrid cars also a ton of sense.

I m not trying to be anti-plug-in. I d love to see cars take over the segment, but I think the facts beyond any reasonable doubt a real game-changing plug-in is still a decade+ away just beginning, without changes in infrastructure and in consumer

Even worse, when you about the light duty segment coupled with the duty truck segment, with limited national parking and consumer behavior, it dangerous energy policy to be focused on plug-ins today. the theoretical numbers are a bit alluring, the world numbers fall short.

Electric cars and vehicles are obviously important technologies heading into the but it s going to take a lot more plug-in vehicles to get America s future under control, in the interim. Plug-ins provide eye candy and nice sounding sizzle, but they re just not yet meaty.

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PEUGEOT iOn – Electric Car 47kW Auto
PEUGEOT iOn – Electric Car 47kW Auto

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