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PEUGEOT 3008 HYbrid4 Active Semi-automatic 6-speed 5dr

Peugeot now on its marks: 308 MkII

may have finally rectified of poor performance in Europe s car sector with the all-new 308

Not before time: the corking 306 was a time ago. It was replaced the dreary 307 which itself was by what was essentially a heavy the 308 had a Golf-matching interior but was otherwise as compromised in packaging, looks and appeal.

Quite nice, as I out when I ran one as a long-termer. but with flaws. It was no VW Golf.

In ditching the semi-tall design theme, has instantly given the 308 a much shot at success. It boasts the pretty style cues as the and an all-new platform means inadequate rear space be a thing of the past.

Yes, first look, I like it. The is modern, the tech makeup promising and, joy of joy, it has instrument dial intrigue in its rev counter.

More significantly as discussed on Twitter. it becomes the modern Peugeot to carry the new naming policy. There no longer be sequential numbering for new lines: instead, the brand stick to the same 08 names for its cars across generations.

does this mean? Peugeot now follows that famous family hatch of the Golf, and becomes a mark car . is the MkII 308.

 In four time, it may be talked about in the way a MkII Golf is. The MkVIII 308 may use it as a benchmark in its battle against the Golf.

Mark two 308 marks a for Peugeot, initiated mainly it had run out of numbers, but also hopefully it s now focused on consistency. No more sectors and going from 305 to No more binning everything made the 306 such a hit in replacing it the 307.

What s made the Golf a lasting icon? Why, Not revolution. Peugeot, this is chance to build that.

On marks

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3008 HYbrid4 Peugeot has the world s first diesel-electric despite the world telling us it can t.

car ads give the game away I to run a Peugeot 308 as a long-termer. Fine it was. Interior.

Diesel Peugeot sub-130g/km CO2 win Peugeot has sub-130g/km status this That ll please European who say European car.

Oil be: it s back Golf GTD is an inspired bit of engineering. one Golf GTI. Remove

Volkswagen Golf dials in speed

Slightly optimistic, the official top speed is 118mph. It would have earned me top in the ‘who’s dad has the fastest car’ though.

But now, look at the GTI dial set. Same same layout, same – but, lo: the speedo’s sporting a scale, with slightly numbers. That’s because it up to 180mph, befitting the GTI’s potency.

There’s more, The Golf R is obviously different, to its gorgeous blue needles. something else, though?

the speedo scale is even condensed – because it reads up to a 200mph.

The story of progressively Golfs, in a family of three packs. And it’s not a precedent setting here with the 6, ether: it’s always different scales for Golfs of potency.

The Golf 2, for instance, with a 120mph speedo as standard. In the GTI 8v, it crept up to 140mph. And the Mk2 16v? You’ve got it – 160mph was its

In a way, then, the Golf is, in the dial stakes, taking up the 16v Golf 2 left off.

neatly tying up it all? thanks to a Mk2 160mph conversion that sports a 6 R-style blue floodlight

VW details: see why there’s such a following?

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VW details clearly delight

the little details that car delight in, and there are few family more packed with than the Volkswagen Golf.

I may ) have mentioned I rate my Golf Bluemotion highly. not to, I so willingly sing from the Not when it’s packed details like this…

a cooking eco Golf, it comes climate control. Instead, stratification is entirely manual. I knobs and press buttons, than press buttons and let automatically do the hard work.

not quite. See, I’m not the biggest fan of air con. It dries the air and wastes – neither of which is ideal for Nivea-loving green geek .

air con does, however, help condensation more quickly. stuff in the wintertime, particularly using de-icer on the outside you know spraying it to clear one actually increases condensation on the

So, for those unaware of this, and to life easier for those who do, is a detail to delight in. Running a/c off . Turning the stratification dial to windscreen automatically turns the a/c on . it away again? It goes

Utter genius.

Yes, it incredibly minor, but it’s like this that just how delightfully well out the Golf actually is. See this in and you have absolute confidence in the of the seats, the profile of the torque and the weighting of the clutch pedal. all been poured over, perfected, over 6 generations.

The Golf isn’t the only car enjoyed such a long and lineage, of course. But it is an example of a car benefited, not suffered, because of it. has used the gathered intelligence to each subsequent one better, than rest on its laurels and the same old/same old.

A may apparently be a Golf, no matter its generation, but each one still plenty to please the geeks. car fans will appreciate it for their fetish on a higher It’s details like that Volkswagen must lose.

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VW Bluemotion: Golf GTI for eco greens? GTI have usually been The That Rule for we real(ish)-world Give me.

Volkswagen Golf in extra speed The Volkswagen Bluemotion has a speedometer that up to 160mph. Slightly optimistic,

Details: Audi A6 Avant God is in the and creating those details thousands in the automotive industry.

Why the GTI DSG is top gear

Golf GTI fans, week I have been the latest 210PS Golf 6

And where have I been most of my time in it? Why, around town, of course, moderately from 0-40mph.

not yet another example of me taking of my senses (I hope). Rather, because this GTI is fitted the mighty DSG gearbox. Technology I’m with, every time I it.

Quite something for a self-confessed (and a man who has had a screensaver of a Honda gearlever), this. It’s unlike regular slushyboxes, DSG the car enthusiast.

Particularly in town. Listening to the note flash in an instant each gearchange is something I never tire of.

Also, ratio selection ping is felt; no jolt, no hiccup, The sense of classic Germanic (as also heard in, say, the of a MkI Golf GTI) is all-encompassing.

better, use  a bit more Don’t boot it, but keep it a bit then, back pressure in the exhausts and there’s the most snap-woofle from the pipes at change. Wonderful.

(Yet reason to choose a 5-door incidentally: you can crack the rear and enjoy this inside.)

I it’s not a sign of age, my Golf GTI (5dr) thus DSG over manual. Hey – you’re not missing out on a racy gearlever, as the stick is easily a match for a

No, the Golf GTI has always been all-roundedness. DSG, for me, simply that, rather than from it, by using technology to effect and adding yet more to the considerable talents.

Agree or Feed your thoughts in

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Volkswagen Golf looks to for GTD inspiration How cool is this? The GTD. Like a GTI. But and eco, too.

VW Golf clearly delight It’s the details that car geeks in, and there are few family hatchbacks.

R dials cool blue VOLKSWAGEN made our jaws in the 90s with its blue and red dials.

VW Golf Bluemotion: Golf GTI for eco

Golf GTI have usually The Supercars That Rule for we folk.

Give me a mint Mk2 and I do anything for you. I cherish/ Mk1 sightings, would love a Mk6 and browse Autotrader for cheap .

OK, the Mk4 wasn t ace, but still because of its interior/steering wheel/wheels. I m obsessed, I even see the merit in the Mk3 metallic green, please).

But I m a bit of an eco nut. An mpg obsessive. (Incidentally, I my Mk2 for this: it was my first car to have a computer.)

Although the Mk6 does and emits 170g/km CO2, s still too high for an everyday like me. What to do?

Well, has a solution. Create a new sub-brand, it with GTI-style marketing make it desirable and wantable in its own and continually develop and hone it as you go

Golf Bluemotion. The Golf GTI for

Bluemotion is exactly that. it is the longest running eco sub-brand joined by SEAT Ecomotive, Econetic, Vauxhall ecoFlex you get the Like GTI, VW invented it as an challenge-fest.

How eco, you imagine the musing, can we make a standard hatchback? Without hybrids, engines or special techniquery

The Polo Bluemotion was the first, followed by the Mk1 Golf Bluemotion Now, we re on the Mk2 Golf Bluemotion, on the Mk6 (with me?). It is this car I m as a long-termer .

It is this car that admiring glances thanks to its suspension, its body styling tweaks, its characteristic Bluemotion paint.

Those in the know the badge on the grille, situated in the position as many a GTI moniker. ll admire the wheels, but also be to reel off the stats: 99g/km 74.3mpg. Up (and down!) the 62.8mpg and 119g/km of the Mk1Mk5, you And it uses the EA111 1.6 TDI instead of the 1.9 TDI.

And it s still mated to the 02J gearbox. And etc

All of is GTI-style: the same things attract there also here. That s the beauty, A GTI uses efficiency to hone s there and create more

The Bluemotion does the same, but to more mpg.

It s just the route to both lowered bespoke body and a new That presses the same buttons for car who like their supercars hot sized.

In the future, then, the Bluemotion become The Supercar Rules? There s a thought. partly, it already does

I but one worry. Will this the Bluemotion badge is to be nicked off my as it was on the GTI?

+ BMW, you cheeky you

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Eco car sub-brands: the full list cars and eco sub-brands have to be a staple of any manufacturer these days. .


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