Peugeot 3008 do Brasil Surprising and Delighting Its Customers …

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PEUGEOT 3008 Electric Cars

Peugeot 3008 do Brasil: Surprising and Delighting Its Customers

Peugeot has been all downhill recently in Brazil. Despite a relatively good showing in the São Paulo Car Show. its Brazilians offerings have been nothing to write home about. Having carved out a solid sixth place slot in sales (and sometimes threatening Renault’s fifth place) when it first got to Brazil, it has been recently surpassed by the likes of Toyota, Honda and even Hyundai.

However, with the all-new (for Brazil) 3008, which was launched in Europe in 2009, Peugeot is asking its Brazilians customers: Are you ready to give up your false-jeep pretensions and give a more minivan-looking crossover a chance?

First surprise is the price. Yes, crazy as always for international standards, but by local ones quite good. You get a lot of content for the R$79,000 (at R$1.8=US$1, US$43,889) Peugeot hopes customers will pay (that, and all numbers in the article courtesy of Brazilian car enthusiast site Bestcars ). To move them to part with their cash, Peugeot has been really careful and crafty.

Inside you’ll find not only good space, but a tasteful and thoughtful finish and layout. The instruments even have a little sporting vibe going on. Maybe this has something to do with this car (unfortunately) not being of Brazilian construction. It comes from France and considering the 35 percent importation tax Brazil punishes it with, the price is even more surprising. Of course though, Peugeot knows that this is a very steep price for most Brazilians.

It expects sales of 200 a month. If Brazilians would give up their SUV love affair for a while, I’d wager that that number could be a tad higher.

On the outside is another surprise. I’ve seen the cars in pictures and it had won no love from me. In person, however, it works. Could be I’m just tired of SUV macho/monster car looks, but this car doesn’t hide its minivan-ness.

Of course, Peugeot has beefed it up a little bit, as is de rigueur nowadays, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi . Suffice to say, I like it and its quite different both from the SUVs (Honda CR-V, Hyundai ix35) and minivans (Kia Carens, Citroën C4 Picasso) Peugeot says the 3008 will wrangle against in the Brazilian market. Another thing helping it is that it is quite compact (4.36 m long or 14.3ft.), but it’s rather wide (at 1.83m or 6ft.) and has a good wheelbase (2.61m or 8.56ft.). I have a feeling even most of our corn-fed American friends would find it surprisingly comfy and roomy.

Being a minivan also helps in other areas. It has a surprisingly good frontal aerodynamic coefficient (0.296), which helps the engine achieve good numbers, both in terms of economy and performance. Speaking of the engine, that’s one of the best surprises. It has just 1.6L, but it has a turbo, so it’s good for 156hp.

Not only that, but maximum torque (24.5 m.kgf or 177.21 pound-force feet) is available at just 1,400rpm (very near idle) making it fast off the line. Of course, due to the “low” displacement, there are no miracles. You have to step on it to get its best performance (and then the economic side slowly, but surely goes down the drain). But that’s the beauty of the downsizing movement so in vogue in Europe.

It can be quite economic when puttering about, but it has the oomph when you call for it. 0-100m (0-62.5 miles) is over in 9.5 seconds and maximum speed is limited at 202km/h (126.25 mph). Showing its efficiency and (ear) comfort at 120 km/h (75 mph), the engine is revolving just 2,600 times per minute. Sadly, Peugeot was not forthcoming as to consumption numbers.


Like I said, this van will surprise and delight Brazilians, who have been showing clear signs that they’re tiring of the very low content-feature in the “local” cars (though it seems the so-called domestic makers are ignoring this, to their peril). Fire it up and a little plastic thingy comes up behind the wheel. On it, some extra information. Like GM’s head-up display but different due to it not being on the windshield. No doubt, Peugeot customers will praise it for this practical solution should a rock come cracking across their path.

Such a large windshield will no doubt fetch a very high price in the replacement market. Imagine if it also had all the extra complications of a head-up display… Another thing that’ll surprise and confuse Brazilians is the absence of a hand brake. It’s all done electronically.

The trunk is also clever. It opens up two ways. It also has a parcel shelf that can be put at different height in the trunk.

PEUGEOT 3008 Electric Cars

Such things are not common in Brazilian cars and while some might call them gimmicky, I’m sure most will just let themselves be pleased.

Also surprising is that Peugeot decided to not only to bless this car with their little and most recent 1.6 mill, but they also decided to grace their car with their most modern 6-speed auto with sequential mode. In 4-speed guise, their Porsche supplied previous automatic was always a chore. The new one seems better sorted out and those who buy the car will have bragging rights.

AFAIK, in this price segment, no other car has so many cogs.

Finally, the ride. Peugeot also has some nifty little tricks up their sleeves to surprise and delight. Though the suspension seems conventional with its run-of-the-mill torsion beam in the back, it comes with a, well, twist.

Peugeot calls it the Rolling Dynamic Control. It uses a central hydraulic connection module between the back shock absorbers. It contains a “floating” piston and a compensation chamber that behaves as if the car had a third absorber (allowing hydraulic transference between the conventional absorbers) as the body rolls between curves. This means the car is very well behaved. Surprisingly and I’d say delightfully so.

Of course, Peugeot has all the rest of the suspension well-sorted out in that typical Gallic fashion. Therefore, the car goes down the road with the aplomb and authority only those who enjoy French cars know. It’s not a sport car though.

Push it too hard and it’ll push back (and show its rather porky 1,660kg – or 3,660 lbs.), but driven as a family-oriented people mover, it won’t disappoint.

All in all, by bringing to Brazil some of its most modern technologies (and showing how dated the “domestic” Peugeot cars are), Peugeot once again gains a spot in the enthusiast’s heart. Even though it’s only for those with some wherewithal (and most probably a family!).

PEUGEOT 3008 Electric Cars
PEUGEOT 3008 Electric Cars
PEUGEOT 3008 Electric Cars
PEUGEOT 3008 Electric Cars

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