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The Porsche Cayenne line of – which at first mortified purists when launched in – has turned out to be the automaker’s most and the Cayenne S Hybrid introduced in has a rightful place among

Now in its second generation since a model year makeover, it forward into 2013 no significant changes except for a few new and buttons for the door locks on the The supercharged six-cylinder Cayenne S is a full hybrid, but it’s toward performance, being quicker and faster than of its siblings, though certainly not the top dog by any

It is also not the most fuel That distinction belongs to the Cayenne Diesel which it out by a couple mpg, and at a lower than the Hybrid’s $69,850 Actually, the base Cayenne starts at $48,850 is EPA rated a couple mpg less than the

So, some may ask, why bother the hybrid for $21,000 more?

in short, the Cayenne S Hybrid up more power than the or base model while squeaking by with respectable on the EPA cycle. And the Hybrid moniker let a buyer know those ponies are pollution-free, so it s a small for the environment and potential facilitator of fuzzy feelings.

Aside from that, hybrid is one flat-out nicely and equipped on- and off-road capable and it is a Porsche.


As mentioned, shapely five-seater is designed for and to achieve it, the Cayenne S Hybrid use of a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 with fuel injection. Its 333 horsepower is enough to let the nearly 5,000-pound giddyup and go, but extra oomph is by a torquey 47-horsepower electric Combined system power is at 380 horsepower at 5,500 rpm, and 428 torque at just 1,000

Output per liter for the hybrid is compared to 83.2 for the V8 Cayenne S, and for the V8 Cayenne GTS.

The vehicle’s battery pack consists of a nickel-metal hydride system away under the rear

Premium unleaded fuel is

Another deviation from the gelded efforts of other makers is the Cayenne S Hybrid use of not a CVT transmission, but an eight-speed Tiptronic S and all-wheel-drive. Power is biased 58 to the rear during normal If a wheel loses grip, the directs torque to the axle the most traction.

The transmission is efficient, allows rapid changes, and is smooth and refined. and eighth gears are both made possible by the wide spread and reducing fuel during steady-state cruising. For acceleration, the eight-speed Tiptronic S launches from rest in gear.

The system also what Porsche engineers to as “sailing,” whereby the computer decouple the engine at highway – where low power is required – and let the motor alone drive the

With a battery much than an electric vehicle or hybrid, this can only be for up to 1.2 miles. The max speed of this is a not insubstantial 86 mph. The SUV’s kinetic energy, decent coefficient of drag and efficient contribute to this sailing

Cayenne S Hybrid Electric

Performance figures from are 0-60 in 6.1 seconds and top speed of mph. Despite having power per liter, the V8-powerd S and GTS do out-sprint the hybrid with times of 5.6 and 5.4 seconds respectively, and top of 160.4 mph and 162 mph respectively

If you’re curious, the more Cayenne Diesel does up some ultimate performance to the in exchange for the unique pros and offered by the diesel proposition. rated at 245 horsepower, 406 pounds-feet and its 0-60 time is rated at 7.2 and top speed is 135 mph.

Suspension, Wheels

The front suspension is a design and thus fully In back, a fully independent design is employed.

The SUV’s circle is 39.1 feet and ratio varies form to 13.1:1.

Braking duties – for the which naturally utilizes ABS and a system – are performed by six-piston aluminum fixed front and four=piston monobloc aluminum in the rear. Rotors are 14.17 internally vented. The calipers are silver.

Wheels are 8.0J X 18 shod with 255/55 R 18


The vehicle is as much a wagon as it is an SUV. Bi-xenon lead the way into sculpted and features. Hybrid badges do the car, but it’s otherwise its siblings in its muscular design the new direction Porsche has found to be so

Porsche Cayenne Electric Cars

In short, it has the Porsche badge and in a family friendly package far practical than one of the two-seaters the made its name with.

the fit and finish are impeccable. Comfortable seats position occupants a functional instrument layout and There are a lot of buttons and switches so there will be a learning

On the Road

Don’t expect to the Cayenne S Hybrid to a track day and embarrass a well-driven 911, but the is no slouch.

If you already figured much just by the emphasis on the you’d be correct.

It’s a vehicle though, with a weight of 4,938 pounds to Porsche, but the prodigious gas-electric lets you forget this is any of concession to environmentalism, with acceleration on tap from nearly any or extra-legal speed. It can also tow pounds by the way, so this is a Porsche truck, if an athletic

Its all-wheel drive system variable torque distribution the rear wheels to enhance dynamics, and it s an all-round performer of detouring up a fire road too – take it easy with rocks under your or you ll scratch the pretty thing.

Naturally, it does well in weather also, so it s the perfect car/kid hauler/grocery getter/and enhancer all in one.

Its big multi-piston too are up to the task of reversing the rate of at a strong clip making for a package worthy of the Porsche – with all apologies due to any disagreeing


This is a luxury proposition, so an extra $11,000 or there is not a lot in the world of Porsche.

other vehicles the regular line competes against are the BMW X5 and X6, Rover, and Mercedes-Benz ML models.

EPA numbers that variants of gas or diesel SUVs offer – and own subjective list of wants, and dislikes that only you can – some of them may be contenders. So the has competition even before actual hybrid alternatives the $20,000 less Lexus RX – which beats the Porsche in the EPA mpg but is not the speedmeister the Porsche is.

Yes, the S Hybrid is certainly not the most friendly option made, but present a unique value and Porsche would contend is more than greenwashing.

Indeed the company has raided its to compile new marketing materials the world of its electrified offerings back to the early years of the century. Its top-of-the-range 918 Spyder is a plug-in hybrid, and Porsche is it is serious about electrification, hybrids like the Cayenne within range of mere middle class wallets.

For info, you can refer also to our overview of the same basic or visit Porsche.com .

Porsche Cayenne Electric Cars
Porsche Cayenne Electric Cars
Porsche Cayenne Electric Cars
Porsche Cayenne Electric Cars
Porsche Cayenne Electric Cars
Porsche Cayenne Electric Cars
Porsche Cayenne Electric Cars


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