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Fast and Cheap: Mark Emon s 100% Electric Porsche

Mark Emon’s electric Porsche proves Conversions are the cheaper option.

Mark Emon, owner of St. Michaels Winery, found out the last weekend in September that he had placed fifth in a competition of plans to convert a standard gasoline-powered car to electric power.

Emon s proposal was to convert a 1973 Porsche 914 to electric power, and he had hopes of winning the contest and taking home the prize $20,000 worth of parts to finish the project.

Out of 955 I finished fifth, Emon said recently in a telephone conversation. Unfortunately, it was a winner-take-all contest.

The contest was sponsored by EVTV (Electric Vehicle Television) Motor Verks, and the winner was decided by votes cast on a website. The prize winner was announced Sept. 24 at EVCCON, a conference at Cape Girardeau, Mo.

It was a great thing, Emon said. It was the first-ever vehicle conversion conference in the world.

The conference drew people from all over the planet, Emon said, mentioning attendees from Portugal, the Netherlands and four or five from New Zealand. People bought converted cars from all over the country, he said. It was a fantastic event.

The conference also featured cars that had been converted. They had all the cars outside, Emon said. They had a drag strip and a Formula One course with all the turns. Everybody competed.

It was all these people with the same notion in the same place. Like minds were sharing what worked and what didn t.

While Emon has been interested in electric vehicles for a few years he has an electric scooter and an electric forklift at the winery this is his first attempt at building an electric car. He said he bought the Porsche with the explicit purpose of converting it to electric power.

The project was delayed by more than a year, though, because Emon was having so much fun driving (the car) around with its original internal combustion engine. In fact, the car actually decided for itself when it was time to get moving on the conversion the engine died and burst into flames last spring, a result of dry rotting in the 38-year-old fuel line, Emon said.

One of the advantages of building an electric car individually, Emon said, is the vehicles become much more affordable in the $30,000 range as opposed to the $100,000 range of big-name electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors. Emon didn t even consider the electric models recently unveiled by Chevy and Nissan as options, calling them lame.

Tesla is the only company you can really buy from, and they re expensive, he said.

While a grassroots movement toward electric cars seems to be catching on, a few things are lacking, Emon said, namely educational programs and infrastructure.

Emon has plans to address both those deficiencies, though, by working with Calhoon Marine Engineers Beneficial Association to develop an intensive certificate course on building electric cars and encouraging businesses to establish charging stations by creating a phone app that maps the stations.

Within the app, Emon plans to designate the different tiers of charging stations, branding them sipping, drinking and gulping stations. Sipping stations would be basic electrical outlets that charge the vehicles, but not quickly; drinking stations would be the current standard electric vehicle charging stations, like the one at St. Michaels Winery; and gulping stations would be the next wave of charging stations, charging vehicles much more quickly, but needing a lot of power to do so.

I can see this being a national thing, Emon said of the app, which not only would allow business owners to post charging stations by taking a photo but let electric vehicle owners easily find a station within a certain radius.

Until more strides are made with charging stations, Emon said, sipping stations are going to be heavily relied upon, which many towns, including St. Michaels, have already installed on the streets for lighting purposes.

You can t swing a stick without an outlet anymore, he said.

Meanwhile, the educational course also would be marketed nationally, and would target those who want to build a car independently, as well as those thinking of entering into commercial production, Emon said.

I would think there would be people who would want to take this leap, he said. If they re laying out $30,000, why not spend another $1,000 to take a course and build with confidence? You might easily save by just not damaging anything; those parts are expensive.

Emon said he hopes he ll be through converting the Porsche within a few months. He has the gasoline motor out of the car and the electric in, and the latest part of the job involved dumping the aluminum diamond plate pattern battery box and making a fiberglass one, instead. The battery box is a big part of the process. Every square inch of the car has been crammed with batteries, he said.

The new version of the car will feature 24 battery cells in the engine compartment, 12 in the rear trunk and another 24 in the front trunck a total of 60.

The aluminum diamond plate was just too close to the major electric connection to the motor, he said. Instead of cutting in a piece of rubber insulation, he said, he decided to remake the battery box out of fiberglass, which is much lighter.

The main focus of anybody who messes with cars and electricity is safety, he said.

Emon said he was looking forward to the end of the conversion project, so he could be an evangelist for the cause of electric cars.

Would being an evangelist include letting other people drive the car?

Oh hell, yeah, he said. This Porsche I m converting will be dramatically better than the gasoline car in performance and efficiency.

The difference between the gasoline and electric engines could be the main selling point for the electric version. You have to understand that an electric motors have 100 percent torque from the first revolution, he said. You have to gradually over a half-second or so apply the pressure.

Emon had to replace the flywheel clutch assembly on the car, using instead a stage 2 racing clutch, to handle the increase in torque.

That 100 percent torque will attract people, he said.

It s not the green part that will make people want these cars, he said. It s the mean part.

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