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BMW i3 � Electric Car 127kW Auto

BMW i3 Reviews

Review by Williams, Roger

The planet, and with that the sector of private freedom, is in a state-of economical, environmental and societal turmoil. Global developments including climate-change, growing urbanisation and dwindling resources call for new options. BMW i is finding these answers.

The brand means inspiring style, airy car ideas plus a fresh comprehension of premium that s firmly defined by sustainability.

In the BMW i3 — the first show-created version by BMW I — zeroemission mobility in a superior auto bundle proves to become a recipe for pure driving enjoyment. The first BMW Group version operating on electric power only offers customers absolutely new and groundbreaking methods to experience driving connectivity, sustainability and enjoyment on town streets. The visionary composition of the BMW i3 showcases both BMW s accustomed athletic capacity and also the efficiency of the fourseater with bona fide clarity. Its advanced car concept, including a passenger compartment made from carbonfibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP), unites lightness, solidity and security with amazing spaciousness.

Meanwhile, the driver support systems and mobility services from the 360deg ELECTRICAL services and BMW Joined Drive — all created especially for BMW I — change zeroemission urban mobility into a convincing daily driving experience.

Its instantaneous energy flows to the rear wheels via a transmission. The motor sources its electricity from lithiumion storage cells incorporated into the auto s under-floor area. The considerably lower centre of gravity of the i3 — the consequence of the reduced, central positioning of the battery models — as well as weight distribution make another contribution to the auto s agile handling.

Inside BMW s i3: Bigger (and Lighter) Than It Looks

BMW i: a fresh brand, a fresh comprehension of premium.

Already a worldwide successful maker of premium vehicles, the BMW Group can be set to play a groundbreaking and leading role in shaping the face of private freedom later on. Within job i has laid the foundations for sustainable mobility options affected by economical, environmental and social change throughout the world the research and development work completed since 2007. The BMW Group is pursuing an integrated strategy, as embodied by the new BMW I manufacturer, in its push to reach the international freedom demands of the future and also the crucial balance between personal needs.

BMW I is dedicated to creating advanced vehicles and mobility solutions using a superior nature that s defined directly when it comes to sustainability.

The BMW i3 is the planet s first superior auto created from the bottom up-to be driven by an electrical drive system. The end outcome is hallmark BMW driving enjoyment, provided with zero-emissions and an intensity unmatched by any electrically-powered car.

Using light-weight, durable and crashsafe CFRP with this scale is exceptional in volume vehicle manufacturing. And because of its weightreducing properties, the BMW i3 isn t any heavier-than a vehicle with complete fuel tank and a normal drive system.

As an expression of sustainability, initiation and agility visionary style.

The BMW eDrive drive technologies and structure enable a great level of independence when it comes to layout. Indeed, the look of the BMW i3 is as unforgettable as the sensation of space and driving experience aboard. A body measuring 3,999 millimetres in size, 1,775 mm broad and 1,578 mm in height provides BMW i3 distinguishing proportions whose dynamism and compactness underline the auto s agility in city use.

The short overhangs of the BMW i3 will also be an obvious pointer to the nimble driving features. Big glass surfaces imbue the i3 with a convincing lightness and, together with its observable carbon structures, supply a window to the auto s lowweight design.

Using the light yet extremely rigid materials CFRP in the building of the passenger compartment enables it to dispense with B-pillars, creating use of both rows of seats extremely simple. Among the trademark attributes of BMW i designs is their black belt, which extends from the bonnet on the roof and into the back of the auto.

The similarly U-shaped LED rear lights are incorporated as floating elements to the big, fully glazed tailgate.

Opposing coach doors, along with the lack of B-pillars and the center tunnel generally seen in normal vehicles, form the foundation for the extraordinarily high amount of spaciousness and freedom of movement within the BMW i3 (given its compact exterior dimensions). The surface sculpting and lines of the door and cockpit trim accentuate the impression of lightness and modern functionality.

The BMW i3 is fitted with light-weight seats featuring exceptionally slender back-rests. A slightly elevated seating location optimises the driver s view over city traffic. The gear selector and start/stop switch reveal a handle component projecting from the steering column.

The instrument cluster along with the iDrive operating system s Control Show (6.5 inch or 8.8 inch) are available in freestanding screen type.

The BMW i3 may be ordered with outdoor paintwork in either four metallic colors and two nonmetallic, that present an eyecatching comparison to the black belt. The inside could be customized to the client s personal style with all the Attic, Lodge and Suite gear lines available as options to the conventional Atelier trimming. Standard products for the BMW i3 contains the Radio Expert and system, phone handsfree facility, ac, Park Distance Control with back — mounted sensors, standing climate control plus a varying luggage compartment.

Also common are on-board connectivity via substantial Smart-phone integration and a built-in SIM-CARD via Bluetooth and USB, like the BMW i Remote Application. Additional options include a range of Adaptive LED Headlights, systems, an electrically operated glass roof, automatic climate-control, heated seats, Comfort Access plus a number of BMW ConnectedDrive attributes.

Also available as choices are a range-extender and driver support systems including Driving Parking Assistant, Assistant Plus, a rear-view camera and Speed Limit Data.

BMW i3 Coupe Concept

LifeDrive design and BMW eDrive: dedication to electrical driving enjoyment.

The familiar feeling of driving enjoyment embodied by the BMW i3 is the consequence of the rigorously enforced general theory, element of that has involved producing the ideal balance of operation, weight and range for urban mobility. The essential components here are BMW eDrive technologies and the LifeDrive design. Using light-weight CFRP for the passenger cell cancels out the additional weight contributed by the lithiumion battery, whilst the low, essential placing of the battery power improves the auto s agility because of perfectly balanced 50: 50 weight distribution.

In Addition, the electric motor mounted near the driven rear-axle provides unique performance features for this particular kind of drive system in addition to supplying unbeatable grip. 20-inch light-alloy wheels can be ordered by customers as an alternative.

The instantaneous energy delivery of the electric motor, allied to the auto s stiff suspension setup, precise direction and impressively little turning circle (9.86 metres), creates an usually BMW undertake electric mobility. The motor weighs only 50 kilograms and boasts responsiveness and electricity density unprecedented in the field of electrical mobility. The particular building of the hybrid synchronous electric motor, created just for the BMW i3, keeps a linear flow of electricity to the higher reaches of the rev range.

The singlepedal control theory within the BMW i3 — configured from the BMW Group s push program development engineers — also plays a part in the participating driving experience. The electric motor switches from push to generator mode, feeding electricity to the battery. This convalescence is speedsensitive, which suggests the auto coasts with maximum effectiveness at high speeds and creates a powerful braking effect at low speeds.

This function is mounted immediately next to the electric motor over the back axle and done with a 650cc twocylinder petrol-engine building 25 kW / 34 hp.

Optimum security: protection in all scenarios. The horizontally split LifeDrive structure, comprising two different, independent modules, is similar in theory to a bodyon-frame layout. Whilst the aluminium Drive module — the chassis — supplies the vehicle s durable base, and features the battery, the drive system and also the fundamental structural and crash capabilities, living module consists chiefly of the highstrength, ultralightweight CFRP passenger mobile.

The highstrength passenger cell, along with smart distribution and absorption of impact forces, provide standards of occupant safety. Even in a 64 km/h (40 miles per hour) cancel frontal impact, the exceptionally rigid material of the passenger cell guarantees the occupant survival space isn t compromised, while aluminum crash structures within the front and backside of the Drive module provide added protection. Consequently, deformation of the human body within an impact is really less than for a similar sheetsteel body. In a post impact and side impact, the CFRP body exhibits special energyabsorbing capacities.

Regardless of the high-impact forces and also the reality which they re concentrated in comparatively small areas, the material endures only small deformation. Optimal protection is provided by these outstanding qualities not just for passengers but also for the battery. Within the side-impact test, post penetration doesn t go in terms of the battery.

The planet s first completely networked electrically powered auto, thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive.

The BMW i3 is the planet s first completely networked electrically powered automobile. No other version boasts such farreaching exchange of information between the vehicle, its driver and also the external world. For instance, it introduces navigation services specially-developed to improve electrical freedom alongside familiar features like the Smart Emergency Call perform and also the Concierge Services info facility.

Furthermore, motorists may utilize the BMW i3 Remote application to share information by using their car at any given time using their smart phone. The intention of the intelligent networking would be to allow optimum driving enjoyment in a vehicle emitting zero local emissions.

The BMW ConnectedDrive services especially developed for BMW i concentrate in the fields of energy and navigation management. The Number Assistant is employed both for course planning and during journeys currently under way. A listing of accessible stations within the place is shown, when the motorist must charge the battery in a public charging station. All the variables affecting range are believed to be within the computation procedure, which is performed over a BMW server and delivered to the navigation system through the SIM-CARD installed within the automobile.

The number readout, offered in the shape of the spidergram in the map in the central information screen, is exceptionally obvious.

2014 / 2013 BMW i3 / Erfahrungen der Probefahrt / Fahrbericht / Test

The linkup between vehicle and driver also enters a brand new dimension within the BMW i3. The BMW ConnectedDrive Remote application for BMW I allows smart-phone access to helpful car information for trip planning. The reserve of electricity could be managed via smart-phone, whilst heat function and the air-conditioning for the highvoltage battery pack may also be activated remotely, when the BMW i3 is connected to a charging station or the BMW I Wallbox. Additionally, clients may use their smart phone to send destinations to their own car s navigation system. Whether the vehicle has sufficient electricity remaining to achieve them the application also demonstrates the driver charging stations (both accessible and being used) and may confirm.

The car s range limit show to the smartphone screen replicates that supplied by the automobile s navigation system.

The Driving Assistant Plus alternative contains Crash Warning with braking function (which responds to both standing and moving vehicles forward as well regarding pedestrians) and Active Cruise-control with Stop Go function. Along with providing audible and visual warnings, the device is also able enough to brake the car instantly if needed, with up-to maximum stopping power. A rear-view camera is also available for your BMW i3, to supplement the conventional Park Distance Control (PDC) with back — mounted sensors.

More driver support systems are Speed Limit Data and the Traffic-jam Assistant.

Integral strategy: 360deg ELECTRIC supplies mobility option and an allencompassing power supply.

The intention in figuring the scope of the BMW i3 was to make sure that clients could protect their common power needs by charging the vehicle twice or three times each week. Clients can charge their vehicles using both the wallbox furnished by BMW I or a classic national power socket. BMW I has a comprehensive variety of goods and services in its 360deg ELECTRICAL bundle made to satisfy all individual client needs for power supply and trip planning. The spectrum of services ranges from the setup of the BMW i Wallbox in the client s garage and unique renewable power supply offers, for the charging card for userfriendly accessibility for the people charging infrastructure and added aid services from BMW ConnectedDrive.

360deg ELECTRIC supplies adaptable mobility options including alternative vehicles in the BMW and DriveNow ranges, when the BMW i3 idea doesn t satisfy mobility conditions in a special situation.

New revenue models within the personal freedom sector.

BMW I means a brand new method of personal freedom. In markets, sales of BMW I products will probably be managed via an advanced multichannel sales model. Along with car dealers, this version will even contain a mobile salesforce, a Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) and Web sales.

All the new platforms are completely inter-linked. Whichever sales channel a customer selects, and no matter whether they purchase or rent the automobile, their contract is constantly with BMW AG and not with the seller, as would generally be the situation. At start, it s anticipated that over 10 percent of European BMW dealers will even be managing sales of BMW I versions.

Sustainability through the entire value chain.

The radical character of the BMW i3 is predicated on an entire theory that was systematically created from the bottom up-to supply sustainable mobility, and includes an extraordinarily high number of specialized attributes geared towards maximum efficacy. The BMW i3 additionally establishes standards for sustainability within the automobile industry, as it pertains to the selection of materials, the creation procedure, the supply-chain and recycling.

The light-weight design technique especially developed for BMW I versions makes considerable usage of the lightweight, corrosionproof and crash-immune hightech stuff CFRP. CFRP components remain 50 percent lighter-than similar steel components with similar properties.

Sustainability at each phase — including creation.

The creation of the BMW i3 establishes new standards in environmental protection and consumes around 50 percent less power and around 70 percent less water compared with the present typical figures for production within the BMW Group, which happen to be very effective. Most of the electricity used to create the BMW I versions in the Leipzig plant is wind-created and so 100 per cent sustainable. This is actually the first time an auto manufacturer in Germany has installed wind turbines on-site to immediately power generation. Similarly, most of the electricity found in carbon-fibre production in Moses Lake is totally derived from sustainable, locally created hydroelectric power and it is hence fully carbonfree.

And should the client runs the BMW i3 on electricity produced from renewable resources, its functionality is 50 percent better again.

A window to the future: Innovative design and sustainable supplies

The BMW i3 is the first superior-section version conceived to run just on electric power. And also the auto s advanced vehicle theory also shines through in its style. The interior and exterior design of the i3 are greatly affected by groundbreaking drive program and its LifeDrive structure.

Certainly, not pleased with conjuring up an unmistakable sense of amazing driving experience and space, both of these components also have a major stylistic effect.

The individualism, identity and origins of the BMW i3 share equivalent prominence in its style. The innovative interpretation of proven design characteristics supplies a nod to the auto s BMW family ties. Its standalone style language, that ll also mark out potential BMW I versions, embodies lightness, security, efficiency and driving enjoyment, underlining the special skillset of the BMW i3.

The look of the BMW Group s first all-electrical version reflects the additional revolve around sustainability within its premium character, the purpose of the LifeDrive design in optimising the auto s performance, as well as the i3 s advanced expression of emissionfree driving enjoyment in cities.

LifeDrive architecture forms the foundation for advanced design.

The arrangement of the LifeDrive design represents the fundamental building of the BMW i3. The essential component of living module is the carbonfibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) passenger compartment. Living module is set to the aluminium Drive module, which houses chassis technology and most of the drive. This identifying twoway split is mirrored within the layout of the BMW i3.

Certainly, both interior and exterior create a feature of the structural characteristic during the intertwining of distinct surfaces and layering.

The carbon framework, portion that is observable whenever the doors are opened, functions as a joining element between the interior and outside. The framework of the twodimensional carbon matting provides this portion of the CFRP building an exceptionally practical appearance.

Proportions indicate roominess and agility.

The incredibly short front and rear overhangs of the BMW i3 will also be an obvious pointer to the nimble driving features. Big glass surfaces imbue the i3 with a convincing lightness and, together with its open carbon structures, add visible expression to the auto s low weight.

In the side, aboard the fluid shape and long-wheelbase of the BMW i3 capture the attention — and emphasize the extraordinarily generous amounts of room.

Among the trademark attributes of BMW I vehicles is the black belt stretching from the bonnet on the roofing to the rear, where it propagates around the central segment of the rear apron, framing the licence plate recess and reflectors. This produces a segmentation of the auto body, emphasising the construction of the BMW i3.

This attribute is shaped by the convergence between the upward sweep of the shoulder-line around the C-column along with the down slope within the roof-line. The dip in the shoulder-line only rearwards of the front doors produces a bigger side-window area for the back compartment, providing an especially generous feeling to travellers of space. Travellers may also be immersed more deeply within the experience than in the past.

Front-end: a new interpretation of recognizable BMW characteristics.

A potently shaped eyecatching color combinations, front apron plus a refreshing interpretation of hallmark BMW characteristics are the headline aspects of the front end. Placed at exactly the same height are the headlamps which go well into the auto s flanks. The headlamps show an individual nature and are framed by U-shaped LED-LIGHT units.

A black border links the lower edge of the apron using the annular foglamps placed to its peripheries.

Glazed tailgate with built-in U-shaped light models.

The arrangement of the back section accentuates both performance and sure-footed roadholding of the BMW i3. The big tailgate opens high along with the slender, erect roof pillars make it simpler to load things in the boot, whose capacity could be enlarged by folding down the back seat backrests when and as needed.

The tailgate takes the type of the homogeneous black glass area. In conjunction with all the side panels, which go somewhat to the back, it makes an eyecatching color difference. This, subsequently, underlines the auto s planted stance as the cascading body increases in width to the street. The light units seem to be floating within the tailgate s glass.

Intricate LED lights offer a evening striking style, their U — contour embracing the now characteristic BMW I headlight account.

The four metallic colors and two nonmetallic form a sharp contrast to the black belt.

Interior: independence in design creates flexibility of movement.

The structure, for example, CFRP passenger compartment, also opens up new freedoms within the layout of the BMW i3 inside. Due to the placement of the electric motor directly to the driven axle, the central tunnel — generally a characteristic of normal vehicles -has been omitted, enabling a completely open link between the footwells to the right- and lefthand side of the automobile. Again, this leads to the belief of room on-board and also offers practical advantages — like when getting in and from the vehicle in especially tight city parking spaces.

Slipping in the right back seat to the left is as refreshingly simple as moving over in the front-passenger seat to behind the controls. Folding down the back seat backrests creates a completely level load compartment floor and enables the auto s varying load capacity to enlarge to 1,100 litres.

A slightly elevated seating position optimises the view out through town traffic. The BMW i3 is fitted with light-weight seats whose lean backrests also supply extra leg-room in the back. The free-standing steering column includes a building that exudes lightness and sophistication, characteristics which are underlined by the color theory. The gear selector and start/stop button reveal a handle component projecting from the steering column.

Gears are selected by the driver with a rotary handle, which moves forwards or back based on the desired way of travel.

Further emphasis is lent by the positioning of the displays to the greatly threedimensional layout of the cockpit. Within the center of the cockpit, a level control surface — tilted somewhat towards the driver — for climate control and sound capabilities types the lower border of the instrument panel.

Stunning color contrasts, organic components.

The surfaces and lines of the door and cockpit panels enhance the impression of contemporary functionality and lightness. Strong contours, taut lines and little radii will be the dominant geometrical forms. The most notable characteristic of the instrument panel layout is the structure applied for the outside along with the inside.

The levels cover three degrees which assume materials and various colors with respect to the gear form. This area could be specified in vibrant, openpored eucalyptus wood.

The leather used within the BMW i3 is handled completely with natural materials. For instance, with olive tree leaf extract which functions as a tanning agent.

The Lodge, Attic and Suite gear lines could be specified as options to the conventional Atelier trimming. The fundamental form stands out with stuff and color contrasts which underline the contours of the inner design.

The Attic gear line uses a harmony of colors to supply a relaxing ambiance. The surfaces for those seats and door panels are created using a PUR — a cloth plus Sensatec fabric made completely from recycled raw-material. Light colors rule every place of the inside.

The leather steering-wheel in a warm Carum Gray tone features an accent strip in BMW I Blue.

The mix of top quality and sustainability related to a next premium character is embodied — within the Lodge gear line-in particular -by the trim strip in eucalyptus wood, a climate-effective wool cloth, and leather surfaces using a rough grain for those seats and armrests, along with an exceptionally fine structure for those instrument panel.

Dalbergia Brown leather surfaces for the seats, center console and door armrests add an especially unique allure to the Suite products line. This form also comprises the eucalyptus wood trim strip and an emphasis ring in Satin-silver for your leather steering-wheel.

Driving enjoyment redefined:

Industry launch of the BMW i3 also heralds the beginning of a brand new age for electric mobility. The very first collection-created vehicle in the BMW I manufacturer is likewise the planet s first superior car with an allelectric drive system. The radical nature of the BMW i3 is the consequence of the unique vehicle architecture coupled with drive system technologies developed inhouse at the BMW Group alone for BMW I versions.

Emission free, light, sensible: Efficient Dynamics within the BMW i3. The essential principle of BMW EfficientDynamics — maximum driving pleasure mixed with nominal energy-use — has also had an important effect to the development process for your BMW i3. Electrical freedom is as much a central column of Effective Dynamics as diesel and gas engines with eternally optimised performance, hybrid ideas along with using hydrogen as an energy supply for fuel cells and combustionbased drive systems.

All of the push systems are created with the aim of providing ever greater driving enjoyment however also steady reductions in emissions and power usage.

The power electronics, electrical motor and lithiumion battery produced by the BMW Group for your BMW i3 are examples of BMW eDrive technologies.

BMW i3 — created from day 1 to supply allelectric mobility.

The automobile theory behind the BMW i3 was created from the beginning to integrate an allelectric drive system. It has several benefits over conversion vehicles, where the initial combustion engine is after swapped for an electric motor. First, the engineers have free rein with regard to the building, measurements and shape of all electrical drive system s parts. The trajectory of the automobile s development can be dictated by the features developed into by the vehicle by the development team rather than by the constraints imposed by a preexisting car layout. For instance, the area in a transformation vehicle reserve for the gas tank or exhaust method can t be put to specially constructive use.

In the BMW i3 there hasn t been any demand for this sort of compromise.

Rather, the engineers could concentrate completely on shaping the nature of the BMW i3 like a sporty and agile, yet also cozy superior vehicle for an urban environment. The engineers have attained an ideal harmony of operation, vehicle weight and range, as it pertains to the driving characteristics of the i3. This is especially crucial because these three elements are therefore inextricably connected. The operating range of electric vehicles could be expanded by increasing battery-size, but this adds weight and consequently has a negative effect on operation. Likewise, a far more powerful motor needs more power, which again indicates heavier batteries or limited range.

A lightweight body, in the flip side, improves functionality along with the weight-saving can be invested in bigger batteries which, subsequently, increase the auto s range.

In its mission to provide driving enjoyment in cities, the BMW i3 has produce an ideal package. Using a DIN kerb weight of 1,195 kilograms the automobile is lighter-than most compact automobiles, however provides much more room for four occupants. Moreover, extensive road tests performed as part of job i established the auto s array of 130 to 160 kilometres (81 — 99 miles) in regular conditions is sufficient to comfortably satisfy the day-to-day freedom needs of the target client group.

Rearwheel drive, a low centre of gravity, balanced weight distribution plus a special suspension setup supply an ideal stage for agility and driving enjoyment.

The low and central location of the battery power has a similarly positive impact to the auto s agility for the balanced 50: 50 weight distribution enabled by the layout of all parts within the Drive module. The electrical motor and transmission device are situated in immediate proximity to the driven rear-axle. Underpinning their spacesaving integration into the Drive module is actually a compact and harmonised building facilitated by the development of the drive elements in the BMW Group.

The obvious subdivision of Life and Generate modules indicates no central tunnel is crucial — an unique attribute of the auto s building which has noticeable advantages for the freedom of movement along with the ample space available inside the BMW i3.

The car s rearwheel drive enables the front-axle to stay free of torque steer and fulfil its directing function to full effect. As with present versions in the BMW and MINI manufacturers, electrical power assist also sends the BMW i3 driver s directing commands to the route with smoothness and precision. This agility may be the defining feature of the driving experience, notably within the auto s favored urban habitat.

Additionally, an extended wheelbase (2,570 millimetres), the Drive module s inflexible aluminium framework and innovative chassis technology provide an ideal ingredients for a surefooted and relaxing trip.

The suspension parts of the BMW i3 stand-out with their minimised weight yet exceptionally stiff building. The BMW i3 has MacPherson singlejoint front suspension and a fivelink rear-axle mounted right to the Drive module. This layout helps the practical separation of suspension and wheel location, leading to athletic driving features defined by longitudinal and lateral dynamics coupled with exceptional suspension comfort.

The demanding adherence to light-weight design concepts yields a decrease in unsprung masses for the advantage of ride comfort whatsoever speeds. The BMW i3 s cast aluminium wheels also boast prominent rigidity and exceptionally low-weight at less-than seven kilograms each.

The measurements of the tyres (155 / 70 R19) are unique to the BMW i3. The big and relatively narrow tyres enable an exceptional balance between drag and dynamics, along with the rolling resistance and aerodynamic qualities of the tyres are made to supply exceptionally efficient driving. Indeed, even if the BMW i3 is pushed with athletic purpose, lateral and longitudinal dynamic forces are constantly transferred with excellent confidence and poise.

Beyond the immediacy of response when pulling away provided by electric motors, strength development within the BMW i3 also stays unbroken through higher rates.

This linear power delivery extending into high-rev ranges could be credited to a particular electric motor design created entirely for your BMW i3. BMW eDrive technology is applied to take the rule of the eternally excited synchronous motor to a different level through comprehensive optimisations. A particular organization and measurements for the parts used to create push creates a self-magnetising effect just otherwise induced by reluctance motors.

This excitation results in the area formed from the present supply to stay constant even at high revs. The maximum revs of the motor created for the BMW i3 — called a hybrid vehicle synchronous motor due to its own particular blend of qualities — are 11,400 rpm.

The advanced design theory behind the electric motor within the BMW i3 helps it to operate exceptionally efficiently across a broad load band. This really is an amazingly low amount, particularly considering its torque and maximum output. The BMW i3 is consequently the most efficient electrically-powered vehicle of its own size as well as result category.

The energy density of the electric motor, weighing in at only around 50 kilograms, establishes a fresh standard for electric vehicles.

Driving pleasure, BMW I — style: agile, forthwith responsive and distinctively assured.

Also helping supply the BMW i3 s participating driving experience may be the singlepedal control attribute carefully configured from the BMW Group s push program development engineers. The electric motor switches from push to generator mode, feeding electricity to the battery. This convalescence is speedsensitive, which suggests the auto coasts with maximum effectiveness at high speeds and creates a powerful braking effect at low speeds. The capability to hasten and brake using only one pedal produces an unusually direct interaction between auto and driver. Thinking forward in city traffic can let the driver to handle 75 percent of braking manoeuvres without employing the brake pedal.

When the number of recuperation beginning creates the same braking effect as really pressing the brake pedal the brake lights illuminate. The action is only joined by the conventional braking system when the driver summons higher braking power by depressing the brake pedal.

Intensive utilization of this kind of brake energy recuperation via the motor also raises the number of the BMW i3 by around 20 percent compared with normal recuperation ideas. And the coasting facility further improves the userfriendly nature of singlepedal control. This is just another example of the way in which an anticipatory driving style can keep energy and further raise the auto s range on electric power.

Optimised range and efficiency during the development of energy-management and storage technologies.

Specially-developed lithiumion storage cells furnish the drive system together with the energy needed. To be able to cause a complete optimisation of the highvoltage battery pack the BMW Group also utilises its technological expertise within the creation of several battery system parts. These contain special parts which ensure the interconnection of the cells themselves including the link between the vehicle and also the battery system.

Additionally they contain the integrated control device and also the electronic components within the closeness of the cells, including battery management sensors. Aside from procurement of storage cells from the professional producer, most of the development and making phases are performed in the BMW Group. The battery is created on the state — of — theart assembly-line at BMW Plant Dingolfing.

The cells utilized within the battery stand-out with their high-energy density and notable cycle life. They re made to do their energy-storage function within the automobile s whole lifespan. To be able to keep their storage capacity and production with time, the battery management system so controls both charging and the procedures, also the working temperature of the cells.

All of the cells are used similarly to furnish electricity if the automobile is on the go. But, it s also possible to replace individual modules in case of the fault. The air-conditioning coolant is utilized to supply very efficient cooling of the battery, which fluid may also be warmed with a heat exchanger. All these features permit the optimum working temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius to get attained in front of a trip starts, even though the ambient temperature is reduced.

This pre-conditioning guarantees the battery functions to optimum effect when it comes to range, electricity output and endurance.

The BMW Team has prepared and created this battery to continue for the full-life of the automobile.

The rest of the electrically-powered systems aboard the BMW i3 are also made to operate as efficiently as possible, in addition to the drive device. For instance, energysaving light diodes are utilized to supply interior and outdoor illumination. And an optional interior heating system founded on the principle of the heat-pump utilizes up-to 30 percent less electricity in city driving than normal electrical heating.

The battery casing and its particular version-specific attachment methods were created by the BMW Group to offer the highvoltage battery with substantial protection against environmental elements and also in case of the crash. Three levels of security, including a cutoff mechanism, for the auto s applications and hardware supply dependable protection for the electrical system in general.

As a voltage transducer socializing between the 12volt on-board power system and the battery and the power electronics function both as an inverter for your power supply from the battery for the electrical motor. Highly-sophisticated software control ensures the most effective current flow during power recuperation to the inundated. And also the procedure of battery-charging methods can be incorporated into the power electronics, which modulate cost outputs of between 3 kW and 50 kW, conditioned upon the electricity supply.

Versatile, suitable and quick: charging from the mains supply.

To be able to make topping-up the auto s power as userfriendly as potential for the motorist, the BMW i3 lays on an exceptionally versatile and effective charging method. Various variants of the BMW i Wallbox are accessible, depending in the nation, to reflect the current power and voltage within the individual markets. Charge times will consequently vary in line with kind and the energy supply of wallbox.

It takes only about half an hour for the battery to reach 80 percent capacity) if the BMW i3 is connected to today s community fastcharging station (50 kW. As well as in the unlikely occurrence of the vehicle being nearly down to zero variety, a lunch-break remains long enough to recharge the battery.

As an extra tank optional range extender functions.

Performing this function is a 650cc twocylinder petrol-engine building 25 kW/34 hp, that is mounted immediately next to the electric motor over the back axle. Specifying the range-extender does not have any effect on capacity: the ninelitre fuel tank is found within the front area of the auto.

It s brought into play as needed, reacting optimally to fit the load and operating exceptionally effectively. Optimum range stands at about 300 kilometres (186 miles).

Light-weight design in its best: kerb weight (DIN) 1,195 kg.

Fat is a crucial variable in the creation of an electrically-powered automobile — just like battery capacity and power usage, it got a direct effect on how far the automobile can go on just one charge. That s the reason a specially sharp focus on intelligent lightweight design is a crucial element in reaching lower energy demand, the greater driving enjoyment and longer reach of the BMW i3.

The design developed especially for BMW I versions has created the framework for purposebuilt electrically-powered automobile ideas. Such extensive utilization of the lightweight and crashsafe hightech stuff is exceptional in volume vehicle manufacturing. The theory of light-weight style also governs the connection between both components as well as the aluminium Drive module. Your physiology — formed by its LifeDrive design — enables using a trailing edge component created by glassfibre-reinforced plastic injection-moulding.

Which contributes a 30 percent weight-saving compared with a normal sheet-steel answer. The direct link between the power electronics and electric motor within the back of the BMW i3 decreases the amount of cabling needed and cuts the complete weight of the drive-train by around 1.5 kilograms. Weight-minimising building also establishes the tone for the chassis parts of the BMW i3.

With a magnesium supporting framework for the instrument panel saves pounds on two fronts. Exceptional stuff characteristics over normal sheet steel let these parts to boast optimised geometry, which ends in a weight decrease of some 20 percent. And also the demanding use of the light-weight design strategy stretches to bolts and screws produced from aluminum.

The engineers comprehensive dedication to the principle of light-weight style is lent observable expression by the honeycomb construction of the windscreen wiper blades.

Safety: Unbeatable safety in almost any scenario

From an efficacy perspective, the body of the BMW i3 must be not only powerful but, most importantly, light. However, from a security perspective, it must be not just light but, most importantly, powerful. This obvious conflict of interests highlights the technologists groundbreaking work in creating the automobile design of the BMW i3.

Here, there isn t any contradiction between security and construction. Quite the reverse, actually: the LifeDrive idea of the BMW i3, with its blend of aluminum and carbonfibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP), is on a level with several other buildings and even performs better in certain aspects of crash-testing despite its light-weight design. The utilization of CFRP basically permits the building of incredibly light-weight bodies. Furthermore, CFRP possesses a remarkable capability to consume energy and is incredibly damagetolerant.

BMW i3 � Electric Car 127kW Auto

CFRP is the stuff that may be utilized within the building of auto bodies without compromising on security.

The LifeDrive concept relies around 2 horizontally different independent modules. Living module, meanwhile, consists chiefly of the highstrength and exceptionally light-weight passenger compartment made from CFRP. With this advanced theory, the BMW Group requires the blend of vehicle design, light-weight design and crash safety to an totally new dimension.

Optimal safety is offered by lifedrive module. The crash needs in automotive fabrication are quite severe. Several effect requirements stipulated by the strict guidelines of international consumer-protection organisations and legislators must be considered.

Through the creation of the BMW i3 concept, there is close consultation with the global crash-test institutes in security idea and the advanced auto body of the BMW I versions.

The crash-activated aluminium constructions in front and tail of the Drive module provide added security, to ensure less body deformation occurs in contrast to similar steel bodies. Moreover, the cocoon effect of the CFRP auto body guarantees the doors could be opened with no difficulty as well as the inside remains mostly free from any intrusions.

Even saving scenarios are examined and worked through. In regular cutting assessments, the complete process of saving residents from the BMW i3 involved in an injury was similar to that for a normal automobile. In certain respects, really, it was more simple because the lighter parts can be more readily cut than highstrength steels, as an example.

Impressive rigidity, joined with its capability to consume an huge quantity of electricity, makes CFRP exceptionally damagetolerant. Even at high-impact rates it exhibits hardly any deformation. What s More, the body remains complete in a front or back-on impact, as well as the doors still open with no problem after an accident.

In its dry, resinfree state CFRP could be worked almost like a cloth, and therefore enables a high level of flexibility in how it s formed. Following the resin injected in the lattice has hardened Its rigid, final form is only gained by the composite. That makes it at least as lasting as steel, but it s far more light-weight.

The high tear resistance across the length of the fibres also enables CFRP parts to be provided a style by following their path of load. To the end, the fibres are organized inside the part depending on their load features. By overlaying the fiber alignment, parts may also be strengthened against load in various ways. In this method, the parts could be provided a much more-efficient and powerful style than is possible with any stuff that s equally lasting in all ways — including steel. This, subsequently, enables further reductions in terms of fat and both substance use, resulting in another new-wave of savings possible.

The lower gifted mass in case of the crash indicates that energyabsorbing structures could be scaled-back, reducing the fat of the automobile.

Unbeatable protection in a sideon impact. The capability of CFRP to consume energy is really amazing. Post sideon and impacts collisions both emphasize the security — improving properties of CFRP. Regardless of the heavy, in certain cases concentrated forces, a dent is barely sustained by the material, and travellers appreciate protection.

However, there are limitations as to the CFRP can endure.

The very best of both worlds — mixing aluminium and CFRP. In a front or back-on crash, these consume a sizeable percentage of the power produced. The battery, meanwhile, is mounted within the area of the automobile to provide the most effective level to it of safety. Statistically, this may be actually the place that absorbs minimal energy in case of the crash, as well as consequently the vehicle shows hardly any deformation here.

Furthermore, placing the battery within the underbody lets the BMW Group development engineers to provide a perfect low centre to the car of gravity, that makes it very agile and not likely to roll over.

The entire impact is absorbed by the Life module with nominal deformation, ensuring optimum passenger safety. Even if CFRP dissipates power, there isn t any risk to passengers or other motorists.

Within the side crash-test, the post doesn t penetrate as far as the battery. The combination of substances used and the intelligent energy distribution within the LifeDrive module guarantee the battery is optimally protected even within the side sill region.

Overall, the highstrength CFRP passenger mobile teams up with the distribution of forces inside the LifeDrive module to put the foundations for optimum occupant safety.

Lithium ion are secure even in case of the fire. Safety is a crucial standard in the creation of the BMW i versions. A variety of steps and methods are implemented within the automobile that ensure security in ordinary operation and also within case of accidental fires.

The system was created to handle accidents beyond the legal conditions, together with the battery including attributes that ensure its safe response even in scenarios like this.

The battery is disconnected from the system and also the related elements while the passenger restraint systems are activated discharged, to ensure optimum security in this crash situation. This securely stops the chance of the short circuit, which may result in electric shocks or create a fire.

The BMW i3 is the planet s first electric vehicle providing total connectivity. Cuttingedge driver support systems coupled with mobility providers from BMW ConnectedDrive which were especially customized for the allelectric drive technologies function to optimize security, comfort and also the usability of incar infotainment goods, together with supplying the perfect conditions for completing regular journeys with zero-emissions. BMW ConnectedDrive is exceptional in the way it will help motorists to execute their freedom strategies to combine sustainability and driving enjoyment in perfect harmony.

Navigation providers which have been function — developed with the needs of electrical mobility in mind complement the items in the revised BMW ConnectedDrive portfolio revealed in 2013. These include services, like the Concierge Solutions for info and also the Smart Emergency Call function, together with an array of advanced driver support systems which make a productive contribution to improving the security and convenience of urban mobility. Use of the BMW ConnectedDrive services is ensured with a SIM-CARD which comes built in to the automobile as regular.

Connectivity between auto and driver can be taken into an entirely new dimension within the BMW i3. Alongside the pedestrian navigation function for obtaining the way in the parked vehicle to the last destination and again, BMW ConnectedDrive also has a special intermodal route guidance attribute which is really capable of integrating local public transport connections into preparing. They could assist within the motorist in shifting to the right bus or metro line, plot the route for the BMW i3 from the drive into a parking spot, and help complete the last leg of the trip by foot.

BMW ConnectedDrive driver support systems for safe, suitable mobility within the urban landscape. Additionally, it includes Active Cruise-control including Stop Go function. Besides visible and audible warnings, the device is additionally effective at braking the car alone, if needed, with up-to maximum stopping power.

There s also the choice of the rear-view camera for that BMW i3 to supplement the conventional Park Distance Control (PDC) with back sensors. Meanwhile, the Speed Limit Data program can be extended together with the navigation program.

The different freedom solutions from BMW ConnectedDrive und 360deg ELECTRICAL which have been especially developed for BMW I concentrate in the facets of energy and navigation management. The exchange of info between driver and car enables the present freedom needs to be checked against the available power sources. The BMW ConnectedDrive freedom solutions integrated with the BMW i3 as regular help tailor this compatibility to any person driving scenario.

Smart connectivity paves the way to optimum driving enjoyment in an automobile whose drive system creates zero local emissions.

Exact, up-to-date and dependable: navigation system with dynamic range show.

The BMW i3 may be optionally supplied with a navigation system whose performance is expanded to incorporate the BMW ConnectedDrive services created expressly for BMW i. The Driving Range Assistant is priceless for the journey and both course planning. And should the battery must be recharged in a public charging station, the driver is provided a range of accessible stations within the neighborhood.

A further essential component of the connected-up navigation unit is really a dynamic range display, which provides unusually accurate, up-to-date and dependable information by factoring in each of the important variables. The battery s charge status, the driving design, action of electrical relaxation functions and also the selected driving mode are taken into account for the computation, along with the course s topography, present traffic levels and also the exterior temperature. The program is consequently capable of making allowance for the additional energy needed for an approaching increase, stopstart traffic or perhaps a traffic jam in the chosen course, and reduced its range computation so. The up-to-theminute and comprehensive realtime traffic info supplied by the RTTI method can be put into the equation.

The info is evaluated and analysed centrally by the BMW ConnectedDrive server that s in permanent communication with all the automobile. The SIM-CARD which comes built in the BMW i3 guarantees a trusted connection between the automobile and also the BMW ConnectedDrive server.

The dynamic range display is visualised in the central information display within the BMW i3 for a contour with within the navigation map. Choosing the vehicle s present place for a starting-point, all factors that may be achieved within the different driving modes are exhibited within the shape of a variety spidergram.

BMW ConnectedDrive Services empower freedom planning for the present location and beyond. Independent of the information needed for the course guidance now in development, the navigation system also assists motorists to plan freedom conditions beyond their current destination. With the aim of energy-management, not only are the present battery capacity amounts taken into consideration, but the various choices for recharging are also regarded.

However, energy could be topped up quite fast and conveniently at some of the charging stations specifically created for electric vehicles. The BMW ConnectedDrive services assist motorists to immediately nail these charging points by exhibiting all available charging stations along the route or even within the area of the destination to the navigation map.

The driver can easily see which charging stations and parking lots are complete or have areas, and also the info is continuously updated through the link for the BMW server. Before motorists can allow a place in a charging station in the very comfort of the vehicle and it will not be long. The whole connectivity theory also provides the choice to clients of reserving these and other items from BMW ConnectedDrive after taking delivery of the vehicle.

The BMW ConnectedDrive server also offers up-to-theminute information indicating whether possible billing stations will really have spaces on coming. For example, motorists can contact a station situated near the journey s destination ahead of time. The abundance of functions provided by the navigation system with its BMW i-special BMW ConnectedDrive services can help you plan journeys using electric power only with ultimate precision, dependability and comfort.

Smart linkup between car and driver: the BMW ConnectedDrive Remote application for BMW I. The freedom planning advice supplied is made on the client s smartphone including inside the automobile. This connectivity is supplied by means of an application developed particularly for BMW i for cellphones using the Android systems and iOS. The application is an advanced form of the services provided by BMW ConnectedDrive.

The Remote application for BMW I enables drivers to get applicable info and vehicle data on course planning anytime. The driver is also able to utilize the application to contact a show of charging stations which are either complete or have areas, and find out if they re found inside the automobile s present driving range. To the end, the number contour can be exhibited here only as it is really in the automobile s navigation system.

A realtime summary of charging stations and parking services may also be found on the internet at the BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal.

The charging process could be using timer function and managed both remotely, when the automobile is connected to a public charging station or the BMW I Wallbox. A range computation image indistinguishable to that in the car may be seen in the smartphone also. The BMW i Application may also be utilized to look for and choose a navigation destination or perhaps a free charging station then import it to the automobile s system. Other than this, the available charging stations along the course and also within the area of the location are additionally visualised within the BMW i Application, just because they re within the automobile s advice display.

This permits the motorist not just to plan the approaching trip in good time with foresight, but also to make sufficient preparations for additional freedom demands beyond the immediate future.

Motorists additionally have the opportunity to command the advance planning of the automobile but also not simply the charging procedure remotely. The power supply could be controlled from your smart phone, when the BMW i3 is connected to a charging station or the BMW I Wallbox. The vehicle s air conditioner and heat of the highvoltage battery can additionally be activated remotely.

There s also the choice of programming the charging process utilizing the app to ensure that charging happens when electricity is cheaper, like using offpeak tariffs during the night.

Intermodal course planning: BMW i freedom providers speed-you to your destination readily and efficiently. After leaving the automobile in a chosen car park, clients can also utilize the pedestrian navigation function incorporated within the BMW I Application to direct them to their final location. The location chosen by the driver inside the automobile is instantly used in the BMW I Application through the BMW ConnectedDrive server in order that route guidance could be continued by smartphone.

Local public transport networks are also included by this function, enabling the accessible transportation connections to be exhibited by the navigation system and integrated into course planning if needed within the BMW i3 en-route. After leaving their automobile, the BMW i Application is currently used to direct them first to the right bus or metro line, then on to their location while finishing the last leg of the trip on foot.

Simultaneously, they re given additional efficacy — improving suggestions in addition to pointers for honing how they drive.

BMW believes beyond the auto — 360deg ELECTRICAL, sales and services

A comprehensive variety of goods and services can be obtained for the BMW i3 which protect the client s personal needs beyond the automobile only. The complete 360deg ELECTRICAL package has a particularly reliable, handy and flexible manner of utilizing the advantages of electrical freedom during driving, with customers determining for themselves which special attributes they want to utilize.

House charging: the most suitable alternative.

BMW i has the capacity to provide clients that have their particular garage or perhaps a personal parking room tailormade solutions to create national billing a simple, secure and especially fast process. The intention is to supply client-friendly and effective charging services by the time the BMW i3 is released which allows recharging within the relaxation of the client s own garage.

BMW I also backs using electricity from renewable resources and it has joined forces with chosen partners to supply a selection of green energy products. Electricity is supplied by naturstrom AG completely from renewables, with a rather high percentage of wind energy, making sure the electric vehicle could be operated with zero CO2 output. When the client decides, for instance, to put in a car port with solar power systems and BMW I may also help.

Community charging: topping-up on the go.

Because of cooperation with car-park operators and public charging station companies, BMW I allows clients highly reliable use of the public charging infrastructure. BMW i together with its associates fosters connectivity between car, driver and also the external world, supplying customers with handy functions like the display of accessible billing stations within the navigation system as well as in the client s smartphone, plus an easy and transparent payment procedure with the ChargeNow card. This card supplies a method of payment and allows worldwide accessibility to charging posts. By doing this, it teams together the most amount of public charging infrastructure providers in most BMW I markets, enabling the client to get the charging stations of various providers with an individual card and get just one standardised bill from BMW I.

In Germany alone, there are more than 70 distinct companies of public charging facilities, who now manage various service and payment ideas. Harmonising this scenario is of critical significance. BMW i currently gives an intelligent option to clients with its ChargeNow card.

The task now is to get together with the partners concerned and further expand the variety of goods which are universally accessible.

The organization enables suppliers of electrical freedom services to enlarge their product offering to contain eRoaming. Drivers of electric vehicles hence just require just one company agreement to get access to each public charging point in an enlarging European community, which BMW i clients can use with their ChargeNow card. In future, recharging electric vehicles will consequently become as clear-cut as withdrawing funds from a cash dispenser.

The charging post is accessed with a standardised QR-CODE, which begins and finishes the charging process through a smart-phone software and function.

Flexible mobility: making clever utilization of choices.

Clients have recourse to several complementary freedom modules to assist them cover greater distances, like the temporary utilization of the BMW with a normal motor or hybrid push, if the scope of the BMW i3 is not adequate for conditions. For this specific purpose, individual yearly quotas may also be booked through 360deg ELECTRICAL. Furthermore, BMW i clients even have the DriveNow carsharing service accessible to them.

Aid providers.

With the BMW i3, motorists may enjoy driving a dependable vehicle together with the added support of having the ability to call on help round the clock should they desire it, due to a complete servicing system and freedom guarantees, in addition to sensible comfort and convenience features.

Motorists may use their Smart phone to check on or plan charge amount and the battery status, or staying vehicle range, or to check on or preprogram the heat and ac systems. For instance it could be programmed to choose the most energyefficient course. Motorists too can see charging stations located along their route, in order they make best utilization of the BMW i3 s driving range.

Within this circumstance BMW i, jointly with several other partners, can be actively supporting the growth of an integral people charging infrastructure that ll offer EV customers additional convenience features like advance-booking of charging stations and transparent and simple payment procedures.

The battery and other electrical systems are supervised constantly, even whilst the automobile is being pushed, to ensure the BMW i3 runs easily in regular operation. The service provided is of just the same extent and common as supplied for conventionally powered BMW automobiles. Clients too can rely on the BMW service if your battery pushes them all to take an unscheduled rest.

All service or repair work conditions are covered by a complete service bundle. The work is done with a BMW I support associate, and also whilst the vehicle is off the street the BMW I client is provided a comprehensive selection of replacing freedom alternatives. BMW I also offers support in the extremely improbable occurrence of a failure or when the battery runs out, and has the ability to recharge the BMW i3 on the place.

Repair prices for your BMW I versions are at category level. Assessments by BMW Accident Investigation and automobile insurers demonstrate that many accidents mainly bring about slight harm. Slight bumps are consumed without making dents, as generally happens with metal components.

Injury to the paint doesn t lead to rust. If a segment of the outside skin of the BMW i3 must be superseded, this is sometimes completed fast and economically — repair prices are about 40 percent lower compared with a conventionally constructed vehicle. Overall, the accident repair prices are like those of the BMW 1-series.

It may thus be assumed the initial insurance classifications are going to be at the normal compact car category degree.

Cold repair procedures for aluminum and CFRP parts. The aluminium Generate module construction welded in series-production is fixed using the cold repair procedures of bonding and riveting.

The reparability of the CFRP structure of the Life module had been taken into consideration during development of the automobile concept. For instance, several repair phases were defined for the medial side framework together with all the choice of replacing it as a complete. The necessary side sill part is installed in the damaged vehicle made to match, and then.

The outer skin can be repaired by any authorised BMW I dealer. Because of the product-unique attributes of the LifeDrive module, you will see repair centers in which specialised workers repair vehicles with harm to the aluminum or CFRP structure.

BMW I stands for airy vehicles featuring inspirational design along with a powerful revolve around sustainability. Additionally, it stands for a fresh method of superior mobility — personal mobility and flexibility that s dedicated to user needs and future requirements. New BMW I sales channels will confirm that use of the variety of goods and services can be as simple and customerfriendly as you possibly can, catering in particular to clients increasing expectations regarding flexibility within the sales process.

In markets, sales of BMW I services and products will probably be managed via an advanced multichannel sales model. Besides the established fixed sales channel, I.e. authorised dealerships, this version will even contain a mobile sales team, a Person Interaction Centre (CIC) and Internet sales. All of the new sales channels is going to be completely inter-linked, ensuring that through the entire purchasing process clients can choose — or change — sales channels to satisfy their tastes.

The Client Interaction Centre (CIC) offers clients personalised, specialised support. This comprises a complete selection of advice in the ex

BMW i3 � Electric Car 127kW Auto
BMW i3 � Electric Car 127kW Auto
BMW i3 � Electric Car 127kW Auto
BMW i3 � Electric Car 127kW Auto
BMW i3 � Electric Car 127kW Auto
BMW i3 � Electric Car 127kW Auto

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