$20 000 Renault Zoe electric city car

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Matt Campbell

New Renault Zoe

new affordable electric car.

this be the first affordable car to be sold in Australia?

The Renault Zoe is touted as the car that could the way buyers think about with the diminutive French now on sale in the UK and France priced just 13,650 ($20,350) or ($19,570).

Those prices generous government incentives which the Australian government to offer — that the price of the car significantly. In the UK, the incentive close to AU$6500, while buyers receive a AU$6200 that brings the cost to about AU$19,000.

Much a remote control toy, the Zoe without batteries — is the main reason it can be sold so The batteries are leased on a three-year/12,500km per agreement, with French expected to shell out 79 ($98) per for the batteries. That totals ($3545) over three but it means that if anything wrong, they’ll be replaced charge.

The car owner is also to get fresh batteries if or when start a new lease.

While the asking prices are by no means translatable to Australia, the Zoe will when it makes it here, in 2014 — almost undercut much higher yet similarly sized, cars as Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV ($48,800).

The Zoe is powered by a 65kW electric that produces 220Nm of The best outcome range for the car is at 210 kilometres, however Renault has that it expects the car will achieve 145 kilometres during suburban use, while the drops drastically to just 100 kilometres if it’s cold

It can be charged in nine hours by a wall-plug, while a rapid-charge, 32 amp line will see its batteries in one hour. The initial versions of the car do not the battery swap Quick system seen in the larger ZE sedan, but are expected to be offered at a date.

The Zoe is close to the same as a VW Polo, at 4.08 metres 1.73m wide and 1.56m (Polo: 4.06m; 1.68m; And despite its compact dimensions, the car boasts a 328-litre boot big enough to make some hatchbacks blush.

Inside, the Zoe is the model to feature Renault’s new R-Link media system . a touch-screen tablet computer navigation and web browsing capability. The bit about the system (in our opinion) is it does away with notoriously fiddly French

As with the due-in-2012 Fluence ZE Zoe will probably be sold excluding the cost of the batteries. are expected to instead be owned by car infrastructure company Better with the owner of the having to pay a fee for to the charging network and — if the offered here are equipped the Quick Drop system battery swap stations.

Renault Australia corporate coordinator Emily Ambrosy the company is excited about the even though it is unlikely to be before 2014.

We love we think it’s an amazing car we think it’s the future for and we look forward to it being a of the lineup in the future, Ambrosy

She says that the generous seen in other nations the world make the car attractive to a of different buyers, and the company is that some level of encouragement will be made to future EV buyers in the short

We, along with other such as Nissan, have quite involved in discussions the government, she says. But at this there’s no incentives to report on I’m aware of.

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easily the best looking car I’ve come across. A lot of the of the Japanese cars that pumping out leaves much to be This new generation of cars are but they don’t need to be

Commenter Boz Location Melbourne and time March 09, 2012,

Nice. The more options the when it comes to EVs. they are expensive now because the is new but the main expense is the batteries so is a smart move.

Many of us cars already so it’s a concept.

No doubt someone come on here and complain he can’t drive from to Darwin on a single charge but for people 145km is far more needed per day. Even is fine, not many places in Oz get as as Europe on a regular basis.

The is rated at 22kwh capacity. So at 25c per kwh 145kms will cost you the sum of $5.50. If your normal car you 500km in the city then the in the Zoe would be $19.

If you are on a TOU tariff and at off peak rates then ‘tank of petrol’ will cost you less than $8. sweet.

Commenter Biff Randwick Date and time 09, 2012, 12:06PM

So the Ozzie won’t provide subsidies to the change to electric cars but handing over billions of tax dollars to the old dinosaurs GM and Ford to them on life support and in state of terminal decline.

it make sense to encourage to manufacture in Australia and let the dinosaurs extinct?

Commenter Luqi Location Date and time March 09, 12:07PM

Touche. Just I wanted to say. I am fed-up governments (all over the handing out money to companies so can pay dividends to investors while struggling are providing the funds.

ab Location Date and time 09, 2012, 3:10PM

You know, would have been a opportunity to stimulate an Australian EV car industry that’s actually by Australians, not foreigners!

You guys do something soon before the of Australian corps, outsource all jobs, or close past owned companies down can not compete with much OS labour.

Pray that you end up like the UK. Learn from the mistakes, of others.

Commenter Radius Location Hong Date and time March 10, 10:32PM

$100 per month for the I don’t use that much in a month, so there’s no point in me one. I’m still for electric cars to become

Commenter HZ Location Date and March 09, 2012, 12:09PM

forget that it takes 9 on 240v power to recharge. approx 21kWh of power at current electricity rates is

$5. the average driver drives per day, that’s a recharge 3 days or $50 per month in electricity Added to the $100 battery

So total of $150 per month to run the

For petrol we’re looking at say that’s 90L of petrol per month, at that’s $126 per month.

solgar Location Date and March 09, 2012, 5:03PM

I that analysis misses the The cost of the battery lease is of the capital cost of the car — price; not the cost of running it consumable cost.

I suspect the that the battery is leased is to a concern about the vehicles the table — what if my stops working after 5 If is is leased and exchanged after that seems to deal that problem.

The $50per electricity cost compared to per month for fuel is the right

I would argue the relevance of cars goes beyond the If we want personal mobility we to reduce the harm we do to the environment in that freedom.

Commenter AWM Melbourne Date and time 12, 2012, 9:18AM

Lets see introduce these same if she’s serious about a Green future instead of a Tax.

Renault could the electric car market wide with this car, (with incentives) + $100/month for lease. Not bad, just somewhere to plug it in.

Commenter Gazza Location and time March 09, 2012,

I recon most Aussie’s than the Politicians think way. Maybe they stop for a second realise we cannot keep paying for mess and give us what we Green cars incentivsed by policy, stop sending our to the oil rich countries and keep green in a way that is affordable to and the Electricity companies find a way to a little more money of slugging us all the time.

Commenter Location Melbourne Date and March 09, 2012, 3:32PM

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Renault Zoe Electric Cars
Renault Zoe Electric Cars

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