First drive review Renault Twizy

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RENAULT Twizy Cargo – Electric Van 13kW Auto

Sally Dominguez


Renault’s Twizy is an enigma in the world. Its fluid, skull-shaped, plastic body secured to a tubular steel chassis is too according to Renault, to require a window.

It operates with or doors, and for another two months at it won’t have the option of windows.

But you can option sound, parking sensors and a carbon roof. Twizy has a single head-mounted rear light and a cord in its navel that with a regular 220V socket.

It is either a speed-limited, passenger car without electronic control or a large, roofed with a steering wheel, airbag, disc brakes and an low centre of gravity.

In Australia, Design Rules classify as a non-complying passenger car but in Europe it is an quadricycle, designed specifically for the and mobility of urban commuters. an ultramobile for two (TWIN), simple and to use (EASY) and zero emissions Which has the marketing department arriving at Twizy.

Twizy can in 3.5 metres, and you can fit two Twizys in a conventional car space. Only 1.25 wide, it is 35cm shorter and than a Smart ForTwo.

In Europe if you don’t have a you can drive the Twizy45, speed-limited to Otherwise, for about $1000 — and a valid licence the Twizy80 allows a dizzying

To ride in a Twizy you have to the driver, sitting over the mounted electric engine, and up. Unless your Twizy has scissoring insect wing your legs will be open to the elements. Your are stashed either in the lockable back, or in one of two dash-mounted glove

The driver sits over the lithium-ion battery and straps a 4-point harness before the key and pressing GO. Space-y styling, the snug fit and pillion seating a carnival ride until the starts to move.

Renault was in complete charge of the Twizy’s performance, and responsible also for 80 per of the overall design work on the

With 25 per cent of its 450kg located just 30cm off the the Twizy has surprising stability, and the is deliberately engineered to celebrate zip go, hitting 45km/h in 6.1 seconds.

The delivers 13kW and 57Nm and into tight corners a delightful confidence guaranteed to you smile. The en plein air nature of the and the wind-up whirr of the electric means the driver is hyper-aware and while driving, and an optional and Bluetooth system allows the of the Twizy to battle it out against the noise with their own

Three and a half hours of (at roughly the same cost as a vacuum cleaner, according to delivers a maximum range of but the realistic range is 70 80km an EV-aware driving style.

the Twizy80 around a purposely twisty and tight Twizy-specific at Renault saw me deplete the charge by a third within fifteen all the while grinning and cackling a manic carnie. If I was actually to conserve range I would taken my foot off the pedal, the kinetic energy recovery to do its thing and the drive would make me smile.

Renault has nixed consumer wariness battery life by renting its batteries at the equivalent of around $75 per and offering European users a warranty, swap out service and a assistance that includes a home if necessary.

It’s a smart, straightforward system for a terrific transport for crowded, polluted cities. At an price of less than the Twizy could make a alternative to some bikes or end cars in Australian CBDs if given the chance.

Renault’s testing, including frontal rear impact and lateral testing based on Euro methodology, doesn’t satisfy passenger car crash standards, and the cell body structure of negates the need for a helmet, we cant treat it as a bike.

It is to envision a modification to Twizy mandatory doors could be for side impact testing, but the is such a finely calibrated entity that it’s easy to imagine the French to such a suggestion.

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our draconian and over protective Rules are going to prevent like this coming to

Just as they are killing the car market in Australia and when it all — and we are forced to drive imported cars — we wonder what actually

Commenter Over-regulated Location Date and time October 04, 9:05AM

We will never see types of cars on the road we reduce urban speed and people stick to them. And won’t happen in this of big powerful cars.

Commenter possum Location Date and time October 04, 5:06PM

reduce urban limits? Are you really a possum? them to what? 10Kph so the can brainwash us a bit more and we get completely What do you think the speed are in France?

One thing is for sure: no there!

Commenter Reason Paris Date and time 04, 2012, 8:11PM

On a recent to Switzerland I had the pleasure of test a Twizy. From start to I couldn’t wipe the smile off my What a fun vehicle.

It’s and it zoomes along like business. It is exactly what I love to have as a second It’s perfect for all those trips (about 50% of car trips are than 5km) like up kids (make that one from school, getting to swimming lessons, pick up shopping etc.

RENAULT Twizy Cargo – Electric Van 13kW Auto

It would be a great alternative for those when I don’t feel commuting the 17k to work on my bicycle. I heard that it wouldn’t be in Australia for a while, if at all, I was disappointed. To me, the Twizy is the first affordable alternative in the EV/Hybrid

Let’s hope Australia give it a chance.

Commenter Dan Sydney Date and time 13, 2012, 12:04AM

There to be an industry design prerequisite these super-micro cars be ugly. Someone call Sir this won’t do.

Commenter Location Mosman Date and October 04, 2012, 9:05AM

You to straddle the driver? My goodness, it be called a a Copulater

Commenter Bloggs Location Castlemaine and time October 04, 2012,

Or the MotoRooter.

Commenter The Oracle Oberon Date and time 04, 2012, 4:19PM

Ideas this one are innovative, and deserve to get a go. Unfortunately, the local buearocrats likely kill this as it doesn’t conform to their world-view, and will entail thinking, and work on their

Imagine Sidenee if these jiggers were given a the roads less cluttered, traffic flow, no smog But no, lets build another expensive parking lot, er, I freeway.

Commenter Truthy Location and time October 04, 2012,

How is it that this car doesn’t to our rules yet you can release a car here the indicator and wiper controls on sides to the Australian Standard??

is incharge of this needs head read.

Commenter Location Date and time 04, 2012, 9:39AM

Do you really problems adjusting to that? not rocket surgery.

Commenter Location Date and time 05, 2012, 10:46AM

RENAULT Twizy Cargo – Electric Van 13kW Auto
RENAULT Twizy Cargo – Electric Van 13kW Auto
RENAULT Twizy Cargo – Electric Van 13kW Auto
RENAULT Twizy Cargo – Electric Van 13kW Auto
RENAULT Twizy Cargo – Electric Van 13kW Auto
RENAULT Twizy Cargo – Electric Van 13kW Auto
RENAULT Twizy Cargo – Electric Van 13kW Auto


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