Renault Kangoo Maxi ZE Crew

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RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E

Basic Stats

Top Speed:

Price: £14,952*+62/mth

Surprisingly to drive and really quite the Kangoo Maxi Z.E. is available to buy now. Its long seats five but it’s classed as a commercial vehicle, so earlier in 2012 it didn’t for the a state subsidy in the same way as a car.

Fortunately, the Kangoo family now qualifies for a 20% discount on the price under the Plug-in Van making this particular more affordable as a family

As with other Renault vehicles, when you buy the van you own everything the battery, which you pay a monthly fee for. This should eliminate any worries about life and performance over the as well as the impact that have on the van’s future The lease contracts are quite too, ranging from 12 to 60 with annual mileage from 6,000 to 15,000.

lease amounts range £60 up to £105 (that’s for a 12-month/15,000 contract).

Basic Stats

By Conway October 26, 2011 PM

The stretched 2011 Renault ZE Maxi electric van turns delivery workhorse to people with extra seats and windows. Its long wheelbase five but it’s still as a commercial vehicle, so until in 2012 it didn’t qualify for the a subsidy in the same way as a passenger Fortunately, the Kangoo Z.E. now qualifies for a 20% discount on the sticker under the Plug-in Van Grant, this particular model affordable as a family hauler, and the performance is impressive, reckons Conway.

While UK buyers will to wait until mid-2012 to get hands on the pure-electric Fluence family saloon, there be another five-seat pure-electric on sale next month 2011). It’s the Kangoo (for ‘zero emissions’) and it in long and short wheelbase with or without glazing and seats. tried out the Z.E.

Maxi Crew, the version with five and with full glazing brochure speak for “it’s got all round”).

The base price for level is £18,690 but the trim tested here will in set you back £23,078. The Kangoo family now qualifies for a 20% discount (up to the of £8,000) on the sticker price the Plug-in Van Grant, so that it down to a much more £18,462.

You could use this as a family hauler, but to be honest, a bit big for the mainly urban use for which it was For businesses looking for an urban van for set routes, though, the Kangoo is well worth a look. As the Fluence Z.E. when you buy the van you own except the battery, which you pay a lease fee for. This completely eliminate any worries battery life and performance the years, as well as the impact might have on the van’s value.

The lease contracts are quite too, ranging from 12 to 60 with annual mileage from 6000 to 15,000. lease amounts range £60 up to £105 (that’s for a 12-month/15,000 contract).

As with the Fluence the 2011 Renault Kangoo is based on an existing diesel-powered But because the van is so much bigger, no compromise on its cargo capacity – the we drove has a maximum payload of

Otherwise, what you see is what you a tall van with two rows of that will accommodate occupants. Observers that spot the ‘Z.E.’ badge on the for the front-right charging flap have no clue that the is a pure-electric. That is, until it off and there is a total absence of the diesel clatter.

The Kangoo’s electric motor develops the of 59bhp and 167lb/ft of torque. The is fed by a 22kWh lithium ion battery delivers a claimed range of 106 – Renault reckons that 70% of van cover less than 62 a day.

The Kangoo Z.E. features an Eco Mode, which the motor’s performance, and that can range by up to 10%. The van also regenerative braking, which kinetic energy lost slowing down. This is as soon as the driver lifts off the – the subsequent engine braking is so that the van’s brake are activated automatically.

There’s also a neat extra that allows to check remotely their battery charge and remaining using a smartphone or computer.


The 2011 Renault Z.E. Maxi Crew we drove was actually quite a place to spend time. there is loads of space for seat occupants and the rear is equally accommodating, too.

The position feels reassuringly and the higher seating position great outward vision.

the Fluence Z.E. the van’s are instantly intuitive and logically out. There’s a simple on the left of the instrument panel indicates the battery’s level of and one to the right that shows how is being used. Blue is running, dark blue regenerative charging is happening and red you’re driving like (or to simplify, red equals fun, blue equals boring).

And there is interior is such a volume to heat, Renault and optional 5kW heater for the cabin – the uses diesel, which is in a 13-litre fuel tank and from the same filler cap the diesel-powered van uses. So you can baffle road users as you fill pure-electric van at the pumps.


Driving this van is simplicity Climb aboard, turn the key and slot the console mounted lever into ‘D’ and off you go. Performance is brisk thanks to all that from zero revs, and the gets up to speed quickly.

It’s limited to 81mph, but should be more than for urban and semi-rural use – and anyway, we all do without having another white van inches from our

The 2011 Kangoo Z.E. Crew handles as you’d which means a fair of body roll through the and understeer if you go into bends too The ride was bouncy, but then, was an empty van designed to carry up to of cargo, so fair dues.

RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E


The official range for the Kangoo Z.E. Maxi is 106 but Renault says a really careful driver can get up to 125 miles on a charge. Renault also the point that, unlike combustion engines (ICE), an vehicle is at its most efficient being used in cities and in traffic.

At a standstill, an electric doesn’t use any energy, and constant running means improved

That sounds like a likely scenario for a delivery so the Renault Kangoo Z.E. makes an even stronger for its use as an urban delivery vehicle. A charge takes between six and hours.

The electric Renault Kangoo Maxi gets the same kit as its ICE sibling. That means ABS seat belt pre-tensioners load limiters and an anti-submarining in the seat base (stops you sliding under the belt in a collision).

Optional extras a passenger airbag and driver’s airbag.


The Renault Kangoo Z.E. is more expensive up front its diesel sibling, but the 20% Plug-in Van discount takes the sting out of the

It could still make a lot of for businesses with daily that fall within the range on a single charge its 650kg payload). And as most have an extremely good on how their vehicles are being this shouldn’t prove to calculate. As it’s an electric with ‘zero emissions’ we know), there’s also company car tax to pay.

As mentioned, you buy the van you own everything except the battery, you pay a monthly lease fee for. To contracts range from 12 to 60 with annual mileage from 6,000 to 15,000. lease amounts range £60 up to £105 (that’s for a 12-month/15,000 contract).

Compared to an ICE van, costs are between five and ten lower and the further you go, the bigger the Maintenance is also claimed to be 20% than with an ICE van – no oil changes, no no timing belts.

But in your calculations, don’t the cost of installing a dedicated point.

Surprisingly good to and really quite versatile, the Van Maxi Z.E. could be a inner city workhorse – as as the math works out. Do too mileage and you may not reap the rewards of fuel and maintenance costs, too and you won’t have the daily (our grasp of the obvious is isn’t it?).

One other was pointed out to us by a fleet expert – hours in the smooth and quiet Kangoo is vastly less than in a clattery diesel version. And a more relaxed is less likely to wrap his van a tree, which saves no end of


RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E
RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E
RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E
RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E
RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E
RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E
RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E
RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E
RENAULT Kangoo Maxi Z.E


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