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RENAULT Twizy – Electric Car Technic 13kW Auto

Better than you would imagine, RenaultSport chassis, 2p per fuel cost, no road tax

I saw one of parked up in my town and was curious, so I for the owner to return, discussed it and up buying one, much to the of my two young children.

This was no to Renault UK and the local dealers who very little about the and could not even confirm a range on one charge. I ended up all the info I needed off a company who 7 of them which are hired out to and other info from the forum.

The first you notice on owning one is that you get a lot of driving one and it is not uncommon to be filmed or on every journey or to come to a crowd poking at it, sitting in it or it when parked up. This is for me, but my wife dislikes the unrelenting it draws.

Our is a white Twizy (abroad it would be an 80 Technic as is a lower powered teenage 45 model there) with the scissor doors and official windows.

Safety and handling:

It has zones and an airbag, and with the RenaultSport (read hard as chassis it is much safer it looks as it handles confidently and without any electronic interference or There is no power steering as it is so no ABS, no ESP and it drives with a similar to an old Alfasud so is a real even at lower speeds up to its top speed of 52mph. Handling it has initial very predictable and understeer and then progressive from the rear driven but you have to be being ridiculous to get it out of That said, greasy can be hysterical fun on its Eco tyres if driven by a pro as it drift beautifully.

The only a normal driver will get is if they have to do a full on stop in the damp when the of the front tyres (smaller the rear tyres) can be lost excessive panic braking. You don t buy a for mad hooning, it is an Eco electric car-but it is fun and the superb handling and constant can push you back to teenage The safety concerns are the lack of car features (it is classed as a heavy to bypass a lot of legislation-chiefly crash particularly side impact and also the fact that a passenger (especially a child) faceplant the rock hard seatback in an emergency braking or worse a collision.

In context, it is a much safer than a scooter but falls of car safety levels. The startlingly controls, the fact you can hear and the road conditions superbly, the of vulnerability, the low top speed and also the size allowing avoidance do ease much of my own safety though. If they put every new in one of these for the first six months, the would be a safer place as would learn how conditions driving and how to control a vehicle skill and not covert electronic nannying.

It is fun to use, you drive and unless you want to be idiotic it is stable and secure.


It around 1 for a total 0-100% which gives between 32 (cold weather, lights/wipers/heated use, doing 40-50mph on with some gradients) and 50 (warm weather, eco style but bank on 30-35 miles in 35-40 miles in summer if you to drive normally and keep traffic. In most EVs this be an issue, but the Twizy has a 13 amp, 3 pin plug on a 3 metre long flex, so charging is much than an EV with the Mennekes plugs which need points.

I use mine confidently and scav a quick plug in at mates, businesses etc and always to pay but no-one has yet taken money as it is than a pound to fully

The best way is to fully charge 15mins) and then top up as needed you have chance, plugging in 30 here and there as needed. The 10% (90-100%) charging cycle is than the initial charge Those nervous of this, it has a household plug, charges and the battery hire covers you if you do run out as UK sends out a vehicle to assist.

You would be daft to run out though as you a charge display, range and alarms that sound at capacity and sixteenth capacity, a limp home/limited power that kicks in when a few only left.

When mine I was paranoid about has been overcome with it and knowing how to get best range you coast or lift-off on slowing it charges the battery up) by driving to it. In a sentence, mine does a rural 33 mile A road keeping up with traffic, in 2 degrees with lights/wipers/heated use and has between 2 and 10 miles range at the end of the run.

Do not, however, to do much over 30 miles out at 52mph on a motorway though-constant throttle with no brake eats the battery.


An initial concern of mine but it better sense than them (not possible-you hire them 39-57 per depending on mileage) as they with assistance if you lose will be replaced if faulty and the Twizy does not depreciate other EVs where the battery is in the sale price-owners are nervous the huge replacement costs (eg 10k on an after a few years so the retained are very poor on those You don t need a specific charging for a Twizy either, which the cost of installing one-a outside 13 amp socket is sufficient.

One is that Renault will replace the power packs if only hold less 75% charge under the hire my own case 75% of my current full would be useless so only will tell what if/when the batteries start to


I would not buy one without as these have major over and above the feeling of weather protection, in that it most oiks from in it and also means the floor either side of the driver can be used for shopping. With two (one in front of the other on a motorbike) you can load a week s around you or carry a small dog side. The door catches do loose though and need tightening and realignment, plus the gas which lift the doors do not enough pressure to lift the on their own in cold weather.

The optional mud flap extenders are a at 25 as they stop the mist of and mud which pervades the cabin them fitted. There are two one with power socket and a lockable cubby behind the seat. It is designed as a fun, city car but is more useful expected and copes well in areas like ours.

Official Renault windows at or 218 on ebay are dreadful and should be Other windows are being which seem better and Renault are working on a new version. do not seal the gap, rattle, scratch easily, are hard to and offer no draught protection and water, snow, frost etc the cabin as well as leaving a vent gap at the rear end which the seatbelt still gets

Mine were fitted and after a week of swearing at

Weather protection:

If you wear that would suit a walk in whatever the weather is, you be fine in a Twizy with but no windows, as long as you can wipe the down before moving off if it has raining. The cabin is well to send the weather around the and even on full range in freezing weather just gloves, jacket and hat have fine for me. The rear seat gets all the wind, rain etc in face so if carrying a passenger in a lot, find some windows.

That said, a Graco Junior Maxi seat and taking my 4 year old to year old to nursery in all weathers, gets wetter going the Twizy to the school entrance than on the entire school They also beg to go in the Twizy the weather.

Brand and dealer

It is a Renault and has all the experience that brings. One friend said You Renault electrics were a and you have bought an electric Huh? Hmmm.

Some users have had outstanding service and are delighted with and the Twizy, so my advice would be to buy from a dealer who is both and knowledgeable in the ZE range and known for decent customer service, walk away as you will be a lot of them and it is infuriating when like mine know about essential things as battery range and say they not really have bought the into the UK any design faults reporting to Renault UK and not us.

KEY POINT: Is Renault dealer a Twizy Have they sold Are they interested?

Reliability and

Throttle pedal sticks in cold weather (Red OTS mine has been replacedBrake sticking/fluid leak (Blue OTS mine have been on

Hazard light switches a fault-fail when wet, Clio switch placed in wet mine has been replaced

catches can fail or stick

guides on lower edge constant adjustment and squeak loosening

Door gas strut not high pressure enough to door in cold climates

electronic switch from pedal can fail

Dashboards up if car left outside

Reports of stalk failures

Ownership: it is a new and a big risk for buyers, especially an electric Renault but in reality as a car it is very practical and useful. We several vehicles and find the the best fit vehicle more than we would ever imagined. You won t want to use it daily, on a flat-out wet motorway commute, but little errand and shopping is much more pleasurable in a you re in the fresh air, can speak to it fits in tiny parking and through tiny gaps and is a talking point.

Added to a grin factor and less 2p per mile fuel cost, it the vote and the usage over our cars far more than we imagined.

Many buyers use them for as there are a lot of options outside of and they are so eye-catching a stickered-up or wrapped Twizy is a great getter, plus being it gets 0% BIK tax and free road

For us, as a small business, the Twizy is for twice over in saved and the BIK saving, so it is a no-brainer.

Being an vehicle that needs a point to charge up will purchase for many; you need to be to leave it parked unlocked doors do not lock, only the two cubbies and the handbrake) and you need to a power source to plug second floor flat in a rough street is never to buy one!

Things that improving:

It was brave of Renault to it out, fair play to so let’s give it a chance-the etc are part of being at the cutting of a new product.

To update the design for II, I would:

RENAULT Twizy – Electric Car Technic 13kW Auto

Install LED daytime lights as the current power halogens go against the whole

Improve the handbrake design

Add to the seatbelt length as it can be a stretch for the if in bulky clothes

Swap the upper mount to the offside for RHD to make rear seat better

Launch a set of decent

See to any ongoing issues like a standard non-waterproof hazard switch in a wet position

Fit a master so numpties cannot turn on lights and sidelights to flatten when parked


Tyre supply of the standard fit eTyres is non-existent and they are at present, there is a near in Michelin if bought in pairs

No tyre, puncture kit or inflator

Yes, a front number is required by law even though it is as a heavy quadricycle

Yes, a seatbelt in/on a quad is if fitted

Is classed as a quad quadricycle, insurance is limited but and in my own experience, only ignoring the and speaking direct to the underwriter at the company got my Twizy covered on my and the insured value needs to be of Twizy PLUS 4000 for the which you HIRE.

Excellent forum at

If you like driving and like vehicles and want a tax efficient way to get while grinning like a and appearing on photobucket all over the go and have a look.

If you now own:

a you will love it (apart not being able to filter in

several cars-you will more journeys to use the Twizy you thought possible

a Smart will miss the heater and

a business-the Twizy will pay for with BIK, fuel and publicity possibilities

I was excited on the test drive but Renault the enthusiasm out of me, I bought one after evangelised by several owners and really enjoyed the joyous and outright pleasure in driving it has me, but not the Renault experience-which may be utterly in a different area and a different

If you want a trouble free, runabout for as little money as buy a Dacia Sandero.

If you hanker for the unassisted controls of your driving days and like to to everyone that passes, the might just make If you run a business, it’s a no-brainer.

with the dealer enough to buy a decent coat and hat…and the windows.

Everyone who knows me has mine; they all come roaring with laughter, sparkling and chattering like a teen.

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