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RENAULT Twizy Electric Cars


One in fun-size — PH drives one-off KERS-equipped Twizy F1

inside my jeans pocket is a slip of paper — no than a receipt for your dry On it are a series of numbers, to most meaningless. But there’s one number stands out.

Quite it says 7.534 seconds.

point five three seconds. That’s the rather time I spent at the wheel of the Renaultsport F1. OK, so I actually had two drives, but the number is — thanks to a start — slightly

So we’ll gloss over one.

Renaultsport parts has made a mean Twizy

have read about the Twizy Renaultsport F1 on PH before, so no need to deliver chapter and about its credentials. But to recap, a single-seat Twizy that has given the full Renaultsport Or at least as much Renaultsport as can be at an electric quadricycle.

The headlines are compelling. A KERS derived from Renaultsport’s F1 experience. Michelin slicks from a Formula Renault 2.0 racing car.

And a proper steering wheel from a Renault 3.5 racer.

There been one or two cosmetic upgrades, Like the carbon splitter, and rear wing. There’s a pair of single-seat style a small detail I missed on the shots. They’re useless, but look super cool.

As the rain light that’s once again — from Renaultsport’s parts

Depending on your viewpoint, is either a recipe for disaster or a to be cheerful. Had any other manufacturer such a thing, you’d it would end up looking like a electric car that’s been to a Halfords gift card. But Renaultsport, the project was in safe

It had to be Liquid Yellow, didn’t it?

of madness

Setting eyes on the Renaultsport F1 for the first time, the reaction is to smile. Then into laughter. Before on absolute glee. As petrolheads, we be delighted that pointless such as this exist.

The world doesn’t need a F1, but it feels a better place for its

There have been like this in the past. The C30 Polestar immediately springs to as does the Nissan Juke R. And in the of the Juke R — against all the — these moments of can actually reach full

Like the Juke R, the Twizy F1 was the of a throwaway conversation — a amongst friends and colleagues. like you and me. But unlike the majority of us, people can actually make happen.

Which is why I was able to approximately 7.5 seconds driving the

To explain, I got two 100 metre runs in the car an initial ‘sighter’ dash, by a head-to-head with a Renaultsport piloted by Renault’s tame driver, Julien Piquet. of him as ‘Le Stig’. Only a helmet.

Twizy F1 feels pretty in isolation.

Flying start

The procedure will be familiar to who has ever driven a Twizy, yet so different at the same time. In joie de vivre spirit, I down the opportunity to wear a and was buckled up using a typical seatbelt. There’s no key, a silver start button, the size of a 5p piece.

Immediately that is another, slightly button, but one with the power to much fury. Press and the KERS unit bursts life. Like a true F1 this is sat directly behind head, treating your to the weirdest symphony ever.

The is part electric lawnmower, Harrier ‘Jump Jet’ and Dyson vacuum cleaner. But a surprisingly musical accompaniment, for the catapult joyride that’s to take place.

RENAULT Twizy Electric Cars

Foot on the KERS is engaged by pulling paddles towards you. red LEDs illuminate on the F1 steering — look, but don’t as a certain Mr Brundle might

Release the handbrake, take foot off the brake, keep the engaged and press hard on the gas. In an instant, all 97 of the Twizy’s horsepower are unleashed, and the pint-sized F1 slingshots along the asphalt.

up with a Megane 265 proves it!

You stop yourself from — which only to offer up your mouth as a for the onslaught of stones and debris skywards by the Twizy’s super fat and exposed slicks. Now I know why offered a helmet.

But no matter, the act of stones from my teeth and only heightens the sense of Three things will in my mind (and teeth) for an long time — the the off-the-line pace (read: the force of KERS) and the stones. an authentic F1 experience in fun size.

the word ‘bonkers’ has never more apt. My brief confirm that the Twizy F1 indeed accelerate to 62mph in the same time as the Megane But it’s the sense of theatre elevates the Twizy F1 to greatness.

In 20 years time we’ll back on this miniature as a car of its ‘downsized’ time — a progression from the Espace F1. a privilege to say I’ve driven it.

off to the small but talented team who the Twizy F1 happen. Mating a electric motor to a KERS spinning to 36,000rpm is no mean — utilising an F1-style mechanism is a neat trick. As is the system that keeps the chilled.

Not to mention the small of ensuring the Twizy F1 is actually

The Espace F1, reimagined for 2013.


What’s next for the team? Could we see more dream creations emerging the Renaultsport stable? When about a potential Zoe Renaultsport F1, Brotonne, the technical project delivered a knowing smile and a Gallic shrug of the shoulders.

We can take that as a ‘maybe’.

The of adding bigger batteries to more boost for the Twizy F1 was discussed. But one thing is for sure according to Guillame, we’re five to ten years away KERS appearing in the kind of performance cars you and I might

RENAULT Twizy Electric Cars
RENAULT Twizy Electric Cars
RENAULT Twizy Electric Cars

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