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Friday, March 29, 2013 at

There are plenty of places you can detailed reports about the intricacies of the newly launched Zoe, here’s a good

I’m not going to write a as such, more my opinion of this new car might represent.

the last 3 years or so an increasing of large car manufacturers have the writing on the wall and started new electric cars, the best being the Tesla Model S and the Leaf.

I pick those two you can’t buy a Tesla Model S petrol’ or a Nissan Leaf diesel.’ They have designed and built as electric not converted from existing As other manufacturers see these they start to get anxious, now VW, Ford, Toyota and many are about to launch battery vehicles.

The next of these to appear is the Zoe, (available from 7th although Renault have no less than 4 new electric in the last year I think the Zoe is the important.

Last year launched the Twizy, although isn’t really a car, a quadricycle that is absurdly fun to (if it’s not freezing cold.) The two are essentially conversions of existing the Kangoo, a local delivery van easier to use, quieter and to run than a clunking old diesel in a traffic jam all day, and the Fluence, a saloon car and I have to say my least of the range.

The Renault Zoe uses of the components found in the Renault but it’s been completely from the tyres up. It’s easy to drive, goes a way on one charge, is absurdly cheap to and of course it can use electricity from a variety of sources. (This is an point, unlike a fossil you CAN charge an electric car from natural gas, nuclear, or solar, I’m just

However, the thing that mark it out is it’s not absurdly to buy.

(£13,995 after a UK Government Plug-in Car Grant) So how did manage to produce an electric car for much the same price as a fitted out petrol one?

The is the battery, when you buy this you don’t buy the battery. You lease the and how much your lease depends on how far you drive each

If you drive 7,500 miles a you’ll be paying £70 a on a 36 month rental agreement. that to 12,000 miles a and the rental goes up to £93 a

Every time I mention to people some serious scratching starts and they their phones and open the app. ‘Hang on a minute, a bit steep isn’t it. £93 a is £1,116 a year, that’s to buy 183 gallons of petrol!’

Indeed, and 180 gallons of petrol is to drive a Renault Clio size car, similar price etc) just 10,000 miles. Not 12,000 but close.

So with the Zoe you rent the but then you’ve got the cost of the

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To drive 12,000 miles in the the electricity will cost you £170, less if you charge at and less if you use a lot of public charging is currently free.

So to clarify again, 12,000 miles in a Zoe electric, I’ll be generous, (battery rental plus and 12,000 miles in a Renault is about £1,930 in fuel. being very generous I’m not including road On the Zoe, it’s free as in all electric cars, I’m not servicing, no need for oil change, oil filters or any number of the other our lovely old ICE engines need to them going.

Plus I’m not including world MPG which is always lower than advertised. a small internal combustion car on a morning with the heater on up a hill and your MPG drops to SUV Oh yes, the same as an electric reduced range in the winter,

But that’s not all, the battery agreement gives owners a rental deal to use conventionally cars for long journeys. will deliver the car any time of the day or meaning it could easily for a one car household.

It’s very to guess how much a Renault Zoe cost if you could buy the battery and the car at the judging by other electric it would certainly be over but the battery rental model a whole new spin on the debate.

You have to remember this is written from the perspective of who’s driven battery cars for over 40,000 The Nissan Leaf I’m driving has done 26,000 and I haven’t noticed one scintilla of depreciation. True, by the time it to 75,000 miles or even miles I may be massively depressed but I doubt it.

The cost in electricity to that 26,000 miles is £400, the cost to drive an car, say a VW Golf bluemotion the distance is around £2,800 so a saving of £2,400. Multiply by 4 to give 100,000 miles and you £9,600 on petrol.

I really the Renault Zoe, it’s an car to drive and would be more adequate for 90% of car journeys, as are all other cars. My only concern is the subtext of the battery rental is Renault sort of saying; very confident about car, it has a 5 star NCAP and wonderful handling, brilliant on electronics and state of the art accessories, worry about the batteries, might fail, they break, they might do all the Big Jezza has suggested so we’ll after them.’

I hope I’m wrong, I lots of people take the and buy this car, find the lease model is brilliant an I end up like a fool. I’m with that, I’m used to it.

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