The new Zoe has real girl power as Renault& s most convincing …

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The new Zoe has real girl power as s most convincing electric car to

The Mirror’s motoring columnist Renault’s new electric car has potential as a car — but lacks the range to go further

She s electric: The Renault Zoe

Zoe, Renault’s most electric car so far. There’s a at Top Gear ­magazine who’s so that he’s burnt all the off the top of his head because his grey is so powerful that it’s a little power station.

is what he says about cars: “If you bought a Lamborghini you wouldn’t ring the company up the day saying, ‘Oi, this you sold me, I can’t get all my family in

“It’s the same with cars. Their manufacturers you they’re for commuting short and not for touring holidays around so you shouldn’t complain about the range.’

Clearly, if you live in then a vehicle with a of less than 100 miles is out of the But if you live in the city it’s a matter, so that’s where been testing this Ours is a Dynamique Zen version – price £15,195.

Yes, a remarkably low price for an electric car we’re used to manufacturers sports car money for them. price includes deducting the grand grant that the offers, but there’s some small print. Renault has that the sensible way to go is to sell the car and lease them the batteries.

This makes a lot of sense anyone who owns a laptop that batteries don’t their maximum charge for

It’s a lot like a mobile contract in that there are a of schemes to choose from. A contract allowing an annual of 7,500 miles costs £70 per while 12,000 miles a costs £93.

So to the Zoe. The Zen with a white interior than the grey of the other White looks more the inside of a space station and suits the Zoe’s futuristic Cleaning it might not be so good, but it great when it’s The outside of the Zoe looks attractive

But we must crack on because much to say about this

Space-age: The Renault Zoe

You get the normal key card in the Zoe, which into the ­dashboard. Press the button, the instrument panel to life and you’re ready to go.

into D with the gear off with the conventional handbrake, the right pedal and you’re off – briskly if you prod it hard. But you be thrashing an electric car because it a lot of battery.

The brake pedal a soft touch as the brakes are and you could end up catapulting your forwards.

The thing I like about electric cars is the and quiet. The Zoe is almost silent, is why Renault has fitted a gizmo makes a strange noise to pedestrians you are sneaking up on them. You can it off it you want to.

Apart from the ­sensitive the Zoe is blissfully easy to drive. The is a bit disappointing, even if the car has the sporting of a couch potato. It’s no than the average motor, but in as peaceful as the Zoe, you’d thought the ride would been a priority.

When the comes to recharge, you either go where Renault will installed a domestic charging or you will have found a charging station. Or, in our case, one in a car park.

You remove a fat charging cable a bag in the back (you’d have there would be a special for it to go in) and then plug one end into the car and the into the charging unit, first waved your card over a sensor on the unit. It takes a few goes to get right.

What you can’t do is the Zoe using a 13amp socket. a bit daft as it means you couldn’t from the plug in a friend’s for example. Renault quotes a range of 130 miles, but also that if you drive the Zoe around in winter, that’ll drop to 60 miles, which is exactly we managed in our test car.

If one day cars have a range of 300 I’ll consider buying Or if I moved to the city. But both are highly unlikely in the near

The Facts

Price . £15,195 government grant)

Engine . motor, 88bhp

0-62mph .

The Rivals

Nissan LEAF: the Zoe, this is also a electric car. Now available battery-leasing deals. £15,990


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