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RENAULT Twizy – Electric Car Colour 13kW Auto

The experience of the Twizy

Thanks to Auto Indumij Renault Dordrecht we could test the Renault Twizy for the Weekend! What a great experience.

From the moment that we drove off everyone was watching us. We went home to show the car to my family and they loved it right away. After having charged the Twizy we went to Rotterdam, where the World Port days were going on, three days filled with boats and sailing.

An ideal event to get some attention with the Twizy!

With the battery charged 98%, we drove off and took the highway towards Rotterdam. The Twizy can get up to 84 kilometers per hour and although this is a lot slower than the other traffic it was not that annoying. A lot of people even seem to low down to take a look.

People were waving and children were going wild. Even though we did not go very fast, we had a huge smile on our faces! On the exit to the Feyenoord football stadium we still had 80% of voltage.

We took a little side street past the cinema, people didn’t know what they were seeing. Everyone was taking pictures and gave us the thumbs up. We drove on into the city center for a lovely dinner at the Arabic restaurant ‘Bazar’.

At the Bazar we could park next to the terrace which was great when we opened the wing doors and got out! Of course a lot of people came to take a look and have a chat. Their first reaction was: I am going to buy one tomorrow! Others thought it was a concept car, but everyone was very excited about the fact that the Twizy is fully electric and that you simply can charge it at home.

All the kids wanted to sit in the car and play with the wing doors.

The most fun of driving the Twizy is that you always have the maximum power. It accelerates pretty fast but if you drive forty and put your foot down then you realize that you really have maximum power. The feeling that you are accelerate so quickly is such a wonderful feeling. This feeling became kind of a hobby.

In corners the Twizy was quite stable despite that it is a small and high car. This is because most of the weight is at the bottom, the batteries are located between the wheels. You have to get used to the throttle because it is very sensitive. Even if you let go of the throttle it doesn’t brake right away.

The brakes were very strong but this was needed to compensate the fact that you drive faster than you think. Normally you hear an engine but in the Twizy you only hear the noise of the wind. So you have to be careful with speed cameras.

Another really cool thing about the Twizy is that if you let go of the throttle or brake it recharges itself, so if your travel uphill you will win back energy as you go down.

After dinner we drove further on into the city center. Now I sat in the back. Despite the fact that the seat not being that soft you could sit quite well in the back, better than expected! Getting in the back is a little bit tricky, better try this a few times at home before you go embarrass yourself in front of a big crowd.

You have enough support in your back and you can sit with your legs stretched out. And you can put your arm on the door to lean a little more forward, that way you can look outside. In the back you do get quite a lot of wind, especially when you are going over fifty kilometers an hour.

After we drove some more through the citycenter we ended up at club BED. A few bartenders came out to have a look. They let us charge the Twizy at the back.

We had just asked for approval at the police station further up the street. Because we parked it on a place for loading and unloading, on a Saturday night, it wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately, not all police officers in Rotterdam have the same rules. Once we got back at the Twizy we found a ticket for parking on a place for loading and unloading.

But hey, he was working on a Saturday night and we had the time of our life. The Twizy is a great car to drive and to impress. But the trip home was quite an adventure. Stressful, because with almost empty batteries and a range of half a mile left we just made it home.

At home we recharged the Twizy right away, since we needed full batteries the next day.

RENAULT Twizy – Electric Car Technic 13kW Auto

On Sunday I drove back to Rotterdam with a friend to shoot some pictures of the Twizy and take it for a longer trip. I drove from Dordrecht to Rotterdam all the way through the country side. This was truly a wonderful ride with the beautiful weather we had that day! And the Twizy was a lot more efficient than on the highway.

Between fifty and sixty km/h is really a perfect speed for the Twizy. After a wonderful trip I arrived in Rotterdam for the second time. People had lost their attention for all the boats when they saw a Twizy coming up on the Erasmus Bridge!

After I picked up a friend the two of us went on a terrace tour and we started on Noordereiland. This is a small island that connects the south and north part of Rotterdam. Because the Twizy is so small we could drive it between barriers, which obstruct the sidewalk, all the way to the edge of the quay.

We were swarmed by people who came to have a look. Luckily, after a while and a few chats we could shoot some nice pictures of the Twizy.

We continued our terrace-tour to a great place that was specially built for this weekend. Here we sat down for a drink and a snack and discussed what we thought about the Twizy, and what it is any good for? We came to the conclusion that the Twizy really is a city car which is a lot trendier than most small cars. Especially if you have the space to properly charg it you can use it very well. A big advantage against a trendy Vespa is that you can take the highway or a B-road.

Especially in the Rotterdam area you have a lot of parts on the highway where you only can go 80 km/h. This way you can travel much faster around the city. Is the Twizy practical? No, but still you want to buy one.

It is a kind of lifestyle. It is made for cool people that care about the environment and that have some money to burn. Despite that it is a bit impractical, you will have so much fun and attention with the Twizy and it puts a smile on your face!

See here all the pictures of the Renault Twizy.

I would like to thank Renault Auto Indumij Dordrecht for making this test possible.

For more information about the Twizy:Auto Indumij Renault Dordrecht

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