The Urban Concept Vehicle At The Frankfurt Engineering Essay

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The Urban Concept Vehicle At The Engineering Essay

In the recent one of the major carbon footprint the developed countries are facing is an in the number of cars occupied by a single person. The increase in the for flexibility, spending power, of living and economic independence are of the reasons for people driving vehicles alone and not sharing Along with an increase in the footprint, these Single Vehicles (SOVs) cause stress on the transportation facilities rising level of traffic and

The average commuting rates per car are on the weekends and holiday seasons but low for commuting and business. In 2010, the commuting rates in UK were 1.2 per car for and business sector.

The boost in the of cars on roads is contributing to gas emissions. Moreover, the SOVs are increasing the per capita carbon The increase in the number of cars as as the decrease in the average commuting is causing stress on the road resulting in traffic jams in hours and slower commute. vehicles like the SUVs are this problem of pollution and road space. According to a study at the Texas AM University, jams wasted 3.6 billion and 5.7 billion gallons of fuel.

was the research conducted in the year If such issues are not taken of we will definitely see the numbers off the roof and reaching a point not much can be done.

Some of the for these difficulties include people for using mass facilities and car pooling. The government come up with laws and like High Occupancy Lane which will car sharing. Even looking an economic perspective, the cost of is much more for an SOV as compared to transportation facilities or car sharing.

gas guzzling vehicles like are highly expensive for commuting and

Though the mass transit and car address the problems for space and management, flexibility and comfort are some of the issues which to be come with solutions A prototype model called as Seat Commuter Car (S2C2) is to be one of the most feasible solutions for the crisis. S2C2 can lead us in the of flexible, comfortable and economic Being a light weight and low vehicle with a low carbon S2C2 will surely the cost of transportation for an individual with less emission.

dimensions of S2C2 will be very less compared to the four or five seat

The automotive industry is also to find many solutions to these consumer demands. new vehicles are being introduced low carbon powertrain, smaller as well as with alternative source. Hybrid Vehicles and Vehicles seem to be the next area for the auto world.

But of mileage range and high of technology are still the major in these vehicles.

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To validate the design and the prototype model Single Commuter Car is benchmarked with of the existing vehicles as well as vehicles manufactured or designed the same purpose of reducing and dimensions. These vehicles are further.

Audi Urban Concept

came up with the Urban vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor in 2011. This new concept Audi sets a new trend for the roads as it cannot be distinguished any existing automobile segment.

It is a two car, with the second slightly offset towards the than the driver seat. The two of the car are in a single piece of carbon connected with the roof. The slides to the back for the driver and to get in and it is designed in such a way that it can be open like in a convertible.

It is an motor powered vehicle the battery installed behind the The weight of the lithium-ion battery is 90 It gives an output of 15 kW of power and 47 Nm of This gives the car acceleration 0 to 60 mph in 16.9 seconds.

A single transmission gives the drive the motor to the rear wheels. The takes about 20 minutes 400 volt three-phase supply and one from 230 volt household to fully charge. Apart the regular power outlet Audi has also developed a Charging system which is induction charging and the system can be in a parking space.

The majority of the body is made from (Carbon Fiber Reinforced with some few body from aluminum. This has in an extremely low kerb weight for the which is 480 kilograms. The Audi has a sophisticated suspension system CFRP and aluminum wishbones are connected to the 21 inch free-standing

The free-standing wheels are covered by plates.

The Urban Concept has dimensions of 3,219 millimeters in) of length, 1,678 millimeters in) of width and only 1,189 (46.81 in) of height. Being environment friendly and light the Urban Concept is a radical new with racing and fun –loving and a perfect vehicle for extended tours.

BMW i1

In 2011, BMW introduced of its futuristic designs in its Project i which they call it as Amongst these vehicles, the one attracts our attention is the BMW i1. The company for an urban commuter automotive with the i1.

The BMW i1 is still in its very stage of design. Basically, it is a electric vehicle with electric motors inbuilt each wheel. The company to introduce the car in 2016.

The BMW designer that this single-seat is a driving experience for the rider a link between a car and a motorcycle. The i1 has a suspension for the two front wheels allows the vehicle to tilt the turns.

Amadou Ndiaye BMW i1

BMW i1 Concept Single-Seater by Amadou Ndiaye

BMW i1

Commuter Cars Tango

Cars, an American based at Spokane, Washington introduced a unique two seat vehicle. has its tires thinner than of the motorcycles and occupies up to one-quarter of a parking space. Tango, at its glance will not look to you but once you get to know about its and handling it will definitely your attention. It can beat supercars in 0-60 mph acceleration.

It can reach a maximum speed of 150 MPH and utmost stability at the same

The first Tango was delivered to George Clooney’s garage in the 2005. The very second car was not until the February of 2008 due to production. The car comes in 3 versions, each of them priced at $40,000 and $19,000 respectively

Tango weights up to 3,150 It is 35 inches wide, 8 feet 5 long and 60 inches high accounts for clear visibility. Its clearance is 4 inches and is adjustable coil-over shocks. Tango is with two advance DC electric producing a torque over ft-lbs.

It has a 2,000 amp Zilla with 600 kilowatt peak All of the 4 wheels have disc and it also comes up with a control option. Tango can run on lead acid or lithium ion

It has an on board charger and can be charged any current between 0 and 40 amps and any between 100V and 250V time as a constraint.

An interesting about a car the size of the Tango is its use would increase the freeway capacity from 2,000 to cars per hour, according to a conducted by the University of California,

Despite of being an emission and aimed to ease traffic there are some drawbacks disable it from being the car. The first one being, the customer choose this car for the sake of reducing traffic? The one being the cost of the car, it is an car and will not appeal to the middle societies around the globe.

Smart Fortwo

The Smart, a car introduced by Daimler has been the automotive world for more 10 years from now. The brought with it a new sense for commuting with its small of 106.1 inches (8.8 of length, 61.4 inches feet) of width and 60.7 (5.1 feet) of height. projects the vehicle to be a perfect car with its 28.7 ft turning

In UK, the Smart comes up with different variants viz. Cabrio and the Electric Drive. The has three different options for the Customer can choose between a engine with a micro drive, a turbo petrol and a common rail diesel The Common rail diesel has 86 gm/km of CO2 emissions.

The Fortwo has only the petrol engine whereas the Electric Drive has a kWh lithium-ion battery with a of 87 miles with full which takes up to 7 hours to

The car is equipped with 8 airbags In case of an accident, the on-board Management System shuts of the unlocks the doors and turns on the lights. The Tridion Safety in the Smart is considered to be the benchmark of safety for small cars.

It acts as a design element. ABS and ESP are other features which add up to the of the car.

The Smart has 15 inch wheels options for alloy and steel for different variants. It has wide doors which makes boarding for the passengers. A huge space of 340 litres behind the two creates enough luggage capacity for two people.

The crystal headlamps and tail lights the driver for brighter vision. The panels of the Smart can be interchanged and for different colours. They are of scratch resistant plastic and can be recycled.

The car also has a Tire Monitoring System.


The Motor Industry Association (MIRA) is an automotive company headquartered in Warwickshire, UK. The Electric Vehicle Company is a company also headquartered at the location which is collaborating MIRA and aims at providing a business proposition for the introduction of a made 2nd generation global vehicle.

The popularity of electric has been on the rise ever they have first introduced to combat issues global warming due to fossil emissions, and their depleting reserves. To capitalize on this demand for electric and alternative, vehicles, the GEVCO/MIRA team are developing two concepts, one being a 4 seat and a mid-range family (series hybrid). The phase 1 developed the concept for the i-Mav, a 4 seat electric vehicle primarily but not exclusively for urban for introduction to market on a global by 2015.

The Range Extender used will enable a efficiency and hence a high The Advanced electro Magnetic Motor removes the need for a thereby reducing the cost and An aluminum air battery is being for use as the primary battery rather the conventional lithium based

The EV will also have tail pipe emissions.

has identified 2 key product lines, the Platform Variant and the i-Mode Variant. The i-Mav will be for congested cities and could be for local commuting and also LCV deliveries. The new Aluminum air technology is set to it a range of 430 miles. It will have an advanced safety and a 4 seat capability. The i-Mode on the hand will have a 6 capability but will also be for congested cities and could be as Taxi, a delivery van or an MPV.

It use a hybrid drivetrain which can an extended driving range.

The of the proposed i-Mav model are as 2850 mm in length, 1630 mm in and 1671 mm in height. The kerb will be 760 kg which can be explained by the modular aluminum structure. A set of and weight standards were set compromising the occupier safety and standards.

The reduced cost in due to the step change technologies would allow for a low pricing and the exteriors which are rather for an electric vehicle are targeted at the common man’s perception of vehicle’s while also the primary purpose of saving planet.

Honda Micro Commuter

In 2012, Honda Motor Co. brought out the short distance sized electric vehicle named Micro at the Tokyo Show. This vehicle was according to the quadricycle category for Europe set by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism of Japan.

With maximum battery of 15 kW lithium-ion battery, the car can go up to 37 miles top speed of 80 km/hr and overall 2,500 × 1,250 × 1,445 (length × width × height).

The employs Variable Design positions for its parts to make the car The control unit, motor and are under the floor and behind the seat. Two kids and a driver can fit in this car.

The target which Honda focuses on is the citizens, people who car-pool, who commute using public The Japanese automaker also at reducing the carbon footprint this vehicle.

The Micro a tablet which is specific to the using the car for the car information display display, navigation, audio and camera display. The tablet is using photovoltaic cell is on the roof of the car.

The Honda have also collaborated Honda Smart Home and started the testing for Micro at in Japan.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV / Citroen / Peugeot iOn

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is a door, electric powered car produced by Mitsubishi Motors. stands for Mitsubishi innovative Vehicle. The same vehicle is in Europe rebadged by PSA Peugeot (PSA) as the Peugeot iOn and Citroen

This car utilizes high density Lithium-ion batteries greater range. This new allows charging of the battery at any whatever the initial charge of the battery. Being a 100 % electric it produces zero emissions and is silent on the move. The best is that it can be charged easily an ordinary plug.

Being 100 % it does not need a noisy engine, transmission or fuel – all this adds up to zero CO2

The i-MiEV was launched for customers in in July 2009, and on April 1, for the public worldwide. As of October more than 20,000 from i-MiEV family been sold worldwide Europe as the leading market.

The car has a turning radius of 9 meters. But if you inside you will find room for 4 plus ample space. This is partially because this is an electric car to its so the structure was designed from the to house batteries under the

That also means safety in case of an impact and low of gravity for good handling and place to spare wherever it

Naturally there is also for all the technology that looks you, such as ABS with Brake- force (EBD), Stability Programme (ESP) and a quota of airbags.

RENAULT Twizy – Electric Car Colour 13kW Auto

Virtually free, incredibly quiet and to run this car brings you all the advantages of advanced electric power. A of 93 miles with full and a maximum speed of 80 mph are some of the A full charge takes eight hours.

Due to the new quick system 80 % battery gets in just half an hour.

The car provides a maximum power of (kW/rpm) while max torque is (Nm/rpm). The max speed is 80 mph with 0 to 62 mph in secs. The kerb wight of the car is kgs with turning circle of 9

The length, width, height and base are 3475 mm, 1475 mm, mm, 2550 mm respectively.

One can say that it is a new and efficient way to travel, pure and This small is clearly the new


Renault launched Twizy in adding one more eco friendly to its fleet of electric cars the Zero Emission (Z.E.) It is an electric vehicle with wheels and two seats. The prices for the car at £6,690 with three variants available based on the and exterior features.

Some of the do not doors and windows. The car is manufactured the facility in Valladolid, Spain.

The two of the vehicle are arranged in tandem. The measures 2.32 m (8 ft) in length, m (4 ft) in width and 1.46 m (5 ft) in height. The and width of the vehicle is smaller that of Smart Fortwo.

The has a very small turning of 6.8 meters. It has a kerb weight of than 480 kilograms.

The car has a 7 kWh lithium-ion battery coupled with a gear transmission. The battery is under the front seat. to Renault sources, the range of is 62 miles with full It takes about three and a hours to fully charge the

Thus the car is an urban vehicle and called as “Urban Compact” by engineers. The Twizy has a tubular structure as well as front which protects the rider. The standing wheels guard from side impact.

Renault car is an ideal alternative for a But because of some its limitations no heating or absence of windows, it is to be only an urban vehicle.—oh-windows.html


One of the world’s biggest manufacturers of Toyota Motor Corporation up with Toyota iQ model in 2008 and is still in production.

design emphasizes on many One of them is low fuel consumption. It provides high maneuverability due to size. The powertrain designed is friendly due to low carbon emissions. it comes under the category of two seat car the design maximizes the space.

It also incorporates design factors such as overhangs, forward windscreen maximized cabin space and compactness, a newly developed and a centre take-off steering a flat fuel tank and absorbers, a smaller heater/air unit and asymmetric dashboard with a slimmer seat

This three door city car is powered with 1.3 liter petrol inline 4 engine or 1.4 liter diesel 4 cylinder engine which power of almost 90 PS @ 3400 rpm and 190 Nm @ 1800-3200 rpm. The CO2 emissions are 99 with manual transmission. It has a economy of 64.2 mpg and it takes you 0 to 62 mph in 11.6 seconds.

In £11,000 it all it promises to deliver. The dimensions its compactness with overall 2985 mm, overall width mm and height of 1500 mm. With a base of 200 mm it provides minimum clearance of 136 mm.

The minimum turning radius for and body are respectively 4.2 and 3.9 meters. The tank capacity is 32 liters.

with being a child of one of the biggest car manufacturers it gives all accessories and manages to complete all the protocols. With such a pricing it packs together design on a small scale.

Reva G-Wiz

The also known as Reva in other than UK was launched in by Bangalore based Indian car REVA Electric Car Company was later acquired by another auto major Mahindra in 2010. It needs approximately of electricity and can be charged anywhere. It needs a 13 ampere electric

The cost per mile is approximately and if it is recharged using renewable the cost is almost nil.

is a two door four seat (2 2 Children) rear wheel hatchback which was developed to L7e quadricycle. It can go up to 48 miles approximately it is fully charged, with a top of 51 miles per hour and overall 2,600 × 1,300 × 1,600 (length × width × height). It with 13″ energy-saving low rolling tubeless tires (pressure 35 psi / 40 rpsi ear) has a ground of 150 mm and wheel base of 1.7 m which it a turning radius of 3.5 meters.

As far as and security is concerned it has Tubular space frame with impact beams, energy bumpers collapsible steering and developed according to the L7e quadricycle for the Union. It comes with a package and is tested for frontal crash at a speed of about 25 per hour. It has a central locking and immobilizer.

The G-Wiz is available in a range of colors and the colors can be bespoke giving for a designer The interiors again can be custom or come up with leather It comes with DAB stereo, cup and the retractable rear seatbelts are optional.

The wheels can be any standard of the choice or alloy. The Air conditioning is It has a comfortable storage space.

The seats can be folded for an additional and also it has a storage tub under the

It comes with a group 1 The tailpipe carbon emission per is zero and has around 63 gm carbon per kilometer of emissions that is the ones generated at the power

what and aim

number of seats

introduced/ date / launch

powertrain and

RENAULT Twizy – Electric Car Colour 13kW Auto

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