Thinking of buying a new car? All hail the class of 2013 the …

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Thinking of buying a new car? All the class of 2013: the pick of the motors

For visitors to the Geneva Show, there have so many glittering new cars on that it’s been knowing where to look. the flag for British production we’ll forget for the moment the firm is German-owned — is the 616bhp, 200mph Bentley Spur, the firm’s fastest model ever, and expected to a cool £140,900.

Fancy a little quicker? How about the McLaren P1, also built in You’d better get in quick; only building 375 P1s, at each. Other British-built include the new £215,000 Rolls-Royce a fastback version of the Ghost and the fastest model in the firm’s

Aston Martin, meanwhile, has the covers off its sleek, 550bhp S. If it’s ultimate performance after, how about the dashing new F150? It’s powered by a V12 with extra power an electric motor, so expect an of around 900bhp — and a £1 price tag.

But it’s not all high-speed and unaffordable glamour. The is also debuting the first nine-speed auto box in a regular car — the Range Rover — while Nissan is off its facelifted, range-extended Leaf.

cars drawing the crowds at the — which continues next weekend — Toyota’s convertible version of the coupe, Vauxhall’s new Cascada the new Lexus IS range, an extensive of revised Volvos, a production of the Honda Civic estate, the new DS3 Cabrio, Peugeot’s new 2008 our cover star — the new Fiesta ST, and many many

But no matter where the models are or built, it’s all good for the motor industry in Britain, new-car sales got off to a confident in 2013 — 11.5 per up in January over the same the year before.

Here, in our edition of Motors, we’re our pick of the new-car lineup from a handful of performance to SUVs, city runabouts and cars — most to make a splash in 2013…

and City cars

Ford From £9,795

The Fiesta is the best-selling UK car, a trick it last year when it was by a total of 109,265 customers, to the next best-selling car, the Corsa (89,434); so any changes to iconic model are always On sale since January, the model looks crisper, a restyled front end with the grille first seen on the and eye-catching LED daytime running Good news is that the three-cylinder Ecoboost petrol is now available in 99bhp or 118bhp

Fuel economy should hit with CO2 emissions at 99g/km on the powerful variant. Even news is the new six-speed dual-clutch gearbox, although initially on the 103bhp 1.6. The cabin’s tweaked too. This we shall get the new 178bhp Fiesta ST which is bound to be fun.

for this 136mph model with 177bhp on tap from its engine — will from £16,995.

BMW i3. Approx (estimated)

Unfortunately you’ll to hang on until winter for exciting all-new electric car, but with ultra-modern BMW’s engineering pedigree and it’s a safe bet to be well the wait. It’s a four-seater lightweight carbon-fibre body and packaging”. This means doors hinged at the rear, to a wide entrance into the Rolls-Royce-style. It’s powered by a electric motor generating enough for 0-62mph in under seconds and a top speed of over while the lithium-ion battery should deliver a range of 100

Penny-pinching however it will not be expect to pay in the region of £28,000-£32,000.

Adam. From £11,255

name, and slightly strange but then the thing about city cars is that feel they have a to be more adventurous, trying they wouldn’t dare in conservative markets. Up against the shorter) Mini and the (narrower) 500, the Adam comes a choice of three engines, all and all of which have stop-start. A degree of customisation is available, more than 30,000 combinations.

Hyundai i10. £8,500 (estimated)

The South car-maker’s reputation for building desirable, well-engineered cars no bounds, so expect its new i10 city car to up more of the same when it towards the end of 2013. Expect fuel economy and practicality and an extra dash of style and out. Insiders hint the car will be much the same as the current model, while it be powered by updated versions of the 1.0 and 1.2-litre engines.

The firm’s — its SUV — will receive a facelift in the autumn.

Zoe. From £13,650 grant)

Spearheading the French foray into the world of cars, the quaintly-named Zoe will be mainstream with an official range of 130 miles from its electric motor and batteries. The is that you will lease batteries separately, with starting at around £70 a month for a package. Equipment levels are across all three trim Expression, Dynamique Zen and Dynamique

If you’ve been thinking going electric but haven’t the plunge, this good-looking car be the one that does it for you.

Kia From £17,495

This looking car is actually the three-door of the all-new Cee’d, but with whizzy lines, including rear lights, bumpers and giving it a highly distinctive Available with a choice of 1.4 and petrol engines, and two 1.6 diesels it emerges in April. Next it will be joined by a Procee’d hot powering along on 200bhp.

Leaf, European version (estimated, including grant)

good things have written about the capable, all-electric Nissan Leaf and it become more affordable the new European version goes on in late Spring, as it will be at the firm’s Sunderland plant. the move to the UK means that will now be a choice of trim The range will also going from 109 to 124 miles, more luggage space in the will be created by moving the to under the bonnet, and handling be better tuned towards roads. Meanwhile, due in September is the new Nissan Note, to take on Fiesta.

It is expected to switch high, upright hatchback to conventional but dashing, supermini

Renault Clio. From

The Clio Mk 4 migrates away the rather solid look of the Mk 3 and towards the fun, chic of the earlier generations. And as we’ve since the car’s launch month, that’s a good Not only is the brand new Clio 100kg lighter than the model, it’s lower and too, and there are new, engines, along with sophisticated interiors.

Although a more mature proposition before, it is still fun to drive, and the of the show now is the new 0.9-litre, three-cylinder engine. In the summer, we shall see the new Clio SUV, derived the Nissan Juke platform, and with family-friendly styling

Family cars and Compact

Skoda Octavia. From

Skoda have built an reputation for quality and value for in recent years, and the new Octavia build on that. Based on the of the Audi A3 and VW Golf, it will have a longer wheelbase and rear overhang. Every will have touch-screen and the interiors will slide the car upmarket.

The cabins will be big, as the boot, making it something of a workhorse.

Mazda 6. From

The Mazda 6 is a striking, fresh-looking car squarely at the Mondeo market. emphasis on providing plenty of and comfort, there is also a sensibly-shaped boot, while the is finished to a high standard. who have driven it say that the diesel is the pick of the bunch, its claimed 68.9mpg. There also be a 173bhp diesel for who need a bit more oomph.

The short-throw manual gearshift is and it handles pretty neatly

Executive and Luxury cars

S-Class. From £63,000

The firm’s flagship model go even further upmarket, if a thing is possible, when it in the summer. As usual, it will be with eye-poppingly impressive to make the business of driving than ever. It will cameras to “read” the road and set up the suspension accordingly, even up for each individual wheel clever stuff indeed. will be playing heavily on the of the engineers’, with more use of on the agenda. Meanwhile, for the first four-cylinder diesel engines be available alongside the traditional V6s and

Eventually, a new S-Class Coupe is to replace the current CL model. to see them lining the roadside of more exclusive quarters by the end of the

Coupes and Convertibles

Citroën DS3 From £15,045

Citroën been great at injecting levels of fun and style back their cars in the past two to years, with the stunning DS The recently-launched DS3 Cabrio is no exception, with folding fabric section, rather like the 500C’s. Citroën is going down its personalisation route allowing buyers to “customise” car with different roof as well as colours for the body, mirrors and wheels.

The roof electrically and can even be operated unlike conventional cabrios at around 70mph, and opened in 16 seconds. It looks chic and and the mods add only a modest increase, so that it will be as efficient as the standard car.

BMW 4 Series. £28,000 (estimated)

The BMW 3 Coupe is no more, with the — in September — of the 4 As with the current 3 Series and convertible models, the 4 Series not share any exterior body with the 3 Series, and the model be altogether sleeker. The 4 Series is expected in showrooms by the end of 2013, the 4 Series convertible and more 4 Series Gran Coupe later on.

To set the 4 Series apart the 3, it will have a lower-slung end, and a lower roofline.

CR-Z. Sport from GT from £23,050

The dynamic-looking CRZ was the car to show that you could dollops of fun while also some regard for the environment. For being reminiscent of the CR-X of the it was actually a hybrid, combining a engine and an electric motor for Now there is an updated hybrid providing slightly more without upping fuel or emissions. In fact the 1.5-litre engine and new lithium-ion battery the combined power from 122 to There’s also a new Plus (S+) boost system, temporary, extra assistance the electric motor for up to 10 seconds.

official figures put fuel at 56.5mpg on the combined cycle, CO2 emissions at 116g/km. Styling include a new front bumper and new rear diffuser and paint Honda also debuted new Civic 1.6 diesel in January, and launch the Civic Tourer this autumn.

Citroën C4 From sub-£18,000

If it’s as as the previous model, the C4 Picasso prove highly popular families seeking swish, spacious transport, as the Technospace study”, on which it will be reveals.

There will be a and a longer Grand C4 model seven seats, and it’s there will be an update of the way the fold away and “move” the cabin. Upgraded engines mean even better too

Peugeot 2008. From £14,000

Due for launch in July, rugged-looking SUV is based on the 208 supermini and be launched with front-wheel only, despite its all-action wheel-arches and raised ride It’s aimed at “young who love the urban environment, but enjoy escaping it at every say Peugeot. Higher-spec models are to be available with Peugeot’s Control system, while a panoramic glass roof flood the spacious interior light.

It has what Peugeot calls a cabin, as well as low-emission

Fiat 500L. From

Playing heavily on the chic of the 500 and a dose of extra practicality, car will be aiming for family when it launches this Substantially larger than the 500 model, there will be engine choices; the 0.9-litre two-cylinder and 1.4-litre four-cylinder plus an 84bhp 1.3 diesel. To off it will be a five-seater, but it will be by an even more practical

Buyers will like the elevated driving position and the seating layout.

Toyota From £22,600

The current was launched way back in 2006, so big changes on the new model, out this including a smart new cabin, a that’s half a metre and higher levels of luxury In the UK we shall be getting one petrol and two versions, and most buyers are to opt for 4WD. The cabin will be upmarket than before, by a stitched, padded lower panel, and there will be head and leg-room, especially in the

For added practicality, the rear will recline or fold to create lots of loadspace.

Cayman. From £39,694

hard to tell by looking at it, but the shares most of its parts the Boxster, even though the two little alike. The second-generation due out this spring, promises to be more fun to drive than the model, which is already rewarding with a great of speed and particularly agile A true “driver’s” car, the new will be longer, lower and than before and have a centre of gravity, and will have sharper looks will distance it further the 911. It will weigh 30kg less and the body be 40 per cent stiffer, for better It will have more space too.

There’ll be a of engines; the 275bhp 2.7-litre or 3.4-litre (from £48,783), flat-sixes.

Peugeot RCZ R. From

You’re bound to have the handsome, low-slung RCZ, had a minor facelift earlier year. Now prepare yourself for the R model, due to be the most powerful Peugeot ever when it at the end of the year. Producing 260bhp a tuned 1.6 turbo engine, it not only be fast but will boast pin-sharp handling to its re-tuned suspension.

Peugeot 208 GTi. From

Peugeot was once the master of sharp-handling hot hatches such as the 205 and this new model — due in — will please who’ve been awaiting a to form. Power will from a turbocharged 197bhp petrol engine — a 0-62mph time of under seconds. There will be upgraded brakes, revised settings and other embellishments as special headlight lenses and a lid spoiler.

Jaguar F-Type. £58,000

The F-Type is without one of 2013’s most hotly cars, and not just because it absolutely superb. The design at the iconic E-Type from the but in fact this is an incredibly Jaguar, resplendent with sculpted lines. Three are due to be available from May, all rear-wheel drive and an eight-speed box. The standard model have a 335bhp supercharged V6 petrol engine, but there’ll be a version in the S. Meanwhile, the V8 S gets a 488bhp 5.0 V8.

A coupe version follow, and look out also for the in June, due to be the fastest saloon in the history, with a 542bhp 5.0-litre V8 and 186mph top speed, and acceleration expected to be in an eye-popping 4.6

Claiming the “most extensive of existing models in the company’s the Swedish car-maker will launch seven models have been substantially and improved. The S80 saloon, V70 estate, S60 V60 estate, XC60, XC70 and a version of the hybrid V60 have all refreshed with the pleasing new “face”. Bodywork on the cars has reworked to make them more muscular, while will be bigger 19 and 20-inch wheels. All models will with a new, sportier which will keep in position during hard without — say Volvo loss of comfort.

Other will include new infotainment more fuel-efficient engines and for automatics — gear-changing on steering wheels. Production in May.

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