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12 Volt DC Car Thermo-Electric Cool or Seat Cushion, Wholesale 12 Volt DC Car Thermo-Electric Cool or Seat Cushion

Description: The creative design of this Thermo-Electric Seat Cushion is for the auto, home or office.

are five important features:

1. cooling capacity

As every knows, during the hot summer and after several hours direct sunlight, the inside of the car unbearable and the seats are burning There is plenty of evidence shows most of the traffic occur during the hot summer Studies also show the human body will feel tired when in an environment, especially in vehicles no air conditioning system.

The Cool-or-Heat Cushion can help solve problem by making people cool and comfortable. It works to eliminate a sweaty back and while commuting around The cooling function can also be as therapy for lower back The coils inside the Cool-or-Heat Cushion cool to an average of 40 F the ambient temperature.

The seat cushion is designed to heat away from body first and then you start feeling the coolness. It great in a vehicle, in an office or chair, or even outside on the

2. Special heating function

the Cool-or-Heat Seat Cushion is with thermo-electric technology, you can choose between heating or by flipping the switch. Thermo-electric provides 150% efficient capacity compared to normal methods. When the ambient is just 30 F the seat cushion can 86 F. The Cool-or-Heat Seat Cushion people feel nice and throughout the cold winter

3. Outstanding energy saving

By using the Cool-or-Heat Seat drivers have the potential to their gas usage by using the air conditioner less often. show that using a air conditioning system can substantially your vehicle’s miles per performance. By using the Cool-or-Heat Cushion instead of the air conditioning these losses can be recouped. creates a win-win situation for the and your pocketbook.

Over time, the gas savings can cover the cost of purchasing the Seat Cushion.

The advanced technology in the Cool-or-Heat Seat Power Unit/Pump ensures cooling capacity. This provides high cooling and economical low power consumption. the cushion there is rubber embedded in the foam padded

1/3 of the tubing can be felt when the of the human body presses on the and you can immediately start feeling or warm.

The power consumption of the Seat Cushion Thermo-Electric Unit/Pump is only 30W. using it in a running vehicle, is an extremely slim amount of consumed. Since the Cool-or-Heat Cushion uses very power, it can be left on for short when the vehicle is not running.

It’s great when errands on hot or cold days. It is to switch the unit to the off position and the adaptor when turning the car off for than an hour.

4. Credible system

The Thermo-Electric Car Cool-or-Heat Cushion works in low 12V voltage in it’s cool and warm The liquid filled tubing in the cushion can bear 330lbs of There is also a pump the power box that transfers or heated fluid to the seat surface through the rubber

The electrical power system is from the seat cushion and therefore accidental liquid on the cushion will not cause an shock. All if the materials are fire to ensure safety. The circulatory is airproof and there is no probability of

5. Environmentally friendly

The Thermo-Electric Car Seat Cushion totally the Freon-based air conditioning systems do great harm to our atmosphere. The Seat Cushion is the newest to protecting the environment. The patent-protected system design provides and heating in small dimensions so anyone can use it conveniently.

Tips To the Coolness of your Cool-or-Heat Cushion

Thermo-Electric technology is on the ambient temperature. To maximize the of the Cool-or-Heat Seat Cushion in vehicle on extremely hot days, you first get into your switch the A/C to FLOOR/PANEL for a few minutes. gets cooler air to the Thermo-Electric unit which will its cooling efficiency. On really hot you will start to feel the of the seat cushion in about minutes and then it will to cool you down depending on the temperature in the vehicle.

Keep in mind, that the cushion is designed to transfer away from your and bottom first. So, during the 10-20 minutes, although you not feel a lot of coolness yet, you notice that you are not sweating. is due to the transfer of heat away your body.

The coils the seat cushion are pressure The longer you sit, the cooler it If you get up for a few minutes and leave the system on it only take a few minutes for it to to the maximum coolness.

If you leave the system on in your car running a quick errand, it approximately 4-5 minutes for it to cool.

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