2010 Motoring News and Events

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SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto


In 2010: An electric car drove the Pan-American Highway — see 17 Nov. The ‘Edison2′ very light car #98 won us$5m in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize competition — 17 Sept. 007 ‘s Aston Martin was auctioned — 27 Oct. The Birdsville Races were rained out — 3 Sept.

A 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic sold for reputedly us$30million+, and a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO for £12m — 5 May. Spyker bought Saab from GM — 26 Jan. Toyota had a PR disaster over safety recalls (most of 2010). The au$ ranged from us$0.80 to, briefly, us$1.00+.

Oil spent most of the year between us$75 and us$85 per barrel. The Wikileaks web site, and its founder Julian Assange, seriously embarrassed that bastion of free speech the USA — the BBC [www ], the Grauniad [www ], the NYT [www ], wikil'[.info ][12/2010].

24 December 2010: Tropical low / tropical cyclone ‘Tasha’ crossed the Queensland coast between Cairns and Innisfail bringing flooding to large areas of the state — wikip [www ]. Also see Jan. 2011 .

23 December 2010: Heavy rain and swollen rivers have isolated several Queensland communities — ABC [www ].

16 December 2010 Thu Melb ULP avg au$1.32/l; min $1.23 ([Perth ] avg $1.34/l, min $1.21); oil us$88/b; au$1.00=us$0.99, £0.63, €0.75, ¥83

14 December 2010: The UK Government announced the vehicles initially eligible for a ‘Plug-In Car Grant’ from 1 Jan. 2011. (But will the scheme cost the Gvmt very much?)

14 December 2010 (Tues), .au . Catastrophic Fire Danger is forecast for the west coast total fire ban district of South Australia — BOM [www ][14/12].

December 2010: Australia’s Best Cars for 2010, in various categories, included Hyundai ‘i20 Active’ ($16.5K, best light car

12 December 2010: Tom Walkinshaw, a major figure in motor racing, died aged 64 — [bbc ].

11 December 2010: Audi released details of its 2011 Le Mans car the new R18. For the first time since 1999, Audi will contest Le Mans with a closed coupe again. 3.7-liter V6 TDI [engine] to suit 2011’s rules — [www ].

11 December 2010 Sat Melb ULP avg au$1.23/l; min $1.20 ([Perth ] avg $1.30/l, min $1.18); oil us$89/b

10 December 2010: UK ULP £1.22/l (avg, au$1.96), diesel £1.26/l (au$2.02) — the AA [www ].

10 December 2010: F1 will adopt new engine rules from 2013 — . four cylinders, 1.6 litre with high pressure gasoline injection up to 500 bar with a maximum of 12,000 rpm. and energy recovery systems. turbos, from 2012 the inclusion of fuel compounds produced from biomass. and from 2011 . the article forbidding team orders (39.1) is deleted as being unenforceable, and driver-adjustable rear wings introduced to aid overtaking (and KERS back again after a voluntary absence) — FIA [www ], [bbc ].

The ‘Renault F1 Team’ [www ] will become ‘Lotus Renault GP’ in 2011 under a deal with Group Lotus — [www ] [www ] [www ][8/Dec]. ¿How does that affect ‘Team Lotus’ [www ]? (See 2 Dec.)

10 December 2010: Germany v. Austria ‘Race to the South Pole’ . a 320km ski race [www ], with vehicle backup by ‘Arctic Trucks’ — [www ].

9 December 2010: The ‘Moon Regan Transantarctic Expedition’ crossed the Antarctic continent from Union Glacier (25/11) to the Ross Ice Shelf (9/12, 1,946km) in 303 hours using a propeller-driven scout machine and two 6×6 monster trucks — [www ].

9 December 2010, .au . Flooding in NSW, SA and Vic. — [bom ], [abc ][9/12/’10].

7 December 2010: Dredging of the mouth of the River Murray has stopped with . up to 48,000 megalitres of water per day. flowing into the Coorong wetlands and out [of] the Murray mouth. — [abc ].

6 December 2010 Mon Melb ULP avg au$1.35/l; min $1.21 ([Perth ] avg $1.22/l, min $1.17); oil us$89/b; au$1.00=us$0.99, £0.63, €0.74, ¥82

6 December 2010: Terminal gate prices, ULP $1.20/l Melb. $1.21/l Perth; diesel $1.21/l Melb. $1.22/l Perth ($au) — AIP [www ].

5 December 2010, .au . . The Murrumbidgee River at Gundagai is expected to peak at around 10.2 metres [Monday] at 3:00pm (AEDT) and 10 metres at Wagga. — [abc ].

4 December 2010, .au . . locusts had taken flight across areas along the Murray and south of Swan Hill, with some swarms stretching up to 25kms. — [locusts @dpi ][4Dec.].

4 December 2010: Historics at Brooklands . uk, auction, [www ], inc. a 1939 Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupe, once Winston Churchill’s.

3 December 2010: Nissan launched its ‘Leaf’ electric car in .jp and on sale 20 Dec. also on sale in the .us in Dec. and parts of .eu from early 2011 — [www ].

3 December 2010, .au . The Toyota Landcruiser 70 series and the Nissan Patrol cab-chassis 4×4 utes only achieved 3-star safety ratings (out of 5) in ‘ANCAP’ crash tests — [www ].

2 December 2010: The FIA released the list of entries for the 2011 F1 season — Red Bull Renault. McLaren Mercedes. Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault, Williams Cosworth. Force India Mercedes. Sauber Ferrari.

STR Ferrari. (Team) Lotus Renault. HRT Cosworth. Virgin Cosworth — FIA [www ]. (Also see 10 Dec. above.)

2 December 2010: The year 2010 is almost certain to rank in the top 3 warmest years since the beginning of instrumental climate records in 1850. — WMO [www ], [bbc ].

1 December 2010 Wed Melb ULP avg au$1.25/l; min $1.15 ([Perth ] avg $1.19/l, min $1.14); oil us$84/b; au$1.00=us$0.96, £0.61, €0.74, ¥80

1 December 2010: The Disco very 4 won the 2010 Best All-Terrain 4WD Award — [www ].

1 December 2010: ‘Four degrees and beyond: The potential for a global temperature increase of four degrees and its implications’ . in Phil. Trans. of The Royal Soc. 369(1934), pp.6-19, online 2010 [doi:10.1098/rsta.2010.0303 ]. examines what happens if we let global warming get to +4C (and more articles in the special issue [www ]).

30 November 2010: The British Army signed a £180m contract with Force Protection Europe (FPE) to build 200 ‘Foxhound’ Light Protected Patrol Vehicles (LPPV) — MOD [www ]. Foxhound [is] the British Armed Forces’ name for the contract-winning FPE Ocelot — [www ]. (Also see 22 Sept. and 28 May below.)

29 November — 10 December 2010: United Nations Climate Change Conference, Cancun, Mexico, including the 16th Conf. of the Parties (COP) and 6th Conf. of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) — [www ] [www ]. In his opening speech Mexican President Felipe Calderon cited last year’s hurricane in Mexico, this year’s floods in Pakistan and fires in Russia as examples of increasing incidences of natural disasters. — pdf@[www ]. (Also see ‘Update on CO2 emissions,’ Friedlingstein et al . Nature Geoscience, Nov. 2010 [doi:10.1038/ngeo1022 ] .)

The ‘Zero Race’ for electric vehicles passed through Cancun after 25,000km of driving during 71 days — [www ][6/12].

28 November 2010 (Sun): Historic Commercial Vehicles . Sandown, Melb. Vic. HCVC — [www ].

27-28 November 2010: Race of Champions . Dusseldorf. de — [www ].

27 November 2010 (Sat.), Vic. .au . Victorian State Election — [www ]. The Liberal-National coalition won narrowly — [abc ].

26 November 2010 Fri Melb ULP avg au$1.21/l; min $1.12 ([Perth ] avg $1.26/l, min $1.12); oil us$84/b; au$1.00=us$0.97, £0.62, €0.73, ¥82

26 November 2010: ‘Heavy rainfall over the last two days has pushed Melbourne’s rainfall to 649mm, which is above the long-term average of 647.7mm. . ends the longest run of below average years. — a 13 year stretch from 1997 to 2009. ‘ — BOM [www ].

26 November 2010, .uk . . Met Office warnings of heavy snow and icy roads are in place for most of Scotland. Severe conditions are also predicted for Wales, south-west and north-east England and the East Midlands. — [bbc ], [met ], [AA ][11/’10], [AA ][1/12/’10].

23 November 2010: Organizers of the Argentina Chile Dakar announced the details [for Jan.] 2011. — [www ].

22 November 2010: The Bloodhound 1000mph car team had begun clearing stones from the proposed track on Hakskeen Pan desert in NW South Africa, by hand, or rather by many hands — [www ].

22 November 2010, sign of the times: The first Baojun 630 passenger car from SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW), one of GM China’s main joint ventures, rolled off the production line today in Liuzhou, Guangxi. In 2009, SAIC-GM-Wuling [launched in 2002] had domestic sales of 1,061,213 units. — GM [www ].

21 November 2010: World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims [www ].

20 November 2010: The F1 teams conducted tests on new Pirelli tyres in preparation for 2011 — [www ].

19-28 November 2010: Los Angeles Auto Show — [www ]. Including Chrysler Dodge ‘Charger’ back; Ford ‘Focus’ 2012(?) [www ]; GM Cadillac ‘Urban Luxury’ (!) concept [www ] Chevrolet ‘Camaro’ convertible (2/1011) ‘Volt’ [www ] [www ]; Honda ‘Fit’ (‘Jazz’) electric vehicle concept [www ] [www ]; Kia ‘Optima’ hybrid (2.4 l petrol + 30kW electric + 8.5kW HSG), electric ‘Pop’ concept [www ]; Land Rover 5-door Range Rover ‘Evoque’ [www ]; Lotus ‘Elise’, ‘Exige’, ‘Evora’, ‘Esprit’ (with Sharon Stone), ‘Elan’, ‘Elite’ ‘Eterne’ [www ] (see Paris, Oct. below); Mazda ‘Shinari’ concept; Mercedes ‘B-class F-Cell’ hydrogen fuel cell car [www ]; Mitsubishi ‘i-MiEV’ with enlarged body structure(!-) for USA [www ] [www ]; Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet concept (why?), ‘Ellure’ concept, ‘Quest'; Porsche ‘Cayman R’ 3.4-litre 6 (2/2011) [www ] [www ]; Saab ‘9-4X’ crossover (USA May 2011) [www ]; Subaru ‘Impreza’ concept with CVT ( 4WD) [www ]; Toyota electric ‘RAV4′ concept (with Tesla Motors Inc. 2012 ?), 2011 ‘Corolla’ [www ] [www ] [www ] [www ]; VW ‘Eos’.

November 2010: Mercedes-Benz announced that it had commenced full-rate production of G-Wagons for the Australian Defence Force [ADF]. production line in Austria. — MB [www ].

21 November 2010 Sun Melb ULP avg au$1.30/l; min $1.17 ([Perth ] avg $1.23/l, min $1.12); oil us$82/b

19 November 2010, .uk . ULP £1.19/l (

au$1.93/l), diesel £1.23/l (

au$2.00/l) — the AA [www ].

18 November 2010, .uk . Car production for Jan-Oct 2010 was 1,050,689, 31% up on the same period 2009 — SMMT [www ][18/11].

In au. . VFACTS figures showed that 80,925 passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles were sold in October, up 0.1% on Oct 2009. And for Jan-Oct, 861,645 vehicles [were] sold, . up 13% — FCAI [www ][4/11].

18 November 2010: Ford will transfer part of its shares in Mazda to several of Mazda’s business partners. reducing from 11% to 3.5% — Mazda [www ].

17 November 2010: GM announced that its public offering would raise [us]$20.1 billion [to] $23.1 billion — [www ].

17 November 2010: Team Racing Green Endurance completed driving its electric car the 26,000km length of the Pan-American Highway . from Chena, Alaska to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego — [www ].

17 November 2010: An index published in Norway shows Australia is the second worst country in the world for emitting greenhouse gases, behind the United Arab Emirates (UAE). (based on per capita (1/2), total (1/4), historic (1/4) emissions, and coal is the big problem in .au) — [www ]. (Also see Feb. 2008 .)

16 November 2010 Tue Melb ULP avg au$1.27/l; min $1.12 ([Perth ] avg $1.18/l, min $1.14); oil us$85/b; au$1.00=us$0.99, £0.61, €0.72, ¥82

15 November 2010: AAI, an operating unit of Textron Systems. announced today that its team has been selected to participate in Phase I of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Transformer program. the team will pursue system conceptual design [etc.] for an autonomous vehicle capable of both all-terrain land operation and vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flight. Dubbed the Transformer. — [www ]. (Also see 17 June below.)

14 November 2010, race 19: Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix [www ], start 5pm local, 1pm GMT. Result . 1. Sebastian Vettel [Red Bull ], 2. Lewis Hamilton [McLaren Mercedes ], 3. Jenson Button (McLaren Mercedes). The drivers’ world championship was Alonso’s and Ferrari’s to loose. Vettel led from the start but, with passing difficult, the timing of pit-stops largely determined the other places.

Alonso finished 7th and Webber 8th, thus Vettel grabbed the drivers’ world championship: Vettel 256 pts, Alonso 252, Webber 242, Hamilton 240 — FIA [www ]. Red Bull had already clinched the constructors’ world championship in Brazil, 7 Nov.

11 November 2010 Thu Melb ULP avg au$1.21/l; min $1.17 ([Perth ] avg $1.23/l, min $1.12); oil us$88/b; au$1.00=us$1.00, £0.62, €0.73, ¥83

11-14 November 2010: The MPH Show (ii), NEC, Birmingham [www ].

11 November 2010: A new report has found the Federal Government’s billion-dollar subsidies for solar energy favoured the wealthy and barely reduced Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. — [abc ], [cclp ]@anu.

10 November 2010: GM announced a third quarter profit with earnings per share of us$1.20 — [www ].

9 November 2010: The International Energy Agency’s [IEA ] annual ‘World Energy Outlook’ report [WEO ] suggests that if governments want to cut CO2 emissions a good step would be to stop subsidising the use of fossil fuels.

And, an IEEP report, ‘The Indirect Land Use Change Impact of Biofuels’ . suggests that the increased use of biofuels, as proposed in the EU, may not improve CO2 emissions overall — [www ]. Also see 9 April 2009 .

9 November 2010: Locust are expected to begin swarming in Victoria’s [.au] north-west by the end of the week. — [abc ], [locusts @dpi ].

7 November 2010, race 18: Brazilian F1 Grand Prix, Sao Paulo [www ], start 2pm local, 4pm GMT. Results . 1. Sebastian Vettel [Red Bull ], 2. Mark Webber (Red Bull), 3. Fernando Alonso [Ferrari ]. Red Bull secured the constructors’ world championship but the drivers’ world championship remained open with one race to go: 1. Alonso 246, 2. Webber 238, 3. Vettel 231. With 1st 25pts, 2nd 18pts, 3rd 15pts. (see 2 Feb), a V, W, A finish would give Alonso the championship, W, V, A, Webber.

If Ferrari Alonso had been penalised in points . not just $, after Massa let Alonso past in the German F1 Grand Prix (25 July 2010) things would also have looked very different.

7 November 2010: London to Brighton Veteran Car Run [www ], with associated events from Friday the 5th. Three of the regular participants. are powered solely by electricity. [1900] Cleveland Stanhope. 1902 Columbia Tonneau, [and] 1903 Waverley Surrey. — [www ]. (Electric cars held the World Land Speed Record in 1898 and 1899.) At the preceding auction (Bonhams), a 1903 10/12hp Sunbeam sold for £321,600.

6 November 2010 Sat Melb ULP avg au$1.28/l; min $1.15 ([Perth ] avg $1.22/l, min $1.12); oil us$87/b; 5 Nov: au$1.00=us$1.02, £0.62, €0.72, ¥82

6 November 2010: BMW will invest €400million in Leipzig to build the electric Megacity Vehicle (MCV) — [www ].

5-7 November 2010: Historic Sandown . Melbourne. au. [www ].

4-7 November 2010: The MPH Show (i), Earls Court, London [www ].

4 November 2010: The one millionth Range Rover to be built since 1970 was donated to the charity ‘Help for Heroes’ (H4H), to be auctioned — [www ], [www ], [H4H ], [www ].

4 November 2010: Morgan (uk) confirmed details of a modern Morgan Threewheeler (

£25K) to go into production, fitted with a Harley Davidson 1800cc V-twin, as a homage to its 1909-1953 Threewheeler — [www ].

3 November 2010: Three quarters of AA members now accept the use of speed cameras, according to a new AA/Populus poll of 18,251 AA members. — the AA [www ].

3 November 2010: GM announced that it had commenced its us$13 billion public offering of 365 million shares of common stock to be sold by certain of its stockholders. also issue 60 million shares of its Series B mandatory convertible junior preferred stock with a liquidation amount of us$50 per share. The estimated price range for the offering of common stock is $26.00 to $29.00. — GM [www ].

2 November (Tues) 2010, .au . Melbourne Cup Day. The race was won by Americain .

1 November 2010 Mon Melb ULP avg au$1.25/l; min $1.23 ([Perth ] avg $1.18/l, min $1.12); oil us$82/b; au$1.00=us$0.99, £0.62, €0.71, ¥80

29, 30 October 2010, .au . . Flood Watch for North East Victoria. A cold front will cross the Bight on Friday before linking with an inland trough to reach western Victoria on Friday night. Rainfall totals of 50 to 75mm have been forecast for the weekend with higher totals of around 100mm possible over the ranges. — BOM [www ][28/10], [www ]. E.g. 130mm fell at Mt.

SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto

Hotham, 9am 30th to 31st, [bom ], [abc ][31/10].

29 October 2010: Saab Spyker announced results for Q3 2010, including 7,430 cars retailed. 9,777 cars produced. — [www ].

29 October 2010: Brand Keys annual Customer Loyalty Leaders list ranked Apple (iPhone) #1 overall for top smart phone, also #5 overall and top computer, and Hyundai #6 overall and top car maker — [www ]. Despite its 2010 woes, Toyota, at #37 overall, was nevertheless the 2nd ranked car maker.

28 October 2010: Japan’s Nissan Motors has announced it is recalling more than 2.1 million cars globally due to a faulty engine control system. — [abc ]; .au #2010/12094: C11 Tiida, D40 Navara, R51 Pathfinder — [www ].

28 October 2010: ‘Drive Green 2020. More Hope than reality?’ . a report by J. D. Power Assoc. predicted that in 2020, out of global sales of 71 million, electric and hybdrid cars would make up only 5.2 million (7.3%) — [www ].

27 October 2010 Wed Melb ULP avg au$1.20/l; min $1.17 ([Perth ] avg $1.19/l, min $1.12); oil us$82/b; au$1.00=us$0.97, £0.62, €0.70, ¥80

27 October 2010: RM Auctions’ Automobiles of London . including 007’s Aston Martin DB5 [FMP 7B] as driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger and Thunderball — [www ], and a 1961 Formula One Ferguson P99, chassis #P991. Bond’s Aston sold for £2,912,000 (us$4,608,500) = £2.6m + 12% costs — [www ].

26 October 2010: Ford Motor Company today reported third quarter net income of us$1.7 billion, or 43¢ per share. — [www ].

25 October 2010: Sergio Marchionne, head of Fiat. stirred workers up, saying ‘Not a cent from the two billion € of profits forecast for 2010 will be generated in Italy’ — [bbc ].

24 October 2010, race 17: Korean F1 Grand Prix start 3pm local, 6am GMT. Results . 1. Fernando Alonso [Ferrari ], 2. Lewis Hamilton [McLaren Mercedes ], 3. Filipe Massa (Ferrari). The race started in the rain, behind the safety car, but was suspended after three laps. It resumed, after about an hour, still behind the safety car.

The Red Bulls started one and two but neither finished: Mark Webber crashed on lap 19 and Sebastian Vettel’s engine failed in lap 46. Alonso also took the lead in the drivers’ championship from Webber. [bbc ]. With an engine limit of eight per season, reliability could play a part in the two remaining races.

22 October 2010 Fri Melb ULP avg au$1.20/l; min $1.13 ([Perth ] avg $1.25/l, min $1.12); oil us$81/b; au$1.00=us$0.98, £0.63, €0.70, ¥80

22-24 October 2010, .au . Motorclassica, the Australian International Concours d’Elegance and Classic Motor Show . Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Vic. [www ], adults $20, Fri 5pm-9pm, Sat Sun 9am-5pm. Also Picnic with the Classics . Argyle Square, Lygon Street, Carlton, Sat Sun 10am-2pm, free.

22 October 2010: ‘Can We Help’, ABC TV, was asked Does manufacturing a car produce more greenhouse gases than that generated from a car in its lifetime? Ans . . for a Toyota Camry made in Melbourne. The embodied energy generated from manufacturing the car and getting it to your driveway comes to a total of 7.9 tonnes of emissions [v.] average use of the vehicle over its lifetime of 14 years, which is a total of 44 tonnes. — [abc ], figures from Toyota. So on the face of it, it is not worth scrapping an old car for a new one unless the latter uses at least 20% less fuel.

Also, CO2 emissions from cars represents 12.5% of total [uk] emissions and 65.7% of road transport emissions in 2008. — SMMT [www ], 11th annual sustainability report . (Also see Feb. 2008 .)

22 October 2010: Honda [US] today announced a voluntary safety recall of 471,820 model year 2005 to 2007 Acura RL and model year 2005 to early 2007 Honda Odyssey vehicles to replace a seal in the brake master cylinder. It is possible for the seal to fail if the [factory] DOT 3 brake fluid. is replaced with certain aftermarket brake fluids with reduced lubrication properties. — [www ], [www ]. Also (.au) PRA #2010/12093 re 2007 Legend sedans — [www ].

20 October 2010: Toyota announced that it would conduct a voluntary Safety Recall involving approximately 740,000 — 2005 through 2006 Avalon, 2004 through 2006 Highlander (non Hybrid) and Lexus RX330, and 2006 Lexus GS300, IS250, and IS350 vehicles sold in the [USA]. over a brake master cylinder problem — [www ], [www ], and [ .au ], [abc ].

19-21 October 2010: 2nd International Trade Fair for electric mobility . Munich [www ]. My goal is set: A total of at least one million electric cars driving on Germany’s streets by 2020. — Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport [5/’10].

Bonnie Doon (The Castle): Lake Eildon @ 63%

17 October 2010 Sun Melb ULP avg au$1.26/l; min $1.15 ([Perth ] avg $1.24/l, min $1.12); oil us$81/b

16 October 2010: The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge (overall and) ‘classic category’ (pre 1968), was won by Matthew Bryson Gerald Crown in a 1964 Holden EH. The ‘pioneer category’ (pre 1921) was won by Charles Bishop Rosalind Bishop in 1925 Vauxhall 30/98, and the ‘vintage category’ (pre 1941) by Steve Hyde Janet Lyne in a 1937 Chevrolet Fangio Coupe. The oldest competing car was the 1907 Itala 40 of David and Karen Ayre; they finished 4th in class — [www ].

12 October 2010 Tue Melb ULP avg au$1.21/l; min $1.15 ([Perth ] avg $1.18/l, min $1.13); oil us$82/b; au$1.00=us$0.98, £0.62, €0.71, ¥80

12 October 2010: Aston Martin announced that the Cygnet luxury city car [would] go into production in 2011 — [www ]. Based on the Toyota iQ (!), the Gygnet was shown as a concept at Geneva in March. Is this green ?

11 October 2010: GM released details of the Chevrolet Volt’s ‘Voltec’ transmission giving the lie to the car being a pure series hybrid. . the [petrol] engine generates power that is fed through the drive unit and is balanced by the generator and traction motor. — [www ]. . 111 kW electric motor. 1.4-litre [petrol] engine. 16-kWh lithium-ion battery (198kg). — [www ].

11 October 2010, .uk . More than one third of car occupants … in collisions are not wearing seat belts. — the AA [www ].

10 October 2010, race 16: Japanese F1 Grand Prix, start 3pm local, 6am GMT. Results . 1. Sebastian Vettel [Red Bull ], 2. Mark Webber (Red Bull), 3. Fernando Alonso [Ferrari ]. Rain on Saturday caused qualifying to be put back to Sunday morning. The race was dry.

10 October 2010, .au . Bathurst 1000 . Mount Panorama, Bathurst, NSW — [www ]. The race was won by Craig Lowndes and Mark Skaife driving a Holden.

7 October 2010 Thu Melb ULP avg au$1.17/l; min $1.07 ([Perth ] avg $1.22/l, min $1.11); oil us$83/b; au$1.00=us$0.98, £0.62, €0.71, ¥81

7 October 2010: Toyota announced that worldwide cumulative sales of the Toyota ‘Prius’. hybrid. [reached] approx. 2,012,000 units sold as of the end of September. (since 1997. jp) — [www ].

6 October 2010: Renault announced that it would sell all its 302,915,940 Series B shares of Volvo AB [being] 14.9% of the share capital and 3.8% of the voting rights in Volvo AB. but retaining its 138,604,945 A shares — [www ]. (Volvo AB is the truck firm.)

6 October 2010, .uk . Don’t know what to make of this. Anyone who owns a laptop computer can now fight crime from the safety of their home and win cash prizes for catching thieves red-handed, under a new British monitoring scheme that went live this week. registered armchair snoopers who watch hours of CCTV footage from cameras in stores and high street venues across the country. drew criticism from civil liberties campaigners. — [abc ] (and ‘Internet Eyes’ [www ]). There are very many CCTV cameras in the uk.

4 October 2010: A Sunday Times motoring journalist set a new world record for the longest distance travelled by a production car on a single tank of fuel. The record of 1,526.63 miles broke the previous one by more than 67 miles and was set in a standard Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion 1.6 diesel, which has a [nominal] 70 litre fuel tank. 89.85 mpg [imp.]. — the AA [www ] — 3.13 litres per 100 km — VW.

3 October 2010 (Sun), .uk . The Motor Sports Association’s, MSA Classic . run for pre -1990 cars — [www ].

3 October 2010 (Sun), .au . Daylight Saving . began at 2am (AEST), moving the clock forward at 2am, to 3am, on the first Sunday in October — [www ], [www ].

2-17 October 2010: Paris Motor Show [www ] (press 30th Sept. and 1 Oct.). Held every two years, it was lucky to miss last year ‘s GFC and motor show carnage. Including . Audi ‘Quattro’ (homage) concept [www ], ‘e-tron’ spyder plug-in hybrid [www ], ‘A1 S-line'; Bentley new ‘Continental GT’ 6-litre W12 twin-turbo 423kW 700Nm AWD £136K (and later an efficient V8); BMW revised ‘X3′, ‘Concept 6′(-series) 2+2 coupe (+ all-LED headlights) [www ]; Chrysler Jeep have a new 2.8-litre turbo-diesel [www ]; Citroen ‘Survolt’ electric concept, ‘DS4′ (2011 ) [www ] (or[flush ]); Ford next gen. ‘Focus ST’ (2012 ) [www ] [www ]; GM Opel/Vauxhall ‘GTC Paris’ concept [www ] [www ], ‘Astra Sports Tourer’ (€18K+) [www ], new ‘Meriva’, ‘Ampera’ (Volt) for late 2011 [www ] [www ] [www ]; Honda hybrid ‘Jazz’ (2011 ); Hyundai ‘ix20′, ‘i10′ city car, Genesis coupe, ‘ix35 Blue’ (1.7 l. diesel) SUV; Jaguar ‘C-X75′ gas-turbine (!) electric hybrid concept [www ]; Kia ‘POP’ electric concept, new ‘Optima’ sedan (2011), [www ] [www ]; Lamborghini ‘Sesto Elemento’ V10 concept ‘Gallardo Blancpain'; Land Rover (Range Rover) ‘Evoque’ (2011, £30K to £45K?) [www ]; Lotus’s big splash with reborn ‘Esprit’ (2013 ), new ‘Elan’ (2013?), revised ‘Elise’ (2015?), all new ‘Elite’ 2+2 protoype front-mid 5.0 l V8 (2014?) from c£115K [www ], 4-door ‘Eterne’ (2016?), supercharged ‘Evora S’ [www ], [www ] [bbc ]; Maserati ‘GranTurismo MC Stradale’ (2011) 4.7 l V8 ?£106K±? [www ]; Mazda revised ‘2’; Mercedes revised ‘CL’ ‘CLS’, ‘S 250′ CDI BlueEFFICIENCY (4-cyl turbo diesel) [www ]; Mitsubishi ‘i-MiEV’ electric, ‘Lancer Sportback’, new ‘Outlander 2.2 DiD’ [www ]; Nissan ‘Townpod’ concept electric, ‘Leaf’ electric, ‘Juke’ SUV, revised ‘Micra’ ‘X-Trail’ [www ], [www ]; Peugeot ‘508’ for 2011 + a diesel electric hybrid version (2012 ), ‘3008’ diesel electric hybrid (2011), ‘EX1′ roadster electric concept [www ], [www ]; Renault revised ‘Laguna’, ‘DeZir’ electric concept other electrics [www ], [www ]; Saab ‘9-3 ePower’ electric prototype (nee Volt) [www ]; Suzuki new ‘Swift’ [www ]; Toyota ‘FT-CH’ compact hybrid, ‘FT-EV II’ electric, ‘Prius’ plug-in hybrid, ‘Verso-S’ compact, ‘iQ’ [www ]; Volvo ‘C30 DRIVe ‘ electric visions [www ]; VW new ‘Passat’ (also see Audi, Bentley. ) [www ], [www ].

2 October 2010 Sat Melb ULP avg au$1.27/l; min $1.15 ([Perth ] avg $1.23/l, min $1.10); oil us$82/b;

1 Oct Fri: au$1.00=us$0.97, £0.61, €0.71, ¥81

1-8 October 2010, .au . Green Zone Drive . Docklands, Melb. — [www ] — test drive low emission vehicles (LEVs), such as the Ford Fiesta Econetic 3.7 l/100km, 98gm CO2/km (diesel, manual, au$25K).

27 September 2010 Mon Melb ULP avg au$1.25/l; min $1.14 ([Perth ] avg $1.21/l, min $1.13); oil us$77/b; au$1.00=us$0.96, £0.61, €0.71, ¥81

26 September 2010, race 15: Singapore F1 Grand Prix [www ], start 8pm local, noon GMT. Results . 1. Fernando Alonso [Ferrari ], 2. Sebastian Vettel [Red Bull ], 3. Mark Webber (Red Bull). Alonso did a good qualifying lap to claim pole, and hence the win, although Vettel possibly had the faster car.

25 September 2010, .uk . Historics at Brooklands auction — [www ].

22 September 2010 Wed Melb ULP avg au$1.18/l; min $1.14 ([Perth ] avg $1.18/l, min $1.13); oil us$74/b; au$1.00=us$0.96, £0.61, €0.72, ¥81

22 September 2010: The UK MoD announced it had chosen the 4×4 armoured ‘Ocelot’ as its LPPV (Light Protected Patrol Vehicle), built in the UK by Force Protection Europe and Ricardo plc, [with] partners Thales, QinetiQ, Formaplex, DSG and Sula, to replace the ‘Snatch’ Land-Rover and give better protection from IEDs — [www ], [www ]. (Also see 30 Nov. above.)

SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto
SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto
SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto
SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto
SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto
SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto

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