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Electric cars — should I buy

With petrol prices and levels rising, electric are an attractive option. The government are offering discounts to anyone to purchase their first car, and have allocated million towards building more charging points the country, in addition to the £7 million spent by 139 councils. Whether or not you to buy an electrical car is up to you, but think the following considerations:

History of cars

Did you that electric actually pre-date petrol and they held the vernacular speed record until A Hungarian inventor Anyos is credited with inventing the electric motor in 1834. in 1835, Sibrandus Stratingh, a professor and his assistant Christopher were the first to produce a electrical car powered by non-rechargeable

The design was improved at the beginning of the century, but as people wanted to longer distances faster, the car dominated.

Which brands electric cars?

Tesla is the which most people with electric cars, but of big car brands are now making them, Ford, Nissan and Honda.

Are cars safe?

Electric are as safe as any other car.

How do electric cars cost?

to gocompare.com, electric cars less to run than petrol however they are not necessarily to buy, even with the UK Grant. Also at present, are far fewer second-hand electric on the market, with only people owning an electric car in the UK.

How long does the battery

It s estimated that the average car battery lasts around 7 from new before it falls to 80% of its  A replacement battery costs with the price depending the size of the car.

Benefits of electric cars

The UK government offer some incentives for wishing to purchase an electric The UK Plug-In Grant gives 25% off the cost of a car (up to £5,000) and electric are also exempt from taxes, including the London charge.

Where can I store my car?

It s recommended that cars are stored in a garage so they can be charged overnight. If you to arrange for an electricity supply to your car in the street, you must approval from your council.

How much does it to insure an electric car?

petrol cars, the amount you pay for car insurance will vary on your driving history, the car itself and so on.

Are electric cars friendly?

Electric cars require even more than conventional cars, they have to transport a heavy lithium battery as as passengers and luggage. You can t see or hear it, but you use energy each time you the key.

The electricity powering battery also comes the National Grid which is powered by fossil fuels. The Grid is feeling the pinch of an demand for electricity, so the question if electric cars can be accommodated It s been suggested that if all petrol cars were with electric cars, the would need to double its output in order to keep up the demand.

How far can electric cars travel?

cars might pre-date cars, but the one thing that petrol cars the edge is they can travel greater Most daily journeys are 50 miles, which an electric car can on a single charge. However, the isn t yet covered in charging points for cars, so they are not yet recommended for journeys over 100 miles.


The lithium used in the of electric cars is likely to been mined in Bolivia or where workers rights are not

Driving instructor debuts electric car for learners

A Stoke-on-Trent instructor has become the first in the UK to in an 100% electric car.

Navdeep Singh became the person to pass the UK driving in a semi-electric vehicle back in no driving instructors have, now, offered lessons in a car runs solely on electricity.

Tomlin a driving instructor for ASK school took delivery of the control, automatic Nissan and says it s been a hit with ever since.

The electric market is expected to boom year, with many to eco-friendly cars in order to on fuel and reduce their footprint. Tomlin, who explains has been lots of interest my fellow instructors , hopes by learning in an electric vehicle, drivers will be able to themselves for driving in the electric

The pupils love the car and the immediate they have had underlines an easy car the Leaf is to drive. For me I m happy to now avoid petrol and I feel happier for the environment by a zero emissions vehicle.

s confidence in the Nissan Leaf is by the fact that his very pupil to take driving in the electric car has already passed her meaning she can now drive any automatic

The Leaf, which starts at having been recently by £2,500, will dramatically Mr Tomlin s running costs. In he estimates that he ll save £2,800 a year in fuel and plans to plug-in and charge up lessons, at lunchtime.

It s hoped more and more corporate such as driving instructors and companies, will switch to vehicles. Going green not only mean huge in fuel costs, but will of course, dramatically reduce emissions.

Holdcraft Nissan dealer principal, David said: We re happy to see the LEAF the first electric driving vehicle and thrilled for the pupils passing in the car. With the success Paul has already with a 100% electric many young learners first driving experience well be in a LEAF.

So, what do you Will you be switching to an electric car in

Top 10: Eco-friendly first cars

We all know how important it is to look the environment, and choosing an eco-friendly car can be one of the ways to reduce your footprint. If you re a new driver and want to your driving life as an motorist, we ve created a top 10 guide to of the very best environmentally-friendly around.

Fiat 500

Not only it look great, but the Fiat with its TwinAir engine, has low fuel consumption, and, in emits an estimated 30% less CO2 than your average car The petrol fueled Fiat 500 may a small engine, but it s easy to busy streets in. The Fiat 500 POP off at just under £10,000 for a new one, but with its up to date features may make for the perfect car.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

small, friendly looking car offers a smooth, quiet for the driver. Marketed by Mitsubishi as the car for the urban environment , this vehicle has space for four and can fit into the tightest of parking

Although the i-MiEV, priced at £20,000, isn t cheap, it s exempt road tax and London s congestion This car is ideal for anyone in the city on a regular basis, and as it s a vehicle, you ll have nothing to guilty about.

Smart CDI

The Smart fortwo CDI diesel comes in a hatchback or convertible and boasts exceptionally low CO2 emissions. The car has been a common little car on our for some time now, but the CDI version is much more Given that the car only has for two, it s not ideal for anyone a family, but it s perfect for new drivers looking for a small run-around.

Toyota Aygo

The Aygo is an runabout designed by Japanese car Toyota. Despite its powerful engine, this little car very highly when it to green points, with low CO2 emissions. After its release, it t particularly popular, but if you re looking for a reliable and efficient car, the Aygo could be the vehicle for

Honda Jazz Hybrid

The Jazz Hybrid is the cheapest, family Hybrid hatchback. If you re a new and have a family to fit in the back, the is a great choice. Whilst large electric or hybrid may be intimidating to a new driver, the Jazz t look more friendly.

It t have the most powerful of but will get you from A to B comfortably, and smoothly.

MINI Clubman

The MINI Clubman has everything a new could want: style, and easy-handling. On top of all that, as part of the MINI s engine also impressive fuel efficiency. You ll on fuel and produce less giving you the piece of mind you cruise around in your new

Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion

As one of the popular cars on Britain s the Volkswagen Polo offers space and design quality. a great safety rating and road handling, it may well be the first car. The Bluemotion is the friendly version of the Polo, and to some aerodynamics changes, less emissions than standard Volkswagen engine.

The Polo Bluemotion qualifies for road tax, and is deceptively

Skoda Fabia

Skoda t always had the best reputation but in years their cars become increasingly popular. The which first hit our roads in offers a small, sleek and vehicle for new drivers. It s not the most of cars to drive, but in terms of the Fabia scores top marks.Scoring well on the eco-friendly front, CO2 from this little are particularly low.

Toyota Hybrid

A hybrid vehicle is the solution for anyone who needs a car for short and long distance The Toyota Yaris hybrid great and, as a smaller to the Prius, is popular amongst qualified drivers. It s cheaper many other electric on the market, and you can get your hands on one for than £20,000.

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