Israel& s New Electric Car Smart Grid

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Smart Electric Cars

Israel s New Electric Car Smart

Is the gas-powered car on the road to extinction?

Forum visited Better a firm based in Tel Aviv is dedicated to developing an infrastructure to the use of electric cars, to meet CEO and Founder Shai Agassi and to an electric car.

For obvious Israel is particularly concerned its oil dependency, and Agassi has been for the last few years to revolutionize the paradigm.

As he puts it, there are two to designing a car that will be on the market: convenience and cost. models of electric cars required a 35 minute charge were not acceptable compared to the which is two or three minutes to gas up a

On the cost front, Better has tried to address the issue by a batch of 100,000 cars, should hit the market later year. The higher volume of than seen before in electric car ventures should be to utilize economies of scale and prices down, argues In fact, he tells Frum that the firm expects an car to be priced around $15,000 by figuring in the projected decline in for components due to the normal course of in consumer electronics.

Even better, Agassi that the cost of moving the car – depletion, the cost of recharging, and the of the car – would amount to an equivalent of $1 per of gasoline. Put more spectacularly, would make the electric car without the need for gasoline

In order to deal with the issue, Better Place has for battery-switching stations rather battery-charging stations. The battery mechanism that Better is using is the same that use to load bombs onto fighter jets, and the driver not have to get out of the car to do it. Under a pilot currently underway in Tokyo, the battery switching process less than a minute, on the other hand electric car that rely on charging can upwards of half an hour.

Better Place’s plans are forward quickly, it seems. The put in an order for 100,000 cars automaker Renault in September and Agassi hopes to have the car on the by the end of the year, along with 40 stations in Israel.

The firm has some brilliant innovations to some of the problems that with the production of electric One such problem: energy – if every single one of Israel’s 2 cars were electric and at the same time, the country’s grid would fail. So Place has developed a system to customers and spread the load on the grid.

A computer in the car issues a number one and ten to a network set up to manage a queue of waiting to charge at home or and this network coordinates electrical utilities’ ability to the load. A certain number of are allowed in each neighborhood to at certain times during the which spreads the burden on the over a longer period of Further, the computer notes the car is typically moving – say it recognizes the car is driven every Thursday at 4PM – and this into the calculation of the queue priority number.

The in CEO Shay Agassi, who made ’s 100 Most Influential People’s in 2009 and Foreign Policy ’s in 2010, and his company lies in his grasp of numbers and the succinct way he challenges to his goals. During an with several journalists, of Frum Forum was a part, kept throwing out statistics to his point.

Smart Electric Cars

An important example: the United spends $8.5 billion a week on gasoline consumption. this amount, you could set up a of battery-switching stations that support 10% of American cars – to support the first wave of

Frum Forum had the opportunity to test-drive a model of the electric car to those that will be the market by the end of this year. The were spectacular: an engine makes virtually no noise – to the where the guide had to be asked if the car was on in addition to the fact that the of the electric car seems not to have handling, acceleration. The car managed to quickly to 80 km/hour, the speed of the road it was tested on, with

There should not be very concern about the car’s – which is only about 100 The GPS built into the car can automatically the driver to the nearest battery-swapping Further, while at home and at the driver can charge the car – providing a that is more than for typical daily trips.

One however, from the driving standpoint. The car employs a system uses the momentum of the car to recharge its when your foot is not on the gas which makes the battery last longer. But this also creates a noticeable when the car is not accelerating, something took me aback when I drove the car.

The guide in the car Frum Forum mentioned this drag would be in versions of the car that will hit the late this year.

The future of the electric car is unquestionably especially in Israel. But how will car and the gasoline industry react to new competition? By stifling this new or rushing to embrace it?

Tim Mak is in Israel as a Fellow with the new media Act for Israel.

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