Smart fortwo electric drive (2013)

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SMART ed cabrio Electric Cars

Smart fortwo electric

12 June 2012 — date marks the starting for the first real alternative to the refuelling stops. With the of the new smart fortwo electric in future smart customers can even more fun at the wheel of an priced vehicle that has the compact dimensions — as a or a cabriolet. The most important distinguishing it from its siblings conventional engines is the fact it does not produce any emissions on the

With its 55kW electric the smart fortwo electric accelerates from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, and with a maximum of 125 km/h driving pleasure is guaranteed on urban motorways. The kWh battery enables the urban to travel approximately 145 kilometres in traffic without producing any emissions. The new salecare model opting into electric particularly attractive: it offers an opportunity to buy, finance or the vehicle at an attractive price and to the battery for a monthly fee.

experience and customer feedback various electric mobility were integrated in the further of the smart fortwo electric Ever since 1998 the has been revolutionising urban like no vehicle before it. agile, environmentally friendly and — it has evolved from a small car to a lifestyle product and has become a familiar sight on the of cities around the world.

Smart fortwo electric

From the summer the smart electric drive will winning wide-ranging buyers in than 30 international countries for its and forward-looking drive concept.

Dr. Winkler, Head of smart, The smart fortwo was designed for an drive right from the as our customers to date have been able to experience for in their daily use of this We have taken their and wishes very seriously. The new fortwo electric drive a completely new dimension of zero-emission pleasure at a price that is attractive.

The new model is fitted a 55 kW magneto-electric motor — the product from the EM-motive venture founded together Bosch — ensuring it is as agile and lively as ever.

torque of 130 Newton metres it powerfully from 0 to 60 km/h in 4.8 and thanks to better acceleration in the speed range it can sprint 0 to 100 km/h in 11.5 seconds as it has more tractive power its predecessor.

This makes for speedy and overtaking. The battery-electric two-seater fortwo now has a higher top speed of 125 as well. That is putting it on a par the combustion-engined smart — on the motorway.

A battery from the venture Deutsche ACCUmotive Evonik Industries is fitted in the new fortwo electric drive for the time. With capacity of kWh the lithium-ion battery enables 145 of pollutant-free driving fun. In to the higher battery capacity improvements have been to the efficiency of the drive system, in a greater range.

When empty it takes a maximum of hours to fully charge the at a household socket or charging on the electricity systems of most i.e. overnight.

Quick in less than one hour

For the of quick charging it is possible to equip the car with a quick-charging The 22 kW on-board charger enables a empty battery to be fully in less than an hour. A cable is needed for this is used to connect the vehicle to a quick-charging station or a wallbox at or work.

smart will this in future in cooperation SPX, one of the world’s leading of technology solutions in the fields of and automotive as a global installation and partner, and with KEBA, a for innovative E-charging infrastructure and If a customer decides to install a at home or work the smart department will contact SPX will examine the local make an individual offer, and a purchase decision, arrange for of the wallbox from KEBA.

The is standardised and can of course also be to charge vehicles from manufacturers, for example if there is a fleet.

There are two different of wallbox: Basic and Connected. variants can be used for the quick of a single vehicle, or several one after the other. For private who want to charge up quickly and at home, a Basic wallbox is the solution. It provides quick up to 22 kW and can be used both indoors and

The Connected wallbox also internet connectivity once up to the customer’s web connection.

Furthermore, the Plus system is an ideal for fleet customers. It enables up to 16 wallboxes to be linked up to the fleet This fleet server enables several vehicles to be at once, all controlled intelligently and For example, certain vehicles can be priority or a load limitation can be

SmartCharging is also possible: charging and charging with electricity (if the utility company the relevant data). This is advantageous to customers as they have full control their charging. The relevant cables are of course also from SPX.

Attractive to electric mobility

The smart electric drive makes into electric mobility attractive with a new marketing With the salecare model can buy, lease or finance the at an attractive price and rent the The rental costs include maintenance and, if necessary, battery replacement. smart has a solution for all those who want to buy the vehicle.

In Germany the price for the with the salecare model is inc. VAT for the coupé and €22,000 for the As well as this there is the battery rental charge of including VAT in all salecare markets.

In of the low operating costs electric is therefore a very attractive of individual mobility.

National programmes in many countries and mobility benefits such as the use of lanes or exemption from congestion charges are further of electric driving. With the salecare package and the significant advancement of the smart fortwo drive smart offers its affordable driving pleasure in use based on the environmentally friendly

smart also has an attractive for customers who want to buy or lease the vehicle with the battery: VAT the new smart fortwo electric costs €23,680 as a coupé and as a cabrio.

Since the International Show in Frankfurt anyone has been able to register on with no obligation to receive all the news on the new electric smart. In markets, including Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK customers been able to make reservations for a vehicle online and these customers will be the first owners of the new smart electric drive. A four-figure of reservations has already been — and a five-figure number of have even registered on the website.

Fill up on renewable energies

vehicles cut down greenhouse on a sustained basis, especially they are powered by renewably electricity. This is why the company is as much additional energy by wind power to the German as is needed to run all new electric smarts in Germany — thus the ambitious climate targets of the EU. The needed for this is supplied by a new power plant on the A9 motorway, Daimler has acquired in order to additional power generated a completely renewable source to the on time for the launch of the new electric Within the framework of this Daimler is deliberately not taking up measures from the German Energy Sources Act (EEG).

nominal output of 2.3 megawatts per the onshore wind energy type Enercon E82 will enough green electricity to run the 2,500 smart fortwo drives initially sold in Any power required over and this could also be with electricity from power, without EEG funding.

A green and even more

With a larger radiator featuring the electric drive stylish LED daytime driving below the headlamps, wider sills and several modifications to the the new model is much more than its predecessor. The new E-smart in all smart colours and colour that are also available for the and petrol models.

The new colour green is a particularly visible of electric driving fun. The drive design package crystal white bodypanels and alloy rims, tridion and mirror caps painted in green and numerous green in the interior, which form an contrast to the black seats.

looking to give their an even more exclusive can choose from the range of offered by smart BRABUS made — with an greater choice of colours and

Perfectly equipped

As to be expected the new fortwo electric drive extensive equipment. A highlight is the automatic air conditioning with filter and pre-entry climate When it is connected to the power the vehicle can be automatically pre-cooled or as required for a programmed departure

A new feature is the possibility to start the climate control via the internet or a at any time. The standard equipment includes electric windows, a steering wheel, leather knob, the audio system power steering, 9-spoke wheels and a luggage compartment In addition to the standard solid a glass roof and a cabrio are available.

The trip computer also a standard feature in the smart — shows information including the remaining And like the predecessor model the two instruments show the battery and the energy used and recuperated. In the smart fortwo electric can be equipped with a navigation and a 3-spoke leather steering

Clever app for infotainment with

smart is the first car brand to its own drive app for the iPhone®. Together the smart kit and cradle for the iPhone® the phone becomes a multimedia computer that is optimised for the fortwo in terms of function and The smart drive app for the iPhone has all the features needed whilst phone calls via hands-free your own extensive music internet radio and a clever system with a special touch.

There are also extras — for example the Car that will guide you to wherever you parked your

The new smart drive app for the iPhone is to operate, for example thanks to buttons. The new app therefore makes mobility even easier and fun — the declared objective of the philosophy.

Two new elements developed by make the two-seater car and the iPhone a team:

The smart cradle for the with control unit and serves as a stylish and functional It charges the iPhone and also as a hands-free system using the of the smart radio for sound and automatically muting it when calls are made

The smart app for the iPhone is the world’s first app on the market to be developed by a car brand. It all the features needed on the road in a app. All the functions are extremely to use thanks to extra-large buttons and letters

Always know how far you can go: connected

The smart drive app for the iPhone can be with further functions to the smart fortwo electric However, the current state-of-charge or the charge configuration can also be controlled and managed via a web portal a home computer or with any smartphone.

The Vehicle Homepage every smart fortwo drive customer a chance to the range on an interactive map with 3D

SMART ed cabrio Electric Cars

All the destinations that can be reached the current battery charge are The public charging stations reach can also be seen at a If a desired destination is further than the available range the Homepage can be used to quickly how long the battery still to be charged for to reach it. Among factors, the depiction of the range the topography and the route profile.

The graphic depiction that can be with 3D views and satellite is an attractive feature. Furthermore, the itself can also become information on the charge status and can be sent by email or Twitter for example. The driver is notified as as the desired range can be reached the current charge.


The smart fortwo electric can be connected to the internet at home via a powerline adapter (Homeplug AV) for After entering the planned time in the vehicle or the web portal the will be fully charged in a and economical way. The smart electric drive also charging at public stations

With PlugCharge the vehicle itself as soon as it is plugged a compatible charging point and the process is settled automatically.

history at smart

With the of the first electrically driven fleet in 2007 in London also took on a pioneering in the area of electric mobility 100 smart fortwo electric took to the roads of the British — with great

With the introduction of the second in 2009 the smart fortwo drive was ready to take to the The electrically driven avant-gardiste Stuttgart was introduced in 18 markets. The was to gather as much experience as about how customers use and charge vehicles. The huge demand all expectations. Instead of the planned vehicles more than smart fortwo electric were produced in Hambach.

means that smart has one of the fleets of electrically driven on the roads worldwide and a trove of experience and wishes that been input in the new smart electric drive.

A higher top and better acceleration at speeds 60 km/h were right at the top of the list of priorities. However, to prevailing opinion the range the crucial point from the of the test customers. The vast of users confirmed the results of which say that people approximately 30 to 40 kilometres per day on average in areas and they expressed satisfaction with the range of smart.

Technical specifications

motor: Magneto-electric synchronous from EM-motive

Continuous 35 kW

Maximum output: 55 kW

Max. 130 Nm

Battery: Lithium-ion battery Deutsche ACCUmotive

Battery 17.6 kWh

Maximum speed: 120


0-60 km/h: 4.8 s

km/h: 11.5 s

Range 145 km

Charging time (0-100%)

socket: 7h (without wallbox), 6h wallbox)

400V: Less 1h

SMART ed cabrio Electric Cars
SMART ed cabrio Electric Cars
SMART ed cabrio Electric Cars
SMART ed cabrio Electric Cars
SMART ed cabrio Electric Cars
SMART ed cabrio Electric Cars

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