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Consumer says these are the worst new of 2014 —

Filed Car Buying, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Rover, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Smart

Consumer Reports has its annual list of worst a cringe-inducing contrast to its list of top Ignominiously leading the way in 2014 is which has a staggering seven listed.

Jeep nearly the small SUV segment by itself, its Compass, Patriot and 2.4-liter of the new Cherokee, while the only sedans listed by CR were the 200 and Dodge Avenger. The new Dodge and the Dodge Journey round out condemnation of Chrysler.

Ford is heat as well, with the Edge and their counterparts Lincoln all listed as the worst in their respective segments. doesn’t fare much with its Lexus IS, Scion iQ and tC making the list.

We do agree CR on some of its listings, like the ForTwo, Mitsubishi Lancer and Crosstour. Some, though, are baffling. In what way is a BMW 7 Series one of the luxury sedans on the market?

We the same question regarding the IS and the Land Rover Range Evoque. CR also saved guff at the ancient Volvo a vehicle that despite its remains a competent and very luxury crossover.

We’ve got the list of losers courtesy of classified by segment below. a look at our gallery of besmirched above, and then head Comments and let us know which you agree with, disagree and which models you think be added to the list.

UPDATE: A spokesperson told Autoblog Consumer Reports’ Dodge findings were based on spent with a 2013 year vehicle. Chrysler is working with CR to have re-test a 2014 model Dart.

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troubled Smart USA probably get new 4-seat model —

under: Budget, Hatchback,

Smart, the Daimler-owned brand has done nothing but struggle in the US probably won’t be getting a model. A new four-seater called the is slated to go on sale in Europe this year.

A final hasn’t been made on US of the ForFour, but according to the head of Annette Winkler, there are that the cost of homologating the car for the America wouldn’t be made quickly. There are other to comply with, and to achieve is needed here costs money, Winkler told News Europe .

Smart’s were down seven to below 10,000 units, year. That doesn’t the brand isn’t important, According to Mercedes-Benz USA’s Steve Cannon, the brand is a niche unit, and should effective at padding MB’s fuel economy in the coming as more stringent CAFE come into effect, to ANE.

There’s also the fact killing Smart would paying off nearly 100 Mercedes that sell the microcar.

troubled Smart USA probably get new 4-seat model originally on Autoblog on Tue, 21 Jan 2014 EST. Please see our terms for use of

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Auto Ad of the Year Award announced [w/video] —

under: Marketing/Advertising, Videos, BMW, Dodge, Honda, Land Rover, Smart, Volkswagen, Celebrities, Humor,

Finalists for the 2013 Automobile of the Year awards have picked, and Ron Burgundy from 2 with the 2014 Dodge is one of them. So is the underside of a cat (it’s interesting than it sounds), is seen through a Kia Optima sunroof. There are 15 other advertisements to be watched and looked at, from the Hands and Illusions from Honda to a Land commercial that doesn’t a single one of its vehicles.

And motorsports are sure to love Honda’s and visual recreation of Ayrton Formula One lap record at Suzuka qualifying in 1989.

We’ve the press release and all of the videos for the ad below for your enjoyment, are divided into four Broadcast TV, Online Videos, and Experiential Advertising. To see the three category finalists, head to the gallery. The winners will be at the Detroit Auto Show month.

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Smart Fortwo with production-ready body

Filed under: Spy Photos, Budget, Smart

Fans of take note — your first look at the Smart Fortwo. The teensy, city car skipped out in full but lacking any shape-hiding body Immediately noticeable is just how it is.

It looks even smaller the Smart Fortwo that’s on the now, but that’s merely an illusion — it’s not as but has a larger footprint overall.

The overhang is virtually non-existent, the new Smart looks to be sporting a look, with both going a long way towards the reduction in length. Riding on a version of the architecture that underpin the Smart Forfour and Twingo, our spies are reporting this car will have its mounted in the back and that it drive the rear wheels.

diesel and a next-generation of the Fortwo should all be expected when the Smart hits the Geneva Show stage in March.

Fortwo spied with body originally appeared on on Sun, 03 Nov 2013 17:05:00 Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Fortwo successor spotted new nose —

Filed Spy Photos, Hatchback, Smart,

Judging by the numerous concept from Smart lately, we can much already tell the future has in store for the brand’s lineup. Still, these new spy give us our first look at the Fortwo being tested what looks to be a production-ready

Although this mule uses cobbled together from a Renault Twingo we’ve seen in previous spy the camouflaged front end shows a to recent concepts like the and Forstars. This includes the flat nose, an enlarged and the headlight shape, but one noticeable is the addition of marker lights just below the main From what we hear, the Fortwo will be unveiled next year at the Geneva Show, and it will be slightly than the current model.

Fortwo successor spotted new nose originally appeared on on Thu, 19 Sep 2013 16:31:00 Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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jumps Fourjoy in Germany —

Filed under: Cars, Convertible, Smart,

We’ve been waiting. and and waiting . for something new from Not another special edition of the — even one with — can slake the brand’s for some fresh iron. Spy tell us that a couple of new are on the way, but for now, we have Smart Fourjoy concept, a showcar that’s said to the next-generation Forfour.

Of course, this concept, the production will come with bodywork, but you’re probably at a thinly veiled take on the the model’s face and general

And while the production Forfour to come to market with gas and diesel offerings overseas, the borrows its motivation from the Electric Drive — a 55-kW electric motor by a 17.6-kWh lithium ion battery We wouldn’t be surprised if the next eventually gets a production EV but we wouldn’t look for that at

We’re fine with all of production-minded stuff, of course, but still something intriguing the concept seen here. The sparks a latent curiosity us that longs to see a fun-minded beachmobile offered by a major — something like a 500 Jolly or a Volkswagen Thing. VW has been making noise producing its Up!

Buggy, but even if it perhaps the company bold to produce the Smart ForJeremy take a chance on getting sand between its toes provided it can negotiate crash

If you’re looking for more on the concept, scroll down to out a video and see the official press

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jumps Fourjoy in Germany originally appeared on Autoblog on 11 Sep 2013 06:00:00 EST. see our terms for use of feeds.

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Smart bounds in ahead of Frankfurt

Filed under: Concept Frankfurt Auto Show, Smart, Electric

Smart has its newest concept car, the four-seater Forjoy. The joy part of sobriquet is rather obvious with the doorless, roofless, concept looking like a full of fun ­- but it’s the seats that might most prescient as far as Smart’s plans are concerned.

The German maker goes as far as to call the the forerunner of a new smart generation in its release, saying that the car’s proportions portend a lot the appearance of a four-seat production That upcoming Forfour likely) should get an official at the end of 2014.

Of course, while there be some production-car cues in this wispy, white and concept buggy, the detailing of it can be categorized as concept car only. bits of milled aluminum are shiny flights of fancy, as is the minimalist furniture that the airy cabin.

On the other the powertrain inside of the Forjoy, a electric motor drawing a lithium-ion battery pack, has scooped directly out of the production Electric Drive. Other its existence in the concept car, hasn’t dropped any hints in the release as to the ED unit making a production Forfour. We certainly rule it out as a variant.

Look for images and more info Smart’s hint-heavy Forjoy we see it on the Frankfurt show floor week.

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Podcast #345 —

under: Podcasts, Hybrid, BMW, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Smart, Tesla, Electric,

Sebastian Blanco from BMW i8 and i3, Tesla earnings, cheap EV

Episode #345 of the Autoblog is here, and this week, Dan and Jeff Ross are joined by Blanco, editor-in-chief of AutoblogGreen . include the BMW i8 and i3, Tesla earnings, and EV leases. (Please note, our quality for this episode is poorer than usual we had to drop down to our land-line As always, we start with in the garage and finish up with of your questions. For those of you who with us live on our UStream thanks for taking the time. You can along after the jump our QA.

Thanks for listening!

Autoblog #345:

Topics: BMW i8 and i3 Tesla Cheap EV leases In the Autoblog 2013 Hyundai Azera Chevrolet Volt 2014 Cruze Diesel 2013 GL350 Bluetec Hosts: Dan Jeff Ross

Guests: Blanco

Runtime: 01:11:09 Get the

[UStream] Listen live on at 10PM Eastern at UStream

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Smart Electric Drive lease now —

Filed under: Car Convertible, Coupe, Budget, Electric

Electric cars to be getting more affordable by the and the latest to get a price drop is the Smart Fortwo Electric With sales currently to only a handful of states, the Fortwo ED is preparing for its nationwide by offering a 36-month lease of the ED Coupe for as low as $139 per month or the same price as the non-electric The previous Fortwo ED leases at $199 a month.

Available until September 3, of this lease include a payment of $1,999 and signing up for the Assurance Plus battery-lease which is a separate lease for the at $80 per month. This means lessees are actually driving the ED for just $59 each month, a mileage cap is set at 30,000 miles. has been no price drop for interested in purchasing a 2013 ED, however, as has been the case rival EVs like the Ford Electric, Nissan Leaf most recently, the Chevy

As an added bonus, Smart is giving its dealers a $2,000 on the Fortwo, which can be used in any way the wishes — local lowering the asking price for etc. AutoblogGreen ‘s Blanco has put together quite a bit info on the Smart Fortwo ED click thru to read

Smart Fortwo Electric lease now $139/mo originally on Autoblog on Thu, 08 Aug 2013 EST. Please see our terms for use of

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No FWD Smart crossover in the works, but two headed for Frankfurt —

under: Frankfurt Auto Budget, Crossover, Hatchback,

If you’re a fan of Daimler’s Smart here is some potentially news for you today. First, a of concept vehicles will be on at the Frankfurt Motor Show month previewing the next-gen and Forfour models, and more Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche has that are no plans to offer a front-drive vehicle for the Smart both reports according to .

There has been no shortage of vehicles from Smart in years, but with the Fortwo and due out in the next year or two, concepts could be pretty to the production designs. As for future beyond these two models, told Autocar the rear-engine, layout is a defining feature for and a future crossover model be based on the new Forfour platform than sharing its platform a more conventional product in the portfolio.

No FWD Smart crossover in the but two concepts headed for Frankfurt appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 05 Aug 11:02:00 EST. Please see our for use of feeds.

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Smart celebrates 1.5 Fortwo models built, to upgrade factory —

under: Convertible, Coupe, Smart, Specialty

Smart is 1.5 million Fortwos built 1998 at its plant in Hambach, before it goes offline for an summer break. The 1.5 millionth is a white Electric Drive but it isn’t known which it will be sold in.

The milestone is by the reason for the extended break, starts in July and continues August: The plant will be a 200 million euro upgrade to it for a next-generation Smart vehicle, a designed four-seated urban car (aka, the 2015 Smart that will be available in In addition, a new, environmentally liquid-paint shop will be at the plant, replacing the old powder-paint and representing the largest individual in the upgrade, requiring a cool 50 euro.

For more details on Smart’s future, check out the press below.

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Smart celebrates 1.5 million models built, prepares to factory originally appeared on on Thu, 18 Jul 2013 10:01:00 Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Fortwo’s off-road chops on in amusing ad from Cannes

Filed under: Marketing/Advertising, Hatchback, Smart, Humor,

After spending a few days the recalcitrant mechanism that as a transmission in the Smart Fortwo, we can we’ve pondered all sorts of to prematurely end the car’s life. An hardcore off-road excursion has prominently in at least one such Evidently the marketers behind have entertained similar or at least spent some contemplating the old chestnut that something like, Who makes the off-roader?

Hertz. After how else can we explain this spot?

We kid Daimler’s pint-sized brand, but the truth is, this is a brilliant little advertisement. honest and plays to the Fortwo’s trump card — its dimensions — while a good sense of humor. to Ad Week, this commercial from BBDO Germany, and was shown at Cannes, where it won a of Gold Lion awards and had the cheering.

Check it out by scrolling

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Smart off-road chops on display in ad from Cannes originally on Autoblog on Tue, 25 Jun 2013 EST. Please see our terms for use of

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Daimler consulting with about 3-cylinder engines

Filed under: Europe, Smart, Renault

Soon Ford will offer its EcoBoost three-cylinder engine the hood of the Fiesta here in the States, building on the success of the powerplant overseas. In fact, success has caused other to take notice, and according to News Europe . Daimler is now to Ford about this for use in its own products.

In other markets, offers the 1.0-liter mill the hood of the Focus (we had the chance to this package on our home as well as the B-Max MPV. For new collaboration, Daimler would use the in the next-generation Smart ForTwo, as as the Renault Twingo, which the automaker will be collaborating on as of its alliance with Renault-Nissan. to AN, a Mercedes-Benz engineer called the mill an interesting and impressive

In exchange for details about the inline-three, Daimler will Ford with information its Euro6 stratified lean-burn engine, which is found in the new sedan.

This isn’t the time Ford has collaborated Daimler and Renault-Nissan about development. Earlier this the companies said they all work together on hydrogen cell development, with a to introduce a hydrogen powertrain by

Daimler consulting with about 3-cylinder engines appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 27 May 16:57:00 EST. Please see our for use of feeds.

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Smart shows version of winged ForJeremy —

Filed under: Hatchback, Specialty, Shanghai Motor Design/Style, Electric

The SmartForJeremy is a a limited run of the haute couture Fortwo being announced at the Motor Show. It has been down for production since we saw it at last year’s LA Auto but its signature flourish, the wings, Instead of replacing the brake though, a smaller set of red-accented sit above them.

The white remains, though the KITT-style has been swapped for a traditional

A collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios and Scott, it will come in with white wheels and accents outside and in. Production this month and there be three powertrain options all in the bodystyle: a standard 55kW ForTwo Electric Drive for euro ($45,416 US), a powerful 60kW Brabus Drive for 40,600 euro US) or a 102-horsepower gasoline-engined Brabus for euro ($43,501 US).

not for everyone, but if you want to live it’s Fashion Week week look no further. The release and video below can you more about it.

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shows production version of ForJeremy [w/video] originally on Autoblog on Sun, 21 Apr 2013 EST. Please see our terms for use of

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Smart ForFour prototype alongside next-gen ForTwo

Filed under: Spy Photos, Hatchback, Smart

Smart is to test its upcoming ForFour above) model and the replacement for the (pictured at the right), this doing some cold-weather in Sweden.

As we’ve reported the ForFour is an all-new vehicle, and it have more in common the smaller ForTwo than the last model that was with Mitsubishi. This is instead a collaborative project Renault, and could spawn will ultimately become the new Twingo. Some reports it that Renault is no longer in the Smart partnership, but the fact these testers were French plates and were caravanning with a French-registered Duster adds a bit of circumstantial that the match is intact.

The new was also spied in these environs. The two-seater is expected to be to roll before the ForFour likely coming to market in The ForFour, meanwhile, might not up until 2015.

Take a look at the ForFour and the ForTwo, in our of spied photos.

Smart prototype spotted alongside ForTwo originally appeared on on Tue, 12 Feb 2013 09:30:00 Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto
SMART ed cabrio – 55kW 74bhp Auto


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