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2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI 4-Door With

2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Review

2009 Subaru Impreza WRX Review

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Male Speaker: Take a Subaru Impreza and add a turbo that’s always been the recipe for a WRX. But today add in the wide body from the STI model now you have got less of a grocery getter than more of a go getter, let’s check the Tech.

Our WRX arrived in Blue Mica and somewhere between that color and the big squire offenders you start to a feel little well conspicuous. This car comes, as a four door sedan as well as the five door hatch that we have. To my eye if you want this look at all you want the hatch.

We have had a lot of Subaru it the CNET, but they almost never seen to have much tech beyond a radio, finally they send us one done up our way.

Now first thing I notice in this cabin a remarkable degree is restrain, Subaru is good that way things were kind of muted and not overly garish in here the styling kind of laid back up you know like that

Now let’s go to the technology we have the a la carte high-end head unit, lets take a tour of this guy first of all start with the map quality that’s what you’re going to look at a lot. And this resolution is quite good I like the way they had anti aliased the fonts the type faces really nicely. All the other information is very clear, even down to little thing like the little markers on this scale indicator and that sort of thing.

Touch screen of course which you can see.

Now moving off from the navigation system which is relatively one of the melt is nicely rendered, your media sources are weird complicated mix on this car there is AM radio no HD, FM radio, Satellite radio oh I noticed on satellite radio that can be XM or series you choice Subaru was always been ambidextrous that way.

Well by the way, notice the AUX indicator it shows three colors because you do have AV, AUX in because we have this high-end head unit. Disc hides back here but there is more than one thing happening on that Tilt button. You can move the screen to one or four predefined tilts to kill glare all though really only one of or two never works for me these are just too extreme. And then you got the two button here either change up entertainment disk or your map for your DVD. Once that tilt to get your indicator there that shows you can put DVD’s or audio discs in here.

And of course you can watch movies only when you are parked on this front screen.

Now here is where the audio choices get complicated you can add an iPod adapter alacart you already see we have AUX standard on this guide. You can add iPod with USB, you can add iPod with USB and Bluetooth streaming. And each of those is a separate choice the cost differential is very slight what that are offer just one thing which is iPod, USB and Bluetooth streaming for what $400 I think it is, that makes no sense needless complication.

Now on the output side this guy comes with someone specified AMP and 10 speakers base you can add Harmon Kardon audio to bring up 440 watts, some additional DSP is in there I’m sure or you can stick with the base system just add a power it’s up for a few hundred bucks. Now just to point in the video when I normally turn from the technology here to the technology here but blessedly there ain’t any, that’s the only transmission you can get in one of these guys. A five speed manual, oh yeah purists and drivers like you and me love this but I can’t imagine how the department at Subaru does

In all Subaru is in the game with regards to the cabin tech but it’s strongest tech play is still in the parks that get dirty and oiling that starts right here with a real cold air intake that goes right into the intercooler for the turbo.

Now this is a 2.5 liter flat four Subaru boxer 265 on the horsepower 244 on the foot-pounds of torque, well still delivering 1825MPG, and great performance. Plus it has that unique Subaru sound and feel. The engine is down low being flat it gets to nestle down and up the center of gravity stay low over the steering wheels.

0 to 60 blows by in a little under 5 seconds pushing hard enough and you can break all four corners lose off the line. Subaru’s symmetric all wheel drive is actually fairly simple that low alone longitudinally mounted engine upfront powering shafts and gear box’s that are mirrored left and right and largely balanced front to rear. But the feeling ends up being really kind of mid-engine turn in great plantedness so like its clawing with every paw when you get through a corner.

And the power on the car is ample though it has the usual turbo signatures a little bit of lag no much but bigger than that is the way that it comes on in gobs, usually too much but the time it really starts to catch-up with itself.

Nice clutch and transmission feel I mean the clutch feels really good nice and linear just the right way. The gear box is a, it’s a little bulky or chunky, but in that — that’s because the car so young all in all this is a really nicely balanced package. Okay, little friend about 282 front WRX, this is the premium trim by the way kind of a sweet spot in the middle add $2,000 for the hard drive based navigation with the touch screen and all that.

Oh by the way this five door hatch that 500 more for that body style.

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