Dims wouldn& t it be a good idea to have lots of nuclear …

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Nuclear power is greed and corruption. One is being constructed in Ga. and no one knows how much it will cost. Energy cost go up every six months to pay for it.

When all cars are electric tax on energy will out way emissions of gas engines.

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nuclear is a catch 22, the waste is extremely destructive and expensive to maintain and store. but they may be needed in the meantime and probably are a better alternative than coal or oil.

No. Nuclear plants produce nuclear waste, a fact that a lot of idiots want to ignore. I would like to see a new Manhattan project aimed at tackling the problem of creating nuclear fusion power plants. That would be a game changer, virtually limitless power with no radioactive waste, like that created in fission reactors..

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Was not familiar with the term DIMS. The Urban dictionary suggest a … reference that is not flattering to the user. You might want to check the definition.

Putting an attempted slander aside, your question is based upon the fact that when considering an electric car system an electric car leverages the environmental benefits of clean power sources. By itself this is true.

Battery electric cars do require some electricity but much of their benefit is derived from their ultra high efficiency. When we convert the transportation fuel usage in the US to kWh and adjust for the efficiency of the EV it amounts to less than 30% of the electricity that is used on the grid. Studies have also shown that 86 % of this electric fleet could be powered with existing power plants if they were charged off peak at night.

This is based upon the base load power excess available on the grid, off peak, at night. These base load power plants include coal, nuclear, geothermal and hydroelectric. But recent studies also suggest that the model of central base load power stations is losing economically to a distributed power structure.

It is cheaper to build many solar panels on houses and factories than to build central stations.

What this also does is tend to distribute political and economic control of energy and works against central political and economic control of the masses. Ultimately if this is a good idea depends upon your political view of masses of people. Someone who starts off their question with the word Dims might also lean toward central political control and a less democratic ideal.

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While the US navy may not have suffered any disclosed nuclear fatalities the Russian Navy infamously did and it was covered up for decades as nuclear accidents tend to be.

A review of the reportable nuclear incidents in the US shows a list of many minor incidents. Most do not involve the reactor core. The many Nuclear leakages from waste stored on reactor sites are not part of the reactor core.

Fossil fuels (coal and ngas) presently supply a little over 60% of the US electrical energy while nuclear supplies about 20%. There are about 430 civilian nuclear reactors operating in 31 countries in the world. There have been 3 melt downs in about 60 years of use.

Or one in every 20 years. Quadrupling the number of nuclear power stations suggests that we might expect 4 melt downs in every 20 years or about one in every 5 years. This may be politically unacceptable.

Presently there are technological suggestions for nuclear waste but no politically acceptable ones. The two main obstacles seem to be the NIMBY problem and the fact that all those guaranteeing the safety of storage will be … long before the storage is safe or any problem develops. When combined with the reluctance to for full disclosure in the N industry an element of distrust is an issue.

Plutonium has a half life of 20,000 years. If there are no nuclear by products a material is considered safe after 20 times its half life. Just 5000 years ago there was a land bridge to the UK.

It may be hubris to think that in half a million years the Earth will not change. It is easier to assume that those offering storage solutions simply don t care.

Tazzari Zero Electric Cars
Tazzari Zero Electric Cars
Tazzari Zero Electric Cars
Tazzari Zero Electric Cars
Tazzari Zero Electric Cars

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