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Tazzari Zero


Tazzari Zero is a product of the Tazzari Group. Created in Imola, Italy situated within the same region as Ferrari and Lamborghini, but unlike those exotics Tazzari will concentrate on small electric vehicles. The Tazzari is a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV).

Tazzari’s goal is to provide the very best technology and quality at a competitive price. It is a trailblazer in the new age of Lithium powered electric drive vehicles. The Tazzari will be retailed in US around $30,000.

Any vehicle sold in US will come with 24 Months Bumper-to-Bumper manufacture warranty except for batteries.

Tazzari Exterior Colors

Tazzari Interior Standard options

Tazzari Safety and Security

The vehicle is cast-aluminum, glued frame which is much safer and stronger technology as it does not provide the stress point on aluminum as you will get from welding,

Tazzari Warranty

Any vehicle sold in US will come with 24 Months Bumper-to-Bumper manufacture warranty except for batteries. Batteries will come with 12 Months Tazzari Manufacture warranty. Extended warranty policy to 24 months available will be available

Tazzari Service and Maintenance

Tazzari Financing

For more information on financing Tazzari Zero please check with your local dealer. Venta Inc partnered with several Finance companies to provide dealers with opportunity to have more finance options for their customers wanting to purchase Tazzari Zero.

Tazzari FAQ

What is different in Tazzari from other EVs ?

I think that, The biggest difference between this vehicle and most of the other EVs available today is that Tazzari Zero is one of the few vehicles in the world that has been designed and developed to be an electric vehicle from the very beginning. The vehicle is not a conversion, where the body was designed for a combustion engine and than adjusted to suit an electric drive.

The other difference is obviously the amount of attention to details, providing both exterior and interior with that … but sophisticated look. Another one is the price! Where we have production ready, highline, exclusive, all electric, fun to own, fun to drive vehicle priced for a fraction of what some of the other vehicles with the similar quality cost.

How is the Driving Experience?

Seeing and Driving many Evs that are available today, it is very clear that Tazzari ZERO is different from anything else the Electric car world has ever seen. This vehicle definitely meets and exceeds the current NEV standard for style, safety, comfort, and definitely quality. And being reasonably priced Tazzari provides a great value as well.

After spending a little bit of time with it I felt that the vehicle has a unique personality. Everyone who had the opportunity to see Tazzari for themselves, or take it for a spin, has been blown away by it – leaving them impressed with the vehicle. Tazzari ZERO is not just an electric car, it has a soul, a spirit that ignites your senses and make you feel proud driving it.

What about Tazzari technical data?

The vehicle is cast-aluminum, glued frame which is much safer and stronger technology as it does not provide the stress point on aluminum as you will get from welding,

The battery pack and the motor are sitting right in the middle of the vehicle. It is great form the weight distribution stand point, great from the handling stand point. It provides the driver with a great balance and control of the vehicle.

It is a RWD, with low center of gravity and therefore much better handling. A two-seater that is a bit longer, but lower than a Smart.

Weighing just 1202 lb, 150 N·m of torque and 15 kW engine power would seem to go a long way.

The is no emissions, no oil, no gas, very efficient vehicle.

What is the Origin of Tazzari Zero?

The Tazzari factory is located in the same region of Italy as Ferrari and Lamborghini. It is not a coincidence that this vehicle was created in the historic region where some of the best known names in exotic and luxury cars came from.

The company has a reputation as one an Italian producer in pursuit of excellence. Today the quest to bring the very best of technology and manufacturing to electric cars to make the “Made in Italy” register on these vehicles as respected as on conventional fuel cars.

The company was founded by Giorgio Tazzari in 1963. Shortly it became one of the most respected Italian manufacturing firms for machine work, advanced engineering, aluminum casting, and assembly in the service sector.

What is your Marketing Strategy for Tazzari?

We feel very strongly that Tazzari will play a very important role in developing a new niche in automobile industry. One of my friends, after seeing the vehicle refer to it, as a Ferrari mixed with Fiat 500. It is an Innovative, very well design and exclusive vehicle. We do not have to convince people to buy it. The vehicle does all the convincing by itself.

Driving Tazzari, It is like wearing a nice fit Italian suite. Everyone notice your style, and you get a lot of compliments. It is defiantly a lifestyle vehicle, a choice that shows unique owner identity.

We feel strongly that soon Tazzari will soon become a very popular vehicle.

How long does it takes to charge?

Tazzari Zero is capable on charging under all 3 levels:

A normal household plug that you find anywhere takes about 9 hours at 110 Volt,

We thing that most of the people will upgrade to 240 Volt (engineering term) which is 220 volt circuit that can be found in majority of homes for electric Dryer. It takes 6 hours to charge the vehicle. And there is an ability to Fast charge.

Fast charging is not an option we suggest for a user but it could be used for a fleet Applications.

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