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The cars ARE zero emissions.

Our production of electricity is not zero emissions.

How long does it take to charge your cell phone?

It depends upon what point is trying to be made. Zero emission Vehicle can be a technical specification, an accurate description, a misleading casual reference, or a political statement. It is most important to understand the context and sometimes the source.

If a shipping and receiving company needs forklifts for inside its closed refrigerators they may specify zero emissions vehicles to use inside the mostly air tight spaces. In this instance lack of local emissions is the point. The description is intended to be very narrow and accurate.

They are looking for vehicles and those vehicles must produce no emissions. Various laws also specify zero emission vehicles.

— CARB has specified the hydrogen powered honda FCX Clarity as a zero emission vehicle. It produces no local emissions although the production of hydrogen may come from many sources some of which produce far more emissions than ICE vehicles.

By definition and connotation emissions have a source.1 In English usage by associating the word emissions with the word vehicle the customary inference is that we are discussing the emissions of the vehicle.

— We are not discussing emissions of a component manufacturer like the tires or the plastics in the vehicle.

— We are not discussing the exhaust gases of workers who may have worked on the vehicle.

— We are not discussing emissions of gasoline refineries or even emissions of gasoline evaporating.

— We are rather narrowly discussing the operation of the vehicle. When it comes to an electric vehicle zero emissions refers to the operation of the vehicle. In this way we may directly contrast the vehicle emissions of a petrochemical vehicle. We refer only to the operating emissions of the vehicle.

Not the refinery or the power plant.

There may be some who would like to promote hydrogen and electric vehicles as pure as the first snow. The world is ever full of scams and marketing techniques. When it comes to the wider view of a transportation system many more factors must be taken into consideration than just a vehicle. At this point we may have no perfect solutions and an appropriate analysis may be subject to a comparison of alternatives. If we start with a vehicle that is not zero emissions a goal of reduced emissions is already compromised.

When we start with a zero emissions vehicle (narrow dictionary definition) we can be inspired to build using our best manufacturing and reduced pollution power supplies.

The objection some may have to the term zero emission vehicle is an implication that it is somehow better. Better is a subjective term what is better for one person may not be best for another. The quality of zero emission vehicle is only one of many possible criteria.

There may also be some who would attempt to slander any attempt at a cleaner environment. For those people motivation may not be a matter of definitions or truth but self interest and profit incentives. We know that both Exxon-Mobil and Koch Industries have put a great deal of money into changing public opinion.

For sources like these calling an EV a non zero emission vehicle is more or less like the pot calling the kettle black.

What is more important than total time spent charging an EV is the amount of our attention it requires, about 6 seconds vs 10 minutes for the petrol car.


1 otherwise we might simply refer to it as pollution: http://www.answers.com/topic/emission

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Tazzari Zero Electric Cars

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