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Shocking Winner: Proof that America Can Still (Great) Things


Tesla claims it has 250 patents the Model S, and more pending. The is light, thanks to its all-aluminum yet strong and stiff. The front and suspension are also mostly At the rear are extruded rear links that provide the of forgings at much lower while up front are hollow-cast knuckles that weigh 25 less than a conventional of similar strength. The electric sits between the rear contributing greatly to the 47/53-percent weight distribution.

The motor is an type, the basic principles of were demonstrated in the 1880s by Tesla himself, and it doesn’t expensive rare earth Tesla offers three battery packs for the Model S 40-kW-hr, 60-kW-hr, and 85-kW-hr that are claimed to provide of 140, 200, and 265 miles, The base 85-kW-hr powertrain a stout 362 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque, the performance version makes 416 hp and 443 battery packs are assembled at plant in Fremont, California, Panasonic cells with cathodes.

Situated under the floor, the pack is a stressed member further improves torsional and helps lower the car’s of gravity to just 17.5 about the same as a Ford

Advancement in Design

Refreshingly, designer Franz von Holzhausen the temptation to make the Model S different for the sake of being to call attention to the fact it has an motor. Former GM design Wayne Cherry, a consultant this year, summed up the design theme of the Model S as safe and conservative, but noted the executed design-enhancing proportions, the stance and gesture, and the harmony and of its lines. His only criticism? The end is a missed opportunity to establish identity.

The Model S takes of the packaging opportunities afforded by the EV powertrain. The cabin is roomy, the raked roofline impinges on headroom. With no engine up the hood covers a useful space, and the rear hatch to a cavernous load area gets even bigger you fold the rear seats Total load capacity is cubic feet, not that far shy of the cubic-feet in a Chevy Equinox, and its rakish looks, the Model S is the hatchback in the world to offer seating. A number of the interior solutions need more

However, all judges were with the Tesla’s unique interface, courtesy of the giant screen in the center of the car that everything from the air-conditioning to the nav to the sound system to the car’s suspension, and brake regeneration The system means the Model S is virtually button-free, and the car has been future-proofed: More functionality is a software update away.

Whatever what you use — electricity, hamsters in a wheel making a vehicle move the consumption of energy. The laws of are immutable. The question is, how efficiently can it be In the case of the Tesla Model S, the is very.

The best energy consumption we’ve returned is 118 mpg-e for a run from the eastern fringe of the Los sprawl to Las Vegas, Nevada. For the 313 of road loops during the evaluation, where the car was driven at speeds by all the judges with the running, it averaged 74.5 Impressive numbers, especially the 4766-pound Tesla Model S Performance version will 60 mph in 4.0 seconds and the quarter in 12.4 at 112.5 mph, with a top of 133 mph. Safety

With a price of $58,570 (before a tax credit of $7500), the 40-kW-hr S is competitive with entry-level E-Class, BMW 5 Series, and Audi A6. A 85-kW-hr Signature Performance like the $106,900 (before tax car Tesla founder Elon drives, is priced right on BMW M5 and the CLS63 AMG — cars of performance, remember. Tesla likely don’t need to their pennies, but the calculation’s doing all the same: At an average of mpg-e, the Model S costs 6 cents a mile to run, on California’s 13 cents per kW-hr. of Intended Function

The Tesla Model S nails the established by the German brands currently dominate the midsize sedan sector. It’s and great to drive. It’s and high-tech. It won’t look out of rolling up the drive of a leafy club or at the curb of a hip hotel.

a credible alternative to a Mercedes, or Audi for someone who lives in such as Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. We’ve covered than 1400 miles in equipped with the 85-kW-hr pack, and can confirm that of the Model S will easily 200 miles of mixed city, and freeway driving without any techniques. For the typical daily of commuting and short trips average American drives 40 miles a day), the Model S is a proposition.

The mere fact the Model S exists at all is a testament to and entrepreneurship, the very qualities once made the American industry the largest, richest, and powerful in the world. That the 11 unanimously voted the first designed from the wheels up by a automaker the 2013 Motor Car of the Year should be cause for America can still make

Great things.

Supercharge It. driving in the Model S

By: Kim Reynolds with its remarkable, 85-kW-hr the Model S’ EPA-certified range is about 100 miles of spanning California’s two biggest And if you can’t manage that, how you ever get to New York? To answer Tesla recently unveiled the five of what it calls its stations along routes L.A. to Las Vegas and San Francisco, and to Reno. (A sixth is located at Hawthorne factory.) These are veritable electron fire delivering DC energy directly the battery at rates up to 80 kW, bypassing the 10-kW (or optional 20-kW) and gaining 150 to 160 miles in range in 30 As Tesla says, stops on drives often take long anyway, if you use the bathroom, and grab a snack.

Moreover, charging will be sun-powered — the stations’ are covered with Musk’s City photovoltaic cells, but worry, you can recharge at night and it’s permanently free to S owners with the 85 kW-hr and 60 kW-hr cars with capability. As Musk says, as as you bring enough sandwiches and you could drive across the without your wallet. predicts 100 stations nationwide by At the stations’ unveiling, Musk them in importance to SpaceX’s with the International Space

That could turn out to be an

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