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2013 Tesla Model S Review DIY Reviews!

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TESLA Model S – P85 kWh Auto

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Gustav Where are innovations? Did Tesla invent electric motor or ion battery? Who will buy a car costing of dollars? Where is your It’s a toy for the rich, for a cohort of a few freak that car, oil is our future. п»ї

MaZEEZaM: Im not keen on the of the dash, for the price i would something classy not ugly carbon fibre. should be inline with what you from other classy such as audi, jag,

Steven J: You get the biggest front zone of any car, an armored and highest safety rating Even a Rolls Royce offer that.п»ї

im1greatman: I Tesla keeps pushing technology to it’s limits. all the things we now use that have batteries that could with a newer more battery technology. п»ї

Mike He’s flipping the camera off at Lol!п»ї

buildmorefarms100: He didn’t the charging time takes hours and if you conk out in the middle of you have no backup gas engine to on. you are on your own! Range of 265 miles. psh.п»ї

lasanog: wait for the model xп»ї

Jurgen DX: They should themselves lucky their car didn’t burst into

adasand21: I would rather buy a S than a Tesla.п»ї

jo23bulls: aviod GM like the plague. up with Apple.п»ї

Scott Typical batteries will out with charging and recharging. How do these batteries need to be and how much are they? п»ї

ovisatma: can you use that touchscreen while seems alot like and driving:)). the purpose of knobs are accesibility. If I have to go through in order to change the temperature in the or change the stations or volume on the I don’t know. п»ї

Jonathan.HDK.O’Toole: isn’t irrelevant. It is the primary when considering an electric Why didn’t you test the range? The other manufacturers don’t all their controls in a massive is that you can use it safely while

It’s fine while you are but not while driving. I was a big fan of Tesla and hopeful. but the more I learn it and see what other manufacturers are up, my enthusiasm is waning (surely VW has to up Rimac very soon.Their is well ahead of Tesla but expensive)п»ї

ARCH. M: if tesla n hook up OMG this car is going to be the

twenty514: Great reviewп»ї

cool, pottery road!п»ї

Pardi: Amazing car. I how many Leica cameras you can fit it? AmIright?!п»ї

buildmorefarms100: This car into flames if it runs objects. and no backup gas engine. and hours to charge. no thanksп»ї

EE burns better than

Robert111: The rims are too freaking big and give the car a much harder than would otherwise be the The extra weight of the rims takes away from performance. Rims over 18 on a car look clownish.п»ї

tmat04: The S and the Corvette C7 Stingray will do it for me. America!п»ї

Bronzebk: AutoGuide.com. review. Thanksп»ї

whoarocket: not 5 years. The warranty on the battery 8 years / UNLIMITED miles. had those same false about the batteries in hybrids they first came I heard that all the time.

already have a lot of data many years of the Tesla and their batteries (slightly technology even) have lasting really really I think one of the things people is that these don’t stop working, like acid; they just capacity reduced some.

No more distracting then to find a small button. But it comes down to it, It’s all responsibility. It’s only a distraction if you enable it.

mrjojo273: I seen this car by my

riseofhonor: 4:13 dat acceleration

Pun High cost negate the Some people make comments. But you want wind huh? Nobody will recoup the cost of wind with money saved!

is not the point. Stop making comments!

ImHereToAnnoyYou: That me back to my initial comment, a luxury car, if you can afford a you can probably afford two. I worry that the high negate any efficiencies and it becomes a bit of a

Lumos-Nox: I would just the climate and the locks and sunroof not to be of that massive touch and it be perfect.

The Trillion Dollar the seat are to flat in my opinion. like I am sliding when fast.

Ollie Strickland: You do not to worry about the mining or the densities of batteries. that’s my Those two things are predictable and not be a problem. How would you feel spending extra money to buy the now and then have the battery for free later? — no rather pay later, because you benefit from lower costs later As cheap as like. increase your produce more. ) Any car I buy must be than 1/3 of my annual income.

Tabula Rasa: Fine, videos of this car in cold It’s the most popular car in Norway at the moment.

Tabula That’s for the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Ok severe slant that is.

Can anybody tell me what he said between 4:54 to please? Thx

Oumar DiAllO: OMG THE at the beginning was sooooooo annoying. review tho

SgtBarone42: What a car and company!

ImHereToAnnoyYou: Who want’s to buy a car and to worry about lithium and battery densities for 10 years? How you feel about spending money to buy the Tesla now and then the battery replaced for free In Europe on many new electric they charge a monthly rental, but however they cut it, it out not being as cheap as I’d

toyotaprius79: Tesla didn’t film or videos to work on screen since that is a Of course pictures would do fine.

flawless: honestly the thing that bothers me this car is that its too luxury i would be afraid to drive is certain city areas. i was the door handle thing necessary? *shrugs*

Merc Ury: thats you are not used to it. the radio is a distraction too

Strickland: No it’s not the bright or being optimistic. $12k is the worst case. As global of lithium ion cell scales up, will emerge that costs. Densities aren’t still either.

ImHereToAnnoyYou: that’s looking on the bright I’m not so sure you’ll to replace the battery in 10 years, what else might be or that it’ll last that long. However the could be said for an engine.

Sorry I was going off a Tesla discussion a few months back. weren’t too sure about prices (given they expecting replacement anytime I suppose the point is it won’t be and hypothesising about how much it cost ‘X’ years the future is not easy.

Could it be now because all the cars are new and shouldn’t a replacement?

ScooniePenn10: exactly how would the auto-door handles when it’s -10 and snowing?

How certain is this improvement year, and does it show any of dropping? I mean if it does for 10 years we can realistically expect to see an EV a range of more than miles 10 years down the

bebomac5: Only people who little to nothing about car would think that. no more distracting than old buttons and knobs, and other sad, fails attempts at interfaces in cars. The difference is it works better.

bebomac5: The Model S replacement battery is currently between $8k-$12k, on the pack’s max kwh’s. Also cells fall in price an of 7% per year, while the energy of the cells increases more 8% per year.

Educate yourself!

Strickland: No, it’s $12k And manufacturing costs will as production scales up. Also density increases by about 8% per

So I’m looking forward to my replacement options in 8-10


2013 Tesla S Review 4.9 out of 5

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