Capsule Review 2014 Tesla Model S P85+ The Truth About Cars

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TESLA Model S – P85 kWh Auto

Capsule Review: 2014 Model S P85+

Electric tend to get a pass from reviewers, who are content to overlook faults in favor of a great Years back, I did a review of the Leaf for EcoModder, an eco-enthusiasts dedicated to fuel-friendly modifications and vehicle (EV) projects. In I was far more impressed with the that it was just an electric car the car itself. A Leaf is still a Nissan Versa with of green responsibility.

It s neat, but it s not outstanding if you look at it simply as  car.

But that s a lot of what has been about, waves of and media attention. Personally, I a fair amount of distance the Tesla news and drama. of me simply doesn t care, I am really curious in the car that out of the debacle.

 And the car happens to be a good one. The styling is sexy, this car has fantastic in the glowing Tesla Red Multi paint (there s no sexy for the color, sadly).

The brakes are mean stompers, by the regen braking in the rear. very heavy, you almost feel the weight; it s too low in the chassis to itself known in all but the tightest The interior is comfortable, with visibility.

The overall ergonomics are the aspect inside, with making a giant leap of by forcing a giant touch on Model S buyers, but it was hard to fault with it.

Even it s been described again and the driving experience devoid of piston-actuated thrust, and multigear is startling in how it delivers a near-silent train of torque from the wheels. What most can t tell you is how you have to alter own sensory perceptions when this car at speed.

We all have a for gauging velocity without at the speedometer. Driving by feel is, the sights, sounds, and tactile is something that even the marginally interested driver has The more keen among us an inner monologue based on all of inputs.

For instance,  practically any other car, you see the 25 MPH sign in yellow, down into the right gear for corner and listen to the engine fall, feel the chassis bite and the dig in to the pavement, and you know you ve hit the right for this corner.

With the S, your only option is the tires, trying to sense with the increasing tire it s not a bad thing, because the rest of the experience is so unique. Torque, 450 pounds of it, is always there.

A gasoline engine has to receive input, open the throttle pull air into the cylinders fuel, squishbangblow . then that power to the transmission differential axles.. . and you then have to wait for the engine to hit its The Tesla bypasses everything and throws down massive torque straight to the wheels.

 Up to its 130 mph top speed, it only begins to thrust as it approaches the aerodynamic of triple digit speeds.

to the low center of gravity, the Model S its substantial mass quite The only time you get to feel the in action is in the tightest of corners, the chassis s neutral disposition way to mild understeer. The steering is surprisingly quick, with road feel.

 Our P85+ came equipped Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 that offered monumental of grip.

The Model S stability system also deserves a amount of credit for not being too while effectively managing the amount of power put down the by EV Most stability systems hunker a car back down line,  heavily braking strategically to pull the car back in The Tesla system simply like it guides the car with an hand. It s able to adjust output with exemplary and precision. Expeienced drivers find it relatively easy to up to, but not exceed, the limit of the rear on corner exit.

 Traction can be turned off (and exploited easily in the dirt), but stability cannot.

Of course, it s possible to find with the car. As someone who had a by age five and grew up in the tech-era, I the large touch screen for things. And most of the Tesla are from the same era, a few years older and a few times

These are buyers who like and it brings a wealth of new options what you can do with a car s control But, at times it s picky and when you attempt to control options.

The ride height is but it would mysteriously lock out low parked for photos. While the car up for a photo shoot, took minutes of fiddling to get the running and accent to stay on with the s door shut. While headlights handle daily use fine, a simple headlight would be very welcome.

operations, like HVAC, and radio all work very After an hour or so, I could adjust HVAC controls as as my own car.

In one of the car s more overlooked the Model S offers almost no storage. There s door and a glove box, but that s it. It a center console, and there s a and open shelf along the floor board to the dash, but no holes to keep things Tesla was smart enough to fit Pilot Sport tires, car REALLY needs better

That attention needed at the is hard to summon when you to use your right knee the center stack to brace There is not enough bolster for how the car is.

One other thing I couldn t but notice was the size of the panel particularly around the hood. Not outlets have mentioned detail, but it s one that I expect in this price bracket to be of this if they re coming a BMW or Lexus.

But, Tesla is updating these with new And that s something that impresses me about the ownership Elon Musk and Tesla cares about this car and its They listen, they they accept criticism and do Not only does the Model S a new frontier for the automotive world. but it represents a change in the mentality an has towards the satisfaction of its customers.

The Model S firmware is regularly refining the car every time.

But as it the Tesla Model S represents the realization of the electric car that we ve had in a car. There s no green no tree infographics, no ZERO sticker package. It s a car that to be electric, not  just  an car.

And it s damn good.


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