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Tesla Roadster Electric Cars

Stephen Ottley

The first right-hand drive Tesla sportscar hits Australian roads.

Tesla hasn’t opened the doors to its Sydney showroom yet but the first all-electric sports car from the American company is in local hands. Adelaide-based businessman Simon Hackett has taken delivery of the first right-hand drive Tesla Roadster in Australia.

Tesla Australia general manager Rudi Tuisk was on-hand to deliver Hackett’s Roadster on Monday. Even though Tesla isn’t due to open its Sydney dealership until later this year Tuisk has revealed to Drive that he has already taken several orders for the car.

Hackett already owned a left-hand drive version and used it to set a world record in last year’s Global Green Challenge, driving the Roadster more than 500km on a single charge. He has already put in an order for the new, yet-to-go-on-sale Model S despite facing at least a two-year wait for the car.

Having waited since 2006, when he first ordered the left-hand drive model, Hackett was unsurprisingly happy with his new arrival.

The Roadster delivers an addictive driving experience, Hackett says. Once I felt the fluid, on-demand power curve of the car, I couldn’t go back. In a Tesla Roadster, you know you’re driving the future.

A second right-hand drive Roadster is in Sydney at the moment and is being used to woo potential customers.

He won’t reveal how many orders or even how much the Roadster costs, but it is believed to be more than $200,000.

However, he did reveal that the ordered cars could hit local roads before the end of the year.

It will be a lot quicker than Simon, Tuisk says. They’re [the US factory] are communicating four months but I think it will be a lot quicker than that.

Tuisk is also using the car to promote electric vehicle technology to various governments and businesses around Australia. He recently drove the car to Bathurst on a single charge; lapping the famous Mount Panorama circuit.

When the Sydney Tesla Store opens the Californian-based company will initially only sell the Lotus Elise-based Roadster. However, it has already announced plans to expand its range with the Model S sedan in 2012.

According to the company Australia is the 28th country the Roadster has been sold in. The company also claims more than 1200 examples of the car have been sold since 2008.

The Roadster has a range of 340km between charging and is capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in less than four seconds.

37 comments so far

Can’t wait to buy one. Also my Lithium miner stocks should get a boost. Who is making High Performance Batteries here.

I used to own a pretty hotted up electric model car. This will offer 10 times the fun.

Commenter Electric Car Freak Location Melbourne Date and time August 03, 2010, 1:03PM

This is exciting news.

Can’t wait to see the Tesla store here in Sydney and test drive one of those suckers!

Commenter AprilHare Location Sydney Date and time August 03, 2010, 1:16PM

when these things hit their boot straps everything we now think about performance will look pedestrian. F1 events won’t require ear plugs and the speeds will be even more blistering.

Commenter Skooter Date and time August 03, 2010, 1:23PM

The future is here

Commenter Dan Location Melbourne Date and time August 03, 2010, 2:16PM

does it come with a compatible aussie plug or do you need a travel adapter to plug it in?

Commenter Cptn Electric Location Melb Date and time August 03, 2010, 3:15PM

So you can get 340km on a single charge hey! Which is less than just about every petrol car on the market. But that’s not the big issue, the big issue is that when a petrol car runs out, it takes a few minutes to refill, rather than several hours to recharge.

Tesla Roadster Electric Cars

And I always find it annoying how people call electric cars zero emission cars. They aren’t zero emission cars until the electricity that they are charged with comes from entirely zero emission sources.

Commenter Hardlypractical Location Sydney Date and time August 03, 2010, 3:30PM

The price is a bit daunting but it is the way of the future. If the cars are charged with renewable energy then it is a great idea. Not so good if the electricity comes from coal fired stations.

While on the subject of electric vehilces, the Blade while not in the same league performance wise is an Aussie venture worth supporting.

Commenter Homer_R Date and time August 03, 2010, 3:51PM

Hardlypractical said the big issue is that when a petrol car runs out, it takes a few minutes to refill, rather than several hours to recharge.’

A swap-and-go system for batteries would work wonders, so would fold-out solar panels to absorb some power while the driver ‘Revives and survives’ every two hours.

Unfortunately a major component of a motor vehicle’s contribution to greenhouse gases is created during the mining and transport of raw materials, manufacture and transport of major components and the transport of completed vehicles to market. There is also the supply of spare parts and maintenance, all of which are environmentally destructive.

And there’s always the obesity from sitting in a tin box rather than using your muscles.

Bicycle: the intelligent solution, to almost everything.

Commenter Accent Location Sydney Date and time August 03, 2010, 6:16PM

Electric cars are an amusing toy for the rich, they are NOT the future for transport that the world needs, especially a country like Australia. can you imagine millions of electric utes going off-road to building sites? And what about the F3 debacle the other month, imaging trying to shift those cars if the power had run out. no, the future is hydrogen because it fits our current model, provides the mileage, and can be generated safely via nuclear power, etc, in very remote areas. Rolling out hydrogen would be what I call nation building.

Commenter Tory Boy Location Sydney Date and time August 03, 2010, 7:11PM

Sorry Latrobe Valley. but they have started Alan

Commenter alan Location north ringwood Date and time August 03, 2010, 7:24PM

Tesla Roadster Electric Cars

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