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Tesla Model S

The Namesake — And a Whole Lot

What’s the secret to making the S so safe, and why can’t other car replicate it? Well, that’s makes the Model S so exclusive and in the first place. Since the S doesn’t have a traditional engine under the hood, the benefits are twofold. The front is used for storage like a sedan’s trunk, which basically, it’s a large zone, which will most of the impact of a front end And since there’s no fuel there’s no fuel to catch

The Model S electric motor is small and mounted near the axle, which means not likely to be in the path of damage an impact. The Model S also has a low risk for rollover. So low, in that it resisted flipping normal testing procedures.

That’s thanks to a low center of with the battery and motor chosen for optimum balance. construction means the body is light and very strong, it’s reinforced with

The Model S is attractive package, but not so that it’ll cause a take. The most noteworthy about the exterior might be the mounted, pop-out door because you don’t even them until you approach the reach toward the door and the simply appears. Robert Automobile Magazine’s resident expert, explained that the of the exterior gracefully disguises a aerodynamic profile. The interior is plain, but enclosed by lots of highlighting carefully chosen of luxury — a 17-inch in the dash serves as the console Wood and leather trims a minimalist vibe.

Calm and relaxing, perhaps, but Model S owners would prefer a storage cubby and there [source: Noland ]. also a drop-in console as an option.) The back seat is and larger families have the of ordering a Model S with a two-seat, third row. The glass roof can block up to 98 of visible light and 81 percent of the beating down on the car, and controlled by a swipe of the center touchscreen.

The Model S can be recharged at or at work with charging The hardware (called a Supercharger) standard on high-end models and is a option on lower models. If the S needs to be juiced-up mid-trip, a of Tesla-specific Supercharger stations be operated by solar technology, by SolarCity (which is another Musk project), providing unlimited charging to Tesla About 20 minutes on a Supercharger gain about 75 miles kilometers) of driving range Noland ]. The network is expected to be in by 2014, and will actually the general population along Tesla owners.

That’s because the solar will generate more than people will to recharge their cars, and left will be fed back the grid as clean, available The Model S gets the equivalent of 89 per gallon (37.8 kilometers per giving it a range of 200 to 265 miles to 426.5 kilometers), depending on the option. Most subcompact EVs can go about half that on a single charge. Supercharger also plan to offer a swap service.

Model S can swap a drained battery for a one in less than two minutes an additional fee, of course), but also have to collect original battery on the return

Tesla Model S

So much is made of the Supercharger that it might sound as if the only option for recharging. Not so. The Supercharger is just an extra feature (and it’s free for owners of 85 kWh models and by 60kWh owners for an additional

The Model S comes with necessary to power up at a public EV station, a 240v home station, or, if you prefer, a plain old wall outlet in your — although it’ll be a bit slower. Charging times can be via the car’s touchscreen controls or a app.

The Model S isn’t and its biggest problem seems to be retention. Owners report they call vampire losses — noticeable on the battery while the car is parked. The is fixable with a software kind of like downloading an system update on your phone (the Model S it via WiFi). Tesla says a fix in the works but it’s not ready for yet [source: Noland ]. It’s known that batteries function as well at low temperatures, so acknowledged that the Model S with hybrids and other would suffer the same says that over a few of winter driving, the test range suffered by approximately 20 [source: Noland ]. This be less of an issue as EV infrastructure to develop and people become to it.

Not only that, but battery continues to improve, too.

A decades ago, conventional said that, once arrived, they wouldn’t be for The same went for the first few They were small, and rather inconvenient — for short trips only.

But the true success of the Model S is it appears to be changing that and Tesla seems determined to EV ownership a possibility for everyone who

Tesla Model S
TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto
TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto
TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto
TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto

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