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Some Thoughts on the Second Tesla Model S Fire

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TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto

Some Thoughts on the Second Model S Fire

Like the once was, the Tesla is a symbol (but for a different Considering its outrageous price one would be hard-pressed to argue it is a practical car for the masses. But that s OK me, because the Tesla is an ambassador for all cars through a process status by association (which is name dropping is all about). We are primates like it or not, seeking is built into our .

On the flip side, it could the image of electric cars if latest trend of catching on continues, or accelerates. I ve looked the statistics and have concluded to date, a significantly smaller of Tesla s catch on fire conventional cars. Although, could change with Two spectacular fires in almost as weeks is not a good thing. A fire with exploding is something to behold and makes copy.

It s also dangerous if the should be incapacitated. To date, no Leaf has caught fire. Leafs have been in the U.S. compared to 15,000 Model S sedans.

But that change as well.

I m also not that Elon Musk is matters much with his appearances. In this video he the interviewer that the batteries are by a quarter inch armor Yet it still caught on fire. to the numbers I ran, an armor that thick, large to cover the Model S battery, weigh somewhere between 300 and 400 lbs equivalent of always carrying three passengers).

Assuming armor plate really is thick, the Tesla engineers obviously quite concerned their choice of battery and location under the car.

He that only a few of the modules in the pack burned. If a fire spectacular resulted from a few of the 16 modules burning, just try to what it would have like with all of them

He appeared to be stifling a smile discussing Boeing s battery I can just imagine some execs toasting the fact his second Model S just on.

He said that if a gasoline car had hit the same road debris, it have resulted in a conflagration would have burned the car to the Those Tesla fires qualified as conflagrations and had the fire not arrived on time, almost both would have to the ground.

Before his personal Tesla published a letter their version of what It claimed that the fire was to the front section of the car by internal within the pack, insinuating an incapacitated driver would survived. The fact that the guy the first fire could the heat in the cab of his truck from 100 away suggests otherwise. I suspect that had the fire arrived a few minutes later, the would have been in the compartment. Clearly, the film of the fire shows the flames the passenger section.

 It said Vents built into the pack directed the flames towards the road and away the vehicle. Apparently to little I might add.

The note on to blame the firemen for puncturing the in an attempt to put the fire out which the flames to vent upwards the front trunk section, is contradicted by what we see in the second with the fire consuming of the car.

It claims that the potential of the Model S is only 1% that of a gas tank, which, or not, is utterly irrelevant looking at those spectacular fires. Energy released per time is what matters. enough energy in a short period of time and you have the of an explosion.

I m not concerned that a Tesla occasionally catch on fire being damaged. I m more that their clumsy to sugarcoat the accidents may turn them.

By QKodiak on October 31, at 5:24 pm

Why does nobody to think the Mercedes S-class, BMW Jaguar XJ, or Lexus LS have price tags? Yet for some the Tesla Model S which is the great electric car is considered I sense a lot of negative bias.

lithium fires were not They didn t spread or the entire vehicle unlike the in an ICE vehicle. Also, no one has been injured in a Model S. It has done its job and again, even in some horrific crashes. In every the driver and passengers walked from it.

That s the mark of a car. What happens to the car is much irrelevant so long as the remain safe.

Is there any car wouldn t have caught after a crash like The guy went through 2 concrete and slammed into a large Then he and his passengers walked

What more could you ask a car?

The video does to show fire in the passenger but that could be the battery allowing the flames to be directed to the and upward. In any case, the post pictures of the car do not correlate with claim that half the car was Also, the people inside not incapacitated in this or any other S crash.

They walked

And quit it with the sensationalist thing. Batteries DO NOT explode. can burn at very high A tank of gas matches the definition of much better than a

If you think statistics are irrelevant, s more wrong with you can be fixed.

Why does nobody to think the Mercedes S-class, BMW Jaguar XJ, or Lexus LS have price tags?

Nobody? that 99% of the people on this think that those also have outrageous tags.

Yet for some reason the Model S which is the first electric car is considered overpriced.

The is a fine car for people inclined to a car that costs so much, but you to define great for me to continue part of the

discussion, and overpriced you re at it. A $40,000 battery can do great

but you can see how that won t scale.

I sense a lot of bias.

Those lithium were not spectacular.

Admittedly, art, spectacular is in the eye of the beholder.

didn t spread or consume the vehicle unlike the fuel in an ICE

Like a gasoline fire, how damage the burning Tesla do depends on how long it takes for the department to arrive.

Also, no one has seriously injured in a Model S. It has its job time and again, even in pretty horrific crashes. In case, the driver and passengers away from it. That s the of a safe car.

What to the car is pretty much irrelevant so as the occupants remain safe.

Are you to suggest that nobody ever be seriously injured in That s absurd. It s only a of time. It s just a car with a collision

rating. That isn t a that you can t be killed in one.

Is there any car that wouldn t caught fire after a like that?

I ve driven by a lot of bad car in my time. Very few cars fire after a crash, very bad crashes. Most car are the result of leaks or from road debris that fuel lines or a gas tank.

My drove past one just

The guy went through 2 concrete and slammed into a large Then he and his passengers walked What more could you ask a car?

LOL cars may crash concrete walls they don t go them. A few days ago it was one concrete now its two of them. Tomorrow it may be half a he story gets bigger each retelling.

The video seem to show fire in the compartment, but that could be the vents allowing the flames to be to the sides and upward.


TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto

In any the post fire pictures of the car do not with your claim half the car was consumed.

We will to settle on the definition of consumed. the video showed that reached half of the car length, the earlier Tesla statement.

the people inside were not in this or any other Model S They walked away.

arguments don t work in internet fields. I never said theoccupants were incapacitated. insinuation that occupants of are impervious to injury is, ah, somebody a word for me.

And quit it with the explosion thing. Batteries DO NOT

Sure they do. Watch the fire video again. exploding noise and flash you see is exploding batteries.

A tank of gas the definition of bomb much than a battery.

You are confusing a battery with a pack, which, in the case of a is an assemblage of thousands of batteries. A of gasoline can t explode. An explosion can occur when just the mixture of gas fumes and oxygen is which is very rare.

A pool of gasoline is not an explosion. batteries are clearly exploding in the video.

If you think statistics are there s more wrong you than can be fixed.

Again, arguments don t work in internet fields. Critique the

I appreciate the because of the positive image it has to electric cars in general. But the is, any electric car with $40,000 of battery will have the range and acceleration. To impress me, the will have to do that for a lot money.

The White Zombie. an 1972 Datsun 200, leave a Tesla in the dust in a race.

By QKodiak on November 2, at 5:23 pm

Most people that, but journalists and reviewers don t to think so, except for the Tesla S, and I ve read hundreds of articles on end cars.

Let me tell you why it is a great It contains an unprecedented blend of style, performance, range, convenience, practicality, and cargo

It s EPA rated to 89 mpge, is one of the few electric that looks beautiful, can do as fast as 3.9 sec. has an extremely low of gravity making it handle has gobs of smooth, linear, effortless torque available is EPA rated to 208 or 265 miles, has an 17 touchscreen wirelessly upgradeable interface, can up at home at 4x the cost of a comparable can Supercharge for FREE in 30-45 has 5 real seats, 2 available seats, a frunk, and a total of cu. ft. of cargo space.

There are many reasons why the S has won the top honors of so many auto establishments, not just a few.

battery doesn t cost The current cost estimates for are between $200 and $250 per That s $12-15,000 for the 60kWh and for the 85kWh worth of cells.

s replacement costs are $10-12,000 8 years or so, which is less the fuel savings alone.

I am toward electrics and against the ICE for reason. They are wasteful machines that produce of heat and dangerous chemicals. I wait until I can afford an car.

Tesla has firewalls in the car s and battery that prevent the from spreading as quickly as would in ICE-powered vehicles. It s worth noting that no one has injured in a Tesla Model S.

the batteries exploding, you are right. me for my ignorance.

White Zombie is ultra-high power prototype and a custom built motor. knows it is possible to build a car s cheaper and faster than any equivalent. That s why people do it all the

I highly respect John and want to build one of my own. I d use a more desirable body for my

TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto
TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto
TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto

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