Tesla Model S My Czero & Nissan Leaf Electric Car(s)

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My Czero Nissan Leaf Electric Car(s)

Tesla Model S: the safest car in the world? (Probably is)

August 21st, 2013 § Comments Off § permalink

The Tesla Model S electric car has earned the best safety rating ever in American tests

The Tesla Model S electric luxury car has achieved the highest score ever in US safety tests, according to its manufacturer.

Tesla S

BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, win in Next Green Car awards

Its excitingly close: Tesla Model S delivered to first European customers

August 9th, 2013 § Comments Off § permalink

Tesla Motors has delivered its first European-market Model S luxury electric cars to customers in Norway . Switzerland and the Netherlands this week.

In its Q2 financial results, the California-based carmaker said it sees Norway as a key market – expecting to sell 800 vehicles there this year, and with plans to roll out its Supercharger network of free fast charge units across 80% of the country’s population.

The company now has its European headquarters in Amsterdam, with final assembly for the region ’s customers taking place at a plant in the nearby Tilburg. It said orders from European customers had increased each month since February, and as a result it had opened eight new retail locations in the region .

In Q3, the company will begin production of a right-hand drive Model S which will be sold in the UK . and  Tesla has ambitions to attract fleet customers due to its tax-efficiency.

With global orders on the rise, production increased by 25% during Q2, exceeding the 4,500 units projected at the start of the year to reach a total 5,150 cars at its factory in California. By the end of 2014 . Tesla is expecting production to exceed 40,000 units per year.

Business users await: Tesla Model S UK release imminent, Lib Dems pleased

August 9th, 2013 § Comments Off § permalink

The Tesla Model S has had a few issues in the past, but all that is behind them now because the EV is all set to spread its wings and venture out into other markets. TheModel S had only been available to the US market, but two years later we are about to see production increased to ship these vehicles to Europe.

Tesla Planning Grid Storage As Part Of Supercharger Expansion

May 31st, 2013 § Comments Off § permalink

Buy a Tesla Model S . and you won t need to worry about brownouts. And you could even keep driving through the Zombie Apocalypse .

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk revealed that little tidbit at a press conference today . where plans were detailed for an expanded network of the company s Supercharger rapid-charging stations.

“We actually have grid storage going on at some of our Supercharging stations,” said Musk . noting that two stations in California currently have 500 kilowatt-hours of combined energy storage—with the potential of “putting out a megawatt if need be.”

And that extended grid storage is “probably” part of the long-term plan for every Supercharger station, according to the CEO . Under the scenario, stationary battery packs take in energy through the week from an overhead solar panel array—which in turn doubles as a shelter from sun or rain.

“The chargers are generating energy cumulatively throughout the course of the week, and it cumulatively adds up to more than what the cars consume,” said Musk . “So it s actually capable of going completely off-grid,” and of continuing to charge cars when the power goes out.

Musk wouldn t exactly where in California those two grid-storage prototypes are, but he confirmed they re in California, and that the grid storage is being planned together with utilities, who have received the plan well—as that excess energy could be fed back into the grid when it s needed, as a buffer to help prevent brownouts or help reduce pollution during off-peak situations.

“Even if there s the Zombie Apocalypse —seems like a popular theme nowadays—you ll still be able to travel throughout the country using Tesla Supercharging system, quipped Musk . Even if the entire grid goes down, it ll still work .”

**[Ed. Note: Elon Musk ‘s comments may be seen as building on a misconception that the grid is unreliable. Let the record stand: The entire national grid has never gone down, and major regional outages are extremely rare. Also, zombies are not real.]

The e-up! This fall of 2013: Volkswagen Unveils Its First Production Electric Car

March 15th, 2013 § Comments Off § permalink

Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen ##Q##s CEO . unveils the e-up!

We missed it in Geneva last week, but the first production electric car from Volkswagen was unveiled at VW ##Q##s headquarters in Wolfsburg this morning. We##Q##ve seen several Golf prototypes, but the first production EV from Volkswagen is based on the up! and it##Q##s logically called the e-up!

We bet the electric Golf will be named the e-Golf and compared to it, the up! is actually two models down. In other words, it##Q##s the Yaris-sized Polo that##Q##s below the Golf, and the up! is below the Polo with dimensions close to the diminutive Chevrolet Spark. But the two cars are very different.

When the Spark has an angry look and cheap plastics inside, the up! looks nice and refined, outside and inside.

The e-up!—likely to only be available with four doors—is a small electric four seater city car . This format works well for the European market. With limited range and performance . Volkswagen clearly says that its e-up! is for daily use in the city, and that is also ideal for commuters, or is an innovative second car .

This is clearly not a competitor to the Tesla Model S . but it may be what millions have been waiting for: an electric car for the people, with a moderate price. The battery is perfectly integrated below the floor, and it stores 18.7 kWh. Engineers will understand that the range is limited, and Volkswagen announces 93 miles on standard European test methods.

You can deduct 20 percent of that number in real world driving conditions, but it##Q##s still more than enough most people, and Volkswagen will be happy to provide a diesel Passat with a 700-plus miles of range to those who need more.

The car ##Q##s weight is reasonable at 2,612 pounds, but power is modest. Its motor provide 40 kW continuous with a 60 kW peak (82 hp). That##Q##s more than the base up! which only has 60 horsepower but many are waiting for the GTI version which should get 110 hp. Torque is equally modest at 155 lb-ft and that means this e-up will be much slower than the Chevrolet Spark EV.

Volkswagen says it: going 0 to 62 mph will take 14 seconds, and top speed is not autobahn-rated at 84 mph.

But the e-up! and the Spark EV will have a common feature however: their will both use the Combined Charging System (CCS) which supports both AC and DC charging. The only difference will be that the Chevrolet will get the American CCS whereas the Volkswagen will get the European CCS. That##Q##s with the Type 2 Mennekes connector on top, and not the SAE the Chevrolet gets.

The plugs supports both AC and DC charging, and Volkswagen says the car can be recharged to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Again, the Chevrolet is faster. The one point where Volkswagen might make a difference is the price, but there##Q##s no indication about it yet.

My estimate is that the e-up will sell for two-thirds the price of a Nissan LEAF in Germany—and possibly less.

Volkswagen announced recently that it had opened a new facility to assemble the packs for the e-up! in Braunschweig, with a capacity of 11,000 packs a year. There##Q##s no word yet about the supplier for the the battery cells.

The Volkswagen e-up will have its show premiere in Frankfurt this September, and Germans will be able to buy it soon after. Other European countries will follow, but the e-up is not be expected to be sold where the gasoline model isn##Q##t available. Americans will have to wait for the e-Golf.

Electric Result: Tesla Model S With 60 kWh Battery Rated at 208-Mile Range

December 10th, 2012 § Comments Off § permalink

The EPA last week released the officially efficiency and range numbers for the mid-level 60-kWh version of the Tesla Model S . Though Tesla was gunning for a rating of 230 miles, the EPA ##Q##s test results assigned 208 miles as the official number . That##Q##s 57 miles less than the 85-kWh version of the Model S.

There##Q##s still one version, the base 40-kWh Model S, that has not been tested by the EPA . Tesla expects this version to return 160 miles of range, but judging by the previous discrepancies between Tesla ##Q##s estimates and the EPA official figures, the official number will fall short by 10 miles or so.

The 85-kWh version of the Model S, starting at $69,900 after incentives . is available now. The 60-kWh Model S, with a base level price of $59,900, is expected to enter the production in January, with deliveries scheduled to commence about one month later. Finally, the arrival of the base-level 40-kWh version, beginning at $49,900 after incentives . is tentatively set for late March to early April.

All Tesla pricing will slightly increase beginning in 013.

Electric Car and Plug-in Hybrid

October 27th, 2012 § Comments Off § permalink

Here##Q##s some of the most exciting upcoming plug-in hybrid electric and battery — electric cars coming up in the next 3 years, in the US . Each of these models has something fresh to offer a fast-growing segment. The race to increase range and efficiency is in full swing. With batteries becoming cheaper and technology improving, electric cars will soon be less expensive and more viable as daily transportation.

Ford Focus Electric Nationwide rollout 012-013

The Focus Electric is out now in a few select markets, with a national roll-out to take place throughout 012 and into 013. With a 76 mile range thanks to a 141-horsepower electric motor and 23 kW lithium-ion battery pack, the Focus Electric roughly equals Nissan##Q##s Leaf in key performance areas like range, interior space and efficiency.

Ford Fusion Energi Late 012

Ford also has a plug-in hybrid in the cards, based on the sharply styled new 013 Fusion. Known as the Energi, this special Fusion can not only travel for 16 to 19 miles without using a drop of gas, but will still be capable of outstanding mileage. There will be no tradeoff here for those seeking a spacious sedan plus gas-free driving .

Honda Fit EV Nationwide rollout begins Summer 012

Like Ford, Honda chose to use an existing platform for its new battery — electric car . rather than shouldering the expense of developing from the ground up. Good thing, too, as the Fit is a featherweight and fun-to-drive subcompact with more interior cargo space than most small crossover SUVs in a well-designed and versatile configuration.

Volkswagen Golf EV Late 013

The compact electric hatchback segment continues to grow, with VW ##Q##s new electric Golf in development. The Golf quite a bit heavier than the Fit to start out with, so it remains to be seen if Volkswagen will be able to make the platform light enough to still return good driving range. Expect an interior a cut above cars like the Leaf and Chevy Volt, with high-quality materials as is VW ##Q##s trademark.

Tesla Model S End of 012

The makers of the pioneering Tesla Roadster are moving into the luxury sedan game, with the $50,000 (after tax rebate) 013 Model S still promised to go on sale by the end of 012. This sedan will bring a 160-mile range in its base configuration, with extra-cost batteries bringing range as high as 300 miles. That##Q##s enough for a short road trip, unlike all other current production electric cars .

Tesla Model X 013 2014

The Model X luxury electric crossover will follow the sedan model to market by around a year, promising around the same range in a spacious platform with good utility. The trick rear doors swing upwards like a DeLorean, making for easy entry and parking lot stares. The Model X will cost around the same as the Model S.

BMW i8 eDrive Worldwide release begins late 013/early 2014

BMW ##Q##s new i8 is a true sports car that just happens to also be a plug-in hybrid with great efficiency and a short electric -only range. The flagship model for the German luxury brand##Q##s new eDrive subdivision, the i8 will be available in coupe and roadster configurations. Expect fuel efficiency triple that of other supercars without sacrificing performance .

BMW i3 eDrive Worldwide release begins late 013/early 2014

The i3 uses the same electric motor as the i8, though without the gas engine. The battery — electric luxury city car has been making the rounds of auto shows around the world. Range should beat mass- market electric cars already on the roads, thanks to the i3##Q##s heavy use of carbon fiber and lightweight yet strong plastics in its construction.

It will also feature BMW ##Q##s trademark luxury, though don##Q##t expect it to come cheap.

TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto
TESLA Model S – 60 kWh Auto

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