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March 30, 2011 at 8:33PM

Bit of for those of you with rich lives to know nothing of sillyness.

In 2008 the BBC’s car show, Top Gear, did a feature on the Roadster.

When the big Mr C first it, he was very impressed, I cannot this that’s biblically he shouted as the car rocketed him forward.

the batteries ran out after 55 miles and the Top crew had to push the car back to a where they could it in.

Terrible, what a loser

Except the batteries hadn’t run not anywhere near. The cars fine, there was absolutely wrong with them.

sure some of you are familiar this story, goodness me droned on about it enough. I about it on YouTube at the time.

Now, what’s all the fuss

Big Mr C and his pals have slagged off all of cars, that’s their That’s why we watch them. are many car manufacturers and Nations had their noses put out of joint big by the middle aged men in jeans. We it, we lap it up, it’s a laugh.

And anyway, knows it’s a light show, nobody takes it

Except of course they do.

For 40% of the white, disgruntled, put upon population, their word is

For 80% of young men who aren’t old enough to yet, their word is in stone.

I had a wonderful example of when I was lucky enough to a Tesla Roadster Sport in my garage. A neighbor dropped in his 11 year old son, they at the car and the boy said ‘Oh yeah, I saw on Top Gear, it only does 55 then you have to plug it in for 5

His dad let me take him out for a quick drive, boy has barely been able to talking about it ever

The following day I drove that car 189 on one charge without any trouble so ever, it was nowhere near when I gave it back, and I it like an idiot.

A friend of Richard Titus, one of the producers of the ‘Who Killed The Electric now owns the self same which ‘ran out of battery’ on Top He drives it every day, driven many 10’s of of miles in it, it’s never down, it was stolen and he got it back, a legendary, high end, sports car that goes 0-60 than virtually any car that’s allowed on the road.

But a huge amount of people, if heard of the Tesla, will ‘Oh yeah, that’s the car can only go 55 miles then you to push it.’


here’s the thing.

There been a few occasions over the where good friends been slandered and libeled in the press and have pondered the matter further, getting the involved, driven by a strong to clear their name.

If asked for my advice I’ve counseled against it, all that to happen in cases like is the paper coughs up a few quid and the already long forgotten is fresh publicity.

Tesla Motors Electric Cars

This was my for Tesla, the episode of Top Gear featured the rather crude destruction of Tesla’s still new and fragile reputation was broadcast 3 years ago.

Why drag it into the spotlight?

Top Gear, and more importantly the BBC a very important place in people’s hearts.

Who wants to a bunch of West Coast who’ve gone all moody Big Mr C was roody poody about their ickle wickle car.

Who can ever remember the

Well, there’s the rub. repeated attempts over the three years, Tesla tried to get the BBC to withdraw that of the show from their repeats, the literally millions of they sell and their overseas coverage.

Top Gear is an brand with a massive and they did, after totally fictionalise the silly with the batteries.

It’s a very difficult argument and still a bit “fence sitty” it.

I believe Tesla were wronged by the show, (when you ever seen the crew a petrol car off the track because it ran out of i.e there was a clear editorial I admire the fact that the are pugnacious enough to call out, but I worry the negative PR not help.

I merely mentioned the story on today and I was soon receiving and your eco-fascist friends then? Sure, sue the BBC and steal our license fee #massiveEVfail” etc.

of things while I’ve got the Top Gear, the BBC series, is entirely by the BBC from our TV license. Top Gear, the company which runs the Top Live! shows and Top Gear is proudly and very publicly by Shell.

Nothing wrong that, it’s not a criticism, on observation.

They are paid by a oil company and there is no way in hell I am to suggest that has any bearing so ever on their attitude. And you say what about Hydrogen, Tesla episode of TG also the Honda Clarity HFC car) one of the supporters and keenest proponents of hydrogen fuel cell Shell.

You can read Tesla’s side of the here.

Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars

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