2012 Toyota RAV4 EV First Drive Of TeslaPowered Crossover

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2012 Toyota RAV4 EV: Drive Of Tesla-Powered Crossover

Toyota RAV4 EV, Newport California, July 2012

Toyota RAV4 EV, Newport California, July 2012

If the electric car has a real-world range of 100 or more and the practical utility American families buy crossovers the future may be arriving this

The 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV has bit of space that the gasoline do. Its Tesla-engineered battery pack and motor give it better than the RAV4’s most V-6 version, plus a real-world of 100 or more miles (depending on how you use the control).

It’s too bad that the EV will only be sold in as a compliance car , in a limited run of just over the next three years.

In other words, if you want one—and have the of $49,800—you may not be able to buy one.

As electric-car advocates may remember, is actually the second RAV4 EV. The one was built a decade ago to comply earlier California zero-emission mandates that were changed, so Toyota stopped them.

There are still 500 of the 2002 Toyota RAV4 EVs around California—we drove one a of years ago—and their have been waiting for the new 2012 model.

Developed in time, with a deal Toyota and Tesla announced in May by respective CEOs Akio and Elon Musk, the 2012 EV will go on sale later year in select California

Tesla battery and motor

Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] engineered the battery pack, which has kilowatt-hours of usable capacity and below the floorpan.

Ground is consequently reduced by a couple of but the RAV4’s cargo space of cubic feet is untouched—as is the foot room.

2012 RAV4 EV, Newport Beach, July 2012

Tesla provided the AC induction motor powers the front wheels, is the same unit used in the Tesla Model S electric sedan. but with a lower output of 115 kilowatts (limited not by the itself but by the pack power).

The drive motor, power and onboard battery charger are under the hood where the and transmission used to sit.

the loss of those items, the EV is roughly 470 pounds heavier a front-wheel drive RAV4 with the V-6 engine, rising to 4,030 pounds.

But it’s the that really impresses you drive the RAV4 EV, which or less uses the powertrain and capacity of the lowest-spec Tesla S with a 40-kWh battery

Toyota quotes less 7 seconds from 0 to 60 mph in Sport and, more importantly—where it counts in real-world usage—just 2.5 to go from 30 to 50 mph. That’s faster than the best V-6

Top speed is limited to 85 mph in Normal and 100 mph in Sport mode.

User lots

As in Tesla vehicles, are a number of user-controllable settings. are normal and Sport drive for instance, the latter boosting acceleration even if you keep foot steady when you the Sport button while

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV, Beach, California, July

Then there are three settings: Eco-High, Eco-Low, and The Normal setting essentially the maximum-blast behavior of a gasoline cooling and heating system—and it through range at a major

Eco-Low moderates that, and is the least powerful climate providing the most range.

claimed that Eco-Low is to keep front-seat passengers if not either chilly or toasty, on and hot days respectively.

We were but in fact in California coastal up to the low 80s, that proved true with the fan on a lower

We didn’t have any chance to the car in chilly Northeastern winter then, it won’t be sold so it’s somewhat academic.

93 to 112 miles of range

Toyota Electric Cars

Perhaps the significant aspect of the 2012 EV, though, is its real-world range—courtesy of the huge usable 42 kWh of the battery

(By comparison, the 2012 Nissan has a maximum usable pack of 20.4 kilowatt-hours, or half number.)

In an afternoon of driving two electric RAV4s, we concluded two

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV, Beach, California, July

First, it’s easy to get 100 to 115 of range no matter how you drive the in local stop-and-go or at legal speeds and then some the general traffic flow in California).

Second, the Tesla/Toyota estimator on the RAV4 EV is remarkably with the change to projected usually no more than 1 different than the actual covered.

We didn’t run any of our test cars near 0 range, but Toyota us that there’s a small even after the battery is as totally depleted.

Range of 158 RLY?

Toyota estimates in Normal charging mode—which charge the battery pack to 100 RAV4 EV has a range of 93 miles.

If the needs more range and the electric RAV4 to Extended charging mode, that almost 20 percent, to 112 miles.

lengthy conversations with the though, Toyota was not able to the agency to let it list two separate it expects the EPA-rated range to in around 98 miles.

Just for with a fully charged and the ventilation turned completely off in one of our vehicles, the range estimator we had 158 miles. That’s worth some windows for.

The number fell to 92 when we the switch for Normal ventilation, to 111 on Eco-Low, and then 118 on Eco-High—which was we left it.

10-kW charging

lesser battery electric whose onboard chargers are to 3.3 kilowatts (Nissan Leaf) or 6.6 (Ford Focus Electric, Sedan), the Tesla-designed charger in the EV can charge at up to 10 kilowatts.

Toyota RAV4 EV
Toyota RAV4 EV
Toyota RAV4 EV
Toyota RAV4 EV
Toyota RAV4 EV
Toyota RAV4 EV
Toyota RAV4 EV


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