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Toyota Prius PHV Electric Cars

2013 Toyota

The 2013 Prius PHV is but a baby step on the from full gasoline to electric vehicles. That is, if you can find one to buy. Think of as limited-edition high-heeled Toms rather than Birkenstocks vegan leather straps.

The is much harder to locate and a higher cool factor. The is widely available and dependable, not as hip.

By Kristen Hall-Geisler


Toyota takes its best-selling, Prius up a notch with the Toyota Prius PHV (that’s Hybrid Vehicle). It is the same and size as the Prius we have to know and love over the decade, with the space-age and the truncated trunk.

The major is under the little latch in front of the driver’s door and the sack of wires in the cargo The bag holds the charger, and beneath the lays the charging port. one end of the cable into the car and one end into the and presto, you’re charging up Prius.

It’s that easy.

But electric this car is not: the Prius PHV in for three hours at a 110-volt household outlet you a full charge — which take you about 15 miles. says that you could hop town in 15-mile increments and use gasoline, but that seems like a challenge on “Top than a reality. The other lies is that Prius PHV run on electricity all the way up to 60 mph, about 20 mph than the regular Prius

Think of the 2013 Toyota PHV like eggs. Everybody to buy any old eggs from the grocery Then we started buying organic eggs. Some of us now buy eggs from family at the market on weekends. The very among us actually raise chickens.

The PHV is at the farmers’ market buying while full electrics the Nissan Leaf are snatching eggs from their hen each morning. It’s a full tree-hugging-hippy car, but not


The interior of the 2013 Prius PHV is familiar, being to the current generation Prius It has the same spacious feel and seats. The digital gauges for fuel, and the rest are at the top of the dash in the almost like a heads-up but a little to the right.

A button on the wheel scrolls through a half-dozen display styles, on how much you want to know the electrical and gasoline usage at any moment.

I have to admit to being by the flying buttress of the center with the small parcel and seat heating controls underneath. It’s like a little space pod, when the gasoline engine is and I’m gliding along on electricity. Too bad feeling only lasts for 15 miles.


The Toyota PHV is very family friendly, plenty of space and four for ease of entry when it to new babies, elderly parents, and in between. If the kids’ schedules are more tightly than the for carob-chip pancakes at a Rainbow and you’re the chauffeur, you’ll be for full hybrid mode those 15 all-electric miles run out. Granted, most of the all-electric cars coming to get nearly 100 miles per charge, but anxiety harshes Mom’s

Toyota Prius PHV Electric Cars


When the first hybrids came out more a decade ago, people worried that the batteries explode in a murderous, and very blaze of chemicals. The long-term warranty and safety track of the Prius seems to have those fears, and the Prius PHV next-generation lithium-ion batteries for power with less Naturally, there is a plethora of and safety programs exactly the as the regular Prius.


The 2013 Toyota Prius PHV has gizmos and tech, and it’s got ‘em up front, where you can see them. All is displayed digitally in the central on top of the dashboard. Clicking “Display” on the wheel brings up a floating and clicking it a couple times through screen after of information.

The basic screen the battery’s charge and whether you are electricity or gasoline to move on the road. The next screen a graph of your past gas mileage, and the next has a bar graph the percentages of EV and HV driving you’ve The final screen is the fanciest, an outline of the Prius PHV in profile the battery, gasoline engine, and motor represented by icons.

While you drive, the wheels and the energy monitor shows you the power is coming from.


To its credit and detriment, around in the 2013 oyota PHV is almost exactly like around in a Prius that plug in. The credit is that the from electric-only mode to mode and back is seamless; I noticed a little extra when the gasoline engine on board. The detriment is that it is to justify that extra when they seem nearly the same car.

Another issue with the PHV: you can’t have it. At not yet. The 2012 Prius PHV is available in 14 states to start, in the Northeast and on the West Coast, and available in limited numbers.

The of the country will have to until 2013 to see the car at neighborhood

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