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Toyota Prius Electric Cars

2013 Toyota Prius Drive Review

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To critique a Prius for its dynamic is to miss the point entirely. is a midsize car with a big cargo that gets great gas and enjoys a reputation for bulletproof

Look and Feel

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It has been 15 years since the first vehicles went on sale and a since Toyota’s now iconic Prius first appeared in That the 2013 Toyota is one of the best-selling cars in America as an undeniable signpost marking the of hybrid powertrain technology and toward the future of mobility.

when it first debuted its unusual and aerodynamic look for the model year, the Prius is today. This is not a good-looking car in the sense, placing function form, and if you’ve ever the impact that a nice set of and tires can have on the appearance of a look no further than the Prius.

Toyota sells the in trims named Two, Four and Five, and prices from $25,010 to $30,815, a destination charge of $810. All the Five get small wheels plain aerodynamic covers and tires. The Prius Five has a set of chunky-spoked wheels and 215/45 and thanks to them, this looks all kinds of better.

However, it is also the most version of the Prius.

That’s one I like the Prius Persona SE trim ($27,940) that I for this review. The Persona SE trim slots into the between the Three and the Four and has the 17-inch wheels, plus interior trim including leatherette for the seats and the steering You can get one painted black, white or the Cherry Pearl color in my photos.

Toyota says the has a coefficient of drag measuring which is one benefit of the car’s profile. But here’s the thing: An A6 slices through the atmosphere at Is it really necessary, then, for the to look the way it does?

The Prius is an oddball on the inside. From its center console and center-mounted instrumentation to its wacky joystick selector and the way the driver pushes a to engage Park, the Prius to be different for the sake of being Plus, I’ve always the third-generation Prius, which for the 2010 model year, inferior materials compared to the car.


Out of 10

To critique a Prius for its failings is to miss the point This is a midsize car with a big area that gets gas mileage and enjoys a reputation for reliability. It performs as a commuter, an and a family hauler without and because it gets great and is a practical daily driver, my elected to use the Prius instead of the Daytona that sat in the driveway at the time.

The Prius is equipped a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, a electric motor and a 27kW battery pack. No longer these proven components are durable. Together, they a combined 134 horsepower and accelerate the car to 60 mph in 9.8 There is no denying it: That is

But it’s not the whole story. The motor develops 153 lb-ft of the moment the driver steps on the pedal, which keeps the from turning into an cone in traffic.

The Prius is what’s considered a “full which means it can operate on power alone. In this that works only the car is traveling 25 mph, unless you buy the Plug-in model, which can up to 15 miles at speeds as high as 62 thanks to its more sophisticated battery pack.

My Prius Series test car, other Prius trims, EV, Eco, Normal and Power modes. In EV mode, the car operates as an vehicle at low speeds and for short In Eco mode, the powertrain and other systems operate to maximize economy.

In Power mode, the feels far more lively and when the driver steps on the

Toyota Prius Electric Cars

Although I sampled each of modes, the majority of my 500-mile drive was conducted in Normal With a heavy emphasis on driving, I effortlessly averaged mpg. That’s well of the car’s 50-mpg EPA rating, but I driving like my grandparents the Eco mode engaged, either.

And don’t forget that my Series test car had the larger and 17-inch wheel-and-tire combo on it.

In to making the Prius look the upgraded rubber makes a big in terms of handling. Unlike a Two, Three or Four, can feel like a sailboat in a stiff crosswind when around sharp corners on a road, these bigger, lower-profile tires provide resembling grip in turns. with the car’s Power the Prius is competent on a twisty if not in the same universe as entertaining.

the Prius demands that its accept certain compromises in the for maximum fuel efficiency. The regenerative brake pedal rudimentary, with inconsistent that makes the brakes to modulate in traffic, in city and on the highway. The electric steering totally artificial and disconnected, a video-game component.

The Prius feels heavy and softly if pushed to its rather meager even though it weighs more than 3,000

Still, unlike the last I took a Prius into the the Persona Series didn’t me to abort the mission early and to the urban environment to which the car is suited. So thank you,

For those inclined to spend to improve handling, a Toyota can install 17-inch lightweight aluminum wheels with tires ($2,499), Toyota Development lowering springs and a TRD rear sway bar kit ($325). these upgrades don’t fix the and braking, but it’s a start.

I took the Prius on a short trip, and the Prius motored the interstate at 80 mph with no complaints, all the returning gas mileage in the low 40s. navigating evening traffic in Los the Prius creeped along in EV the numbers on the average fuel display rising rather falling. Clearly, these are the to which the Prius is best

At the start of this section, I that it is unfair to criticize the for its lack of dynamic performance. true, but the statement does not to the car’s lack of dynamic Many modern hybrid are tuned so that their braking systems, electric and the added weight of their packs aren’t obvious to the

Test-drive a Ford Fusion to see what I mean.

Comparatively the Prius is rather primitive, and why I downgraded its performance. The score has nothing to do with how slow the is or its inability to thrill a driver on a road. Toyota engineers some work to do here.

Toyota Prius Electric Cars


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